Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today will be good. It has to be. There will be no rain clouds, no boats sinking, no ants ordering me around and no unpredicted hurricane-force storms. This picture shows nothing but blue skies and the Chesapeake Bay, my favorite body of water outside of my bathtub (except the bay doesn't have soap scum, although it does have eels and blowtoads). Today I have to go to the paying job, but aside from that minor cirrus cloud the skies are DEFINITELY GOING TO BE CLEAR AND BLUE. Do ya hear me ants and storm clouds and boats that wish to put me in an early grave?

Today I will not talk about yesterday, except that I already did.

I am tardy on two blogging assignments, but I can only tackle one at the time given my dissatisfaction with the answers I've come up with to both questions and the stench of motor oil seeping from my pores after bailing out a boat whose inboard/outboard was completely submerged. These noxious fumes have rendered me even more incapable than usual of performing my daily functions, which include The Internet and The Internet, in that order precisely.

Mental p Mamma (www.thementalpausechronicles.blogspot.com - please visit if you never have, she has beautiful photos and inspirational words) was kind enough to tag me for a little exercise that involves asking spouse/partner/kids/dogs/cats/whomever to list 3 random things that pop into their minds when they think about you (also known as me).

I confess that I like to color outside the lines sometimes. I also confess that I asked more than one person, plus two cats to contribute to this exercise. I combined all the answers and wanted to pick and choose the ones I liked best to post here for the world to see, even though the world = two readers.

Sisters: I do not expect to hear anything from either of you about me bending rules, or not playing fairly, or anything like that. You both know how responsible and law-abiding I am. If I wish to exercise poetic license every now and then, I think I should be entitled to do so....even if that license expired in 1983.

Actually, the reason I approached it this way is because I didn't find anything earth-shattering or even mildly entertaining about my children's responses, other than one who said, "I don't know."

Nevertheless, here we go with their answers:
- I try to think of what you look like (I will tell you Daughter said this, and I have to say when your own daughter doesn’t know what you look like, there might be a problem. Therefore, I will interpret this to mean that when she thinks of me, she thinks of what I look like. I love poetic license.)

-Ants (Hmmmph.)

-You radiate good to all who come near you (Aw. I never knew. Will someone read this line at my funeral? You can claim poetic license. Thanks.)

-I wonder how you're doing (Am I really that stressed? Never mind, I know the answer.)

-Funny (I like this one, except this was my cat's answer.)

-I don’t know (This was especially profound…and troubling given the source. Clearly I need to spend more time with my children.)

-As dependable as time itself (Aw again. The only thing you cannot depend on me for is housework.)

-Wonder if you watered my plants (Son is growing watermelons, and I always forget to water them when he goes away overnight to someone’s house. Thank goodness for rain.)

-Bright/Smart (This individual is really not well.)

-Exudes a sincerity and calm that is captivating (Very sweet,but I was not exuding calm yesterday morning when I discovered the boat half-sunk. I'd call that exuding fire from my tongue as my head spun around.)

That’s it. If I had to select the single one above that I believe describes me it would hands down be, “I don’t know.”

Hang on to your hat, Grandma J (www.askgrandmaj.blogspot.com - check it out). I'm tackling your assignment tonight night after work. But I will be completely unable to copy graphics and create links--and follow instructions. I may color outside the lines a bit and exercise that expired poetic license.

In the meantime, here's hoping everyone has a sunny day.

"I don't know."


Grandma J said...

CBW, one day at a time...you only have eight hands...or at least it seems that way. That'll teach you to leave us high and dry while you take a luxurious vacation!
Don't work too hard today.

Anonymous said...

A propos of nothing, I wanted to tell you that I just set that gorgeous photo as my desktop background. And when I get home, I am putting it on my laptop, too. Aaaah, I can almost smell the Bay. Thank you for that.

Big Hair Envy said...

Ahhhh, the Bay :) Thanks for sharing.

Bear Naked said...

I thought for sure that your children would say clever, bright, humourous (or maybe humurous since you are American) but never "I don't know."
I take it they both have the paternal genes.

Bear((( )))

Bear Naked said...

The American spelling of humourous is humorous.
I knew that.

Bear((( )))

foolery said...

Might I add my three random things about you? You didn't ask, but that's never stopped me before.

Impressions from your writing, since that is the only way I know you:

~ Intuitive
~ Sensitive
~ Strong

I'd say funny, but not only was it already said (damn cat) but it's a given.

Hope your day involves bailing out no person or thing!

-- Laurie (AARRRR)

Mental P Mama said...

