Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Dance

See those two trees dancing on the right? That pair has been together for years.

Their very first dancing lessons coincided with several days of a strong, persistent nor'easterly wind.

Although timid at first, they became more confident and learned to bend and be flexible after each storm. She took to it quicker than he did, but both moved whether they wanted to or not. The more of those nor'easter dances they attended, the more limber they became.

Sometimes--especially now that they're older--they dance as if they're the only ones around.

Most nights, though, they dance with the stars.

p.s. This is Chesapeake Bay Woman playing her own game of Interpret that Photograph. Here in Mathews, we learn at a young age to entertain ourselves with almost nothing.

If you have any deep thoughts, ideas or statements that come to mind after looking at this picture, please tell me. Unrelated ones are also welcomed, encouraged and understood.


Annie said...

lovely photo..again!

wish I were there!!

foolery said...

What is it about the sea and the prairie that teases poetry out of sailors, cowboys, and busy women with goose pecks on their hineys?

Or is it that those three are breeds unto themselves?

I can't decide whether to buy a boat, a horse or a goose.

This was lovely, CBW.

Grandma J said...

Great picture.
Don't you love the way trees go with the flow of nature?

Which one is she and which one is he? And, how did you figure that out? Is he the hairier of the two?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-To think, by the end of the day today you will only be an hour away.

Foolery-Don't buy a goose. I'll give you one for free, postage paid.

Grandma J.-I used society's stereotypes to decide that the one on the right was the woman since she was smaller and could bend more easily. Normally I wouldn't be so conforming to traditional views, however as a tall woman I can tell you that dancing with a short man has no future in it. If I were one of those dancers, I'd want the man to be taller.

Off to get coffee.

Annie said...

Yes, if only there weren't so much packing involved...!

How come daughter son in law and baby have only one suitcase to match mine? Was it because they stayed up till 2am to pack?

Yes, I did love your interpretation of the photograph...lovely actually!

Big Hair Envy said...

I'm thinking...beach towel, sunscreen and a good book...Heaven!

Mental P Mama said...

That is beautiful.

Daryl said...

Phew for a moment I was sure you'd been Pod People'd and someone else was blogging ...

I see the taller, more dramatic of them to be the woman .. the man is smaller but he is leading ... she has such elegant tresses ...

Pueblo girl said...

Oh no! The picture is really beautiful (as always), and your reading of it exquisite, but you talk about a couple, and I look at the picture, and all that comes to mind is an old nursery rhyme from my childhood: "Jack Sprat would eat no fat, and his wife would eat no lean" (I do't remember the rest), accompanied by a drawing of a very fat lady and her tiny skinny husband! How unromantic, prosaic and lacking in feeling...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie, thanks. I hope Baby isn't too cranky today.

BHE-The time to do just that on this beach is now. Once summer hits, though, the horseflies will carry you away from there after they peck your eyes out. (I'm currently on an I Hate All Insects tirade due to an ant infestation the size of Asia.)

MPM-Thank you.

Daryl - A wonderful interpretation.

Pueblo girl-The beauty of interpretation is that there are no right or wrong answers and everyone will hopefully see something different. "...and so betwixt the two of them they licked the platter clean." Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Ha- They 'stole' my dance step.

Feet firmly planted on the ground, arms tightly wrapped around the other's waist/body. Shifting body weight left and right, slowly to the beat of the music.

Advantage - 100% concentration on dance partner, and of course, no worries about forgetting dance steps!

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

SMBS-There's a patent on that dance move, I thought I owned it. Anything other than that renders both parties piled up on the floor wondering what happened.

Clumsy happened, that's what.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you'll just have to prove your patent claim to me before I can believe you.

Anonymous said...

The trees kinda look like CBW and baby sis fighting when they were little

Love, CBW's daughter

Anonymous said...

Or maybe even CBW having a chat with CBW-daughter ??
Do siblings fight?