Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Flower

We've had so much rain here lately that I want to scream sometimes we overlook the fact that even in twenty two hundred consecutive days of dark rain trying times there is hope and a reason to keep looking past the darkness. You never know what you'll find.

What you do find may be the very explanation for the darkness.

Deep thoughts for a Friday, I agree. But my Thursday was nothing short of a mini-series or docudrama, and it's still Thursday night as I write this so in order to crank out like the West Point paper mill produce a post for Friday I need to remain calm and focused. (Ridiculously long sentence, anyone?)

Hence this photo I took last Sunday. If I could have zoomed in even closer, the drops of rain coming off those upward reaching sprigs would have bowled you over, they were so exquisite. (If I knew how to properly use my camera, I could have zoomed in. But we're not talking about technology now, or else I'd be crying.)

In the meantime, if you double click the image above, you can see what I'm talking about.

In other news, it's Friday. What plans do you have for the weekend? Please let me read what people who do not live in a state called Drama are doing to exist have fun.


Lorac said...

Reading your blog I get the impression that you may have had a lot of rain! Here's hoping the sun returns! I love your photo anyway.

foolery said...

I now have a new desktop photo. Thank you very much. It's fantastic.

Here are my plans for the weekend, though I will not admit them later:

Strip the other 5/6 of the kitchen floor that I didn't do last weekend. Hell, what's a little ammonia poisoning among family?

Figure out a Mothers' Day response. This is not as easy as it seems. Maybe I'll bake something -- something Dad hates. Yeah, that's it.

Should be at the Gaia Hotel celebrating my personhood. Not happening. That's just not even worth explaining.

Love, Foolery

Grandma J said...

That photo and beautiful flower make all that rain worthwhile.

I hope you can relax and have a nice mother's day weekend.

Me? Packing baseball and naps.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Lorac - Yes, days upon days, weeks upon months of rain, although today it's as if nothing happened and there's not a cloud in the sky. Thank you, buy a lottery ticket you seem to be prophetic.

Foolery-Ammonia poisoning among family builds unity, just like Raid does in my household. Here's to your personhood!

GJ- Huey won't help you pack? You need to train him right off the bat so he understands his new role. Be sure to mention my name and that I need a handyman here on the East Coast. Can supply him with fiddler crabs. Tell him they're a rare delicacy.

It's a sunny, cloudless Friday. Hallelujah.

Mental P Mama said...

We are weeks away from having clematis like that. Sigh. I hope your Friday is better than your Thursday. I hope to do a whole lot of nothing, followed by some cocktails this weekend;)

Lynne M. said...

Absolutely beautiful flower!! My eyes hurt from that big, bright orange thing in the sky this morning. I forget what they call it...

Tomorrow I plan on doing as much of nothing as possible.

Mothers Day we are going over the river for breakfast with my husbands family. THEN - my favorite - fishing!!!! I hope it is as pretty as they say it's going to be!!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day!!

mmm said...

Nice photo CBW; I like the full screen version - neat trick.

My weekend...

Friday - Attend a graduate student graduation ceremony; wish the graduates farewell - they've worked hard, very hard. If they accomplish a small fraction of what that hope to accomplish... "and the world will be a better place".

Saturday - Attend an undergraduate student graduation ceremony; wave cordially and smile knowingly as 15,000 students, some with their families, scurry through Valley exits to many far corners of the globe; breath a sigh of relief and settle in for a long summer's nap. A quiet campus can be very refreshing.

Sunday - Tell Mrs. MMM what a good mother she is - it's easy to be sincere when it's true; call Mom, like I do most every Sunday.

To the many mothers that read this blog... Happy Mother's Day a little early. (I better say it now, because Lord knows what kind of coffee I might be drinking Sunday morning.)

Annie said...

wow...grand photo when blown up...oops...that doesn't sound those water droplets and the it on a passionfruit vine by any chance?

I am doing much the same as every day, enjoying time with family. Hoping my daughter doesn't have to work Saturday by some miracle. However if she does, then she hopefully will have Monday off...that is if there isn't another emergency in the lab, or another grant to submit. People work too hard these days!

Maybe connecting with family in Australia, by skype. Always fun. Hoping the little twin in Melbourne is over his croup. And hasn't given it to his twin sister.

And having some coffee. (Read Chai)

Happy Weekend to you too

Pueblo girl said...