Now you know why I didn't ask my own children to play this game. pththththt. And you were way too complimentary. Are you sure you were talking about me? Thanks for playing. Stay cool, dry and ant-free.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

gj - I may need an extension on that assignment. I will work some on it tonight but probably will not get the finished product up before tomorrow evening/Friday morning. But I'm working on it....oh, and I never work hard at the paying job. Never.

Soup - I'm glad you like the picture. I have a kajillion of them but try not to bore y'all with the same pictures of the water. I could stare at the bay all day and never get bored. But I'm a simple person...

big hair - glad you like the bay and I've got plenty more photos to share.

bn - I was so very disappointed in my children I almost traded them in for better ones. Oh, and I even left out an INSULT my daughter said that came to her mind almost immediately. But I left it out, because I do have one shred of self-respect left and will not let her get me down....

foolery, you are so kind and I think you are wonderful. Smart, funny, witty, brilliant...will you marry me? OH, that's right I've already asked. Anyway, FOOLERY'S BIRTHDAY IS THIS FRIDAY, EVERYONE. So be thinking of your best virtual gift to get her. She told me she accepts cash, gift certificates and travelers checks...

mental p - I'm sorry I did not do the assignment as the directions stated...the boat really messed up my day yesterday (along with that mood we talked about). I love your site and think it is one of the best for photos and inspiration, not to mention your appreciation for wine. THe fact that you had a reference to ode on a grecian urn means you have become a part of my daily internet routine...which starts at 6:00 a.m. and ends at midnight all days except mondays and wednesdays...

Hope everyone had a good, sunny, ant-free day. - cbw

Anonymous said...

Three things you said??
2. LEE

Lil Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, Little Sis, you and my daughter were thinking along the same vein. The same vericose vein that sticks from your calf.

Hugs and kisses!

Grandma J said...

oh I love it when you and your sisters share the love! It leaves a warm glow everywhere.

Don't worry about the "project". It wasn't meant to cause work or pain. I say just slap that baby on your sidebar and invite anyone that wants one to copy it. PHHHTTTTT! Done! besides don't you want to be a Blog*Hussy?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

gj - I have signed up to be a bloghus for sure. I might have been the first one in line as a matter of fact. ARRRR.

I will be addressing your assignment, for sure. Just not as quickly as I'd like.

Big Hair Envy said...

CBW - This is the post from Jenn that set me free! Please send her some linky love when you realize how easy it is to do this. If I can figure it out, ANYONE can :)

Jenn said...
Okay, I will try to explain how to put a link to another site in your post. You would type the words you wanted to put a link on like: Keri's Blog. Then you would take your cursor and highlight those words. Now look up on the posting options above there is a green circle looking thing (sorry not the best description) next to the page allignment icons. Click on this. It will bring up a box where you can type in the address of the link. Once you have done this it will highlight and underline the words Keri's Blog. You should be all set to go. If this doesn't make sense let me know!

July 7, 2008 12:45 PM

Blogging for Dummies has nothing on this girl!

Big Hair Envy said...

You are very welcome. We live too close to each other to not meet for lunch one day :) Where do you work?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bhe - My paying job takes me across the York River and The Coleman Bridge to Civilization, and I usually can't wait to get back on the other side to whatever you call this...anything but civilized.

auds at barking mad said...

I have thought, for a long time, that there is no place more gorgeous than my beloved Maine coastline, of which I feel so physically attached to...however today, well you burst my bubble.

That's a beautiful photo.

Your answers to the posed questions makes me wonder what it would be like (if I weren't such a recluse and enjoyed having neighbours)to have you for a neighbour. My eighteen year old daughter (who also reads your blog, and is as enamoured of your photos as I am) says she thinks you'd rock, ants and all!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

auds - i do not have words to express how grateful i am for your words, and how utterly and completely surprised i am that any 18-y-o- would sit still long enough to read here. i don't know about the rockin' part, but i do make an OK neighbor.

Thank you so much.

And if anyone has to go up against ants, I'm your best defense.

Grandma J said...

CBW, I tried to key in an example on linking for you but the comment section wont let me use the codes.

If you email me, I can string it together for you and color code it so you can see it as it appears.



Big Hair Envy said...

Bummer. I go to work in the big city that is about an hour and 15 minutes west of your civilization. It really wouldn't be convenient for us to meet for lunch, would it?? I, too, can't wait to get back to the middle of nowhere (or BFE) at the end of the day :) It keeps me sane...if you could call it that!

cats said...

I would like to add some things about you that come to mind.
smart, witty, charming, athletic, tall, blonde, beautiful, loving caring, fun, worthy of all good things, and a very good writer and photographer. I just reeled these things off very quickly. I think that your children will appreciate your qualities when they are older.
Also add inspirarional.
love ya,
Hope you had a great day.