Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This is my picture, but the words below are from a book called, "Chesapeake Bay and Tidewater," by A. Aubrie Bodine. *

"...In measurable terms, the Chesapeake Bay is probably the most impressive body of water in the United States. The Bay, which is 22 miles broad at its widest point, is 195 miles long. It has 48 main tributaries which are fed by 102 branches. The 150 rivers, creeks and branches are navigable for a distance of 1,750 miles. The total tidal shoreline of the Bay is an estimated 5,100 miles. The surface area of these waters is nearly four times the area of Rhode Island. The Bay's drainage system is nearly 65,000 square miles--almost equal to all of New England."

"...The Bay is changing and yet the Bay has never really changed. After centuries it is still, as an early settler described it, "The Noblest Bay in the Universe."

* You can call this being lazy, and you'd be correct, but you might also call it trying to be educational....and you could still say I am lazy and be correct. Also, I've completely forgotten all the grammar rules regarding quoting and citing books. So not only am I being lazy, I am in dire need of a Strunk and White guide.

Except I'd probably be too lazy to refer to it even if I had it.


Grandma J said...

I learned a lot today! Thank you! It's a lazy Sunday here too.

Mental P Mama said...

We don't need no stinkin' Strunk and White quote. I love it. Have a wonderful, lazy Sunday. I am thinking about staying in my pj's all day.

Bear Naked said...

Wow what a photo!
Never heard of Strunk and White but I have heard of the "Chesapeake Bay Woman."
You're unforgetable in my eyes.

Come over to my blog tomorrow I have a little something for you.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

Strunk & White...The Elements of Style....I have one on my bookshelf. This is the UVA bible for writing. It certainly had an effect on my style!

By the way, I'm engaged!!

-Middle Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Yay! Middle Sis is engaged. And her birthday is tomorrow. And we're going to see her on "vacation" next week at the beach. We will definitely be celebrating.

gj - Glad I could be educational while being lazy at the same time. It's a good feeling.

mpm - It is noon and I still haven't changed from my pj's and still haven't put my contacts in. I don't see any reason to change that at this point.

bn - You're so very sweet, you really are. Thank you.


Auds at Barking Mad said...

Sometimes, I come out here and because of all the external stress going on (trying to wean my kid, trying to make sure my dog isn't dying because he ate pubic hair -courtesy of eldest, and just trying to keep my head above the water), just enjoy simply looking at your photographs. Today is one of those day.

Beautiful. Both the photo and accompanying words.

Grandma J said...

Congratulations to Middle Sis! Oh wow, now I have something to look forward to. Showers, rehearsals, reception, honeymoon!

Happy birthday to you, Middle Sis.

I'm glad I came back around to read the comments...that's right, I love to read what others say...and anytime CBW mentions Rhode Island I get weepy.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

auds - I am so glad I can help you out with your stress levels. I would love to hear background on that dog story. I can't even imagine how that happened. Sounds potentially painful too.

gj - I am sure there will be plenty of fodder related to this wedding. Oh, yes, plenty of stories to be told. Starting next week when the entire CLAN (Little Sis, MIddle Sis, CB Son CB Daughter and CBW's parental units) will be stuffed in a beach house together and the celebration begins in earnest.

foolery said...

Will there be cake? 'Cause I'll be there if there's cake.

Congratulations to Middle Sis. Apparently her lipstick philosophy is dead solid perfect.


-- Laurie

p.s. My Elements of Style manual is still pristine and makes crackling noises when you open it. I believe they had something to say about "ack' and "ewww" not being real words, and Foolery checked out early.

bobbie said...

That photo is fantastic!