I have clematis, and they NEVER look this good - it's too dry and hot.
This weekend, celebrating the good/mixed news that arrived today - I WILL be going back to live in the village, but not until September....

Caution Flag said...

Put off mowing in the hope that it will rain sometime soon. Sniff my children's clothing to see if I really need to do laundry. Read with my youngest so he can turn in his April reading list. Congratulate myself of my efficient household management.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MPM- A whole lot of nothing sounds ideal to me.

Lynne-It's blinding, isn't it? I hope it sticks around for a while. Have a GREAT time fishing. I love to fish too except I will not--NOT--take the hook out of the fish's mouth or cut up any worms or even WATCH either of these two things happen. But I scream like crazy when I'm reeling one in. Much to everyone's chagrin.

MMM-Sounds like an action-packed weekend followed by a bit of down time at work? I"m still waiting on those coffee beans, all I have is eight o'clock coffee, and it doesn't seem to have the same kick.

Annie-Sounds like very good quality family time. Enjoy.

Pueblo Girl-I have a million questions for you based on your move to the village...which village? where are you now? In the interim, congratulations on good/mixed news about the move.

Caution Flag - Love your efficiency. If you wish to streamline your process even further, do not sniff the laundry. Simply give it a quick scan and if there is no spaghetti sauce, grass stains or other visible atrocity you just assume it's clean. Eliminates another step in your process.

Happy Friday! I'm off to cut grass while the sun's still shining.

TSannie said...

Well, I think you did a pretty darn good job with that photo - especially when it's embiggened.

I would like to tell you I'll have my entire garden planted by the end of the weekend, but I know myself too well. My ability to procrastinate is astounding.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Happy Mother's Day, CBW! I have no specific plans other than Saturday is flag football for middle son and the photographer is coming... hope it doesn't rain. Mother's Day I am fully expecting the traditional (in our house) breakfast in bed, afternoon nap, and takeout for supper. Anything on top of that is icing on the cake.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

TSA-Hopefully you'll receive the cabin book in the next day or two, I mailed it yesterday. You can peruse it while you procrastinate.

Meg-That sounds like a perfect Mother's Day, especially the take out part. Our take out options are pretty much limited around these parts.

Daryl said...

ssssssssssssssh! Its seems to have stopped raining ..

My weekend will consist of a massage and acupuncture which will hopefully miraculously restore my lower back and left-side scapula to their former heathly painfree state .. not sure if that's in Drama proper or one of its suburban communities... and then there are the moths that ate my sweater ... and the new stove issues ...

I think its Drama, yeah, Drama for sure

Anonymous said...

Friday - sit in Open House shaking stranger's hands and using hand sanitizer until 4pm. Try not to breath too deeply or touch face. Pack up, change into jeans, put flat comfy shoes on and take cab to airport. Go through long security line and check only one bag because two would cost $40 each way. Drag laptop and second bag that should be checked to my gate. Find nearest bar b/c flight out isn't until 9pm. Reaching doorstep of home at around 1pm.

Saturday - Ah, Saturday. Coffee. Gym. Figure out what I need to do for next week's party planning. Wine-one-one.

Sunday - wish I was at my real home with my mother, father and sisters. Take future in-law mother who is 84 to dinner. Prepare for week. Wine-one-one.

-Middle Sis

Big Hair Envy said...

I'm going to a Shrimp "Bawl" at Noe Noe's....Marlene will be there too!!! YAY!

BTW - Beano will help alleviate the problem you have when you crank it out like the WP papermill!!! I'll smell, um, think of you when I'm in town tonight;)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Daryl - Here's to a pain- and moth-free weekend.

Middle Sis-All except the wine-one-one call sounds exhausting to me. Oh how I hated to do job fairs as a recruiter. The sweaty palms! The stinky breath. And that was just me! (Not really, it was the 4,692 job seekers who were looking for a position as an underwater basket weaving hair dresser when we were really only hiring for engineers.) Wish you could be here Sunday. I think the tentative plan is CB Father is taking us to Captain Georges ALL YOU CAN STUFF DOWN YOUR GULLET seafood buffet. But things change on an hourly basis so who knows.

BHE-Have fun at the Shrimp Ball and tell Marlene hey.

cats said...

I am going to BG with my husband and son to see .38 Special for Mother's Day. Celebrating on Monday with my mom. We'll have dinner together. Glad to be off and have some fun.