Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where I write three random things and with any luck you write three random things. Please write something, I love reading your comments.

How this is different from any other day where all my uncensored thoughts come out is that there's a self-imposed limit to the insanity randomness. However if anyone out there wants to exceed that limit, please help yourself.

And...we're off.

1. My work schedule changed this week, which interrupted my nap schedule normal routine. Ordinarily today and tomorrow are my days off, yet as we speak I am sitting at work crying listening to someone drone on talk about retirement plans. If they were talking about my retirement, I’d be sobbing tears of joy and would buy all of my two readers a present.

2. In anticipation of this schedule change, I decided to do some cooking today so that tonight and tomorrow’s dinner would not involve screaming, hollering, frustration and Rolaids a whole lot of preparation. Chesapeake Bay Son recently proclaimed to the world that egg salad is now high on his list of preferred foods, so I decided to make a batch. Have I mentioned I’ve never made hard boiled eggs before? Oh.

Well anyway I found an egg salad recipe and followed the boiling instructions to the letter. Evidently, though, my definition of a gentle rolling boil is different from the recipe author's definition. My definition results in soft-boiled eggs--another thing I've never made! The recipe author must have a whole lot of patience. Also, soft-boiled eggs are not listed as an ingredient in egg salad, or any other recipe for that matter, fyi.

3. Last night Chesapeake Bay Son announced that there were ants in the upstairs bathroom. I never go upstairs because what I can’t see will not hurt me. Armed with super-industrial-strength Hot Shot, he hardly put a dent in the ant colony which has taken up residence inside our house took care of the situation. Today I discovered the ants are everywhere up to and including in my closet, behind the television set, crawling up my arms and lying in a supine position across my bed. They’ve surrounded the house and grouped themselves into armies, each one with a different plan of attack.

Calgon take me away. Serenity now.

Your turn. Three random things.


Grandma J said...

Oh no, the march of the Chesapeake Ants.

Sorry about the change in schedule.
boil the eggs until the water is gone.

1. my back aches from packing
2. I want some ice cream in the worst way
3. I might go to a movie tomorrow.

Angela said...

Here is the other of your two readers (haha, how do you do that crossing out of words? With me they are only underlined if I try).

My three random thoughts.
1. Ants should be sprinkled with baking powder is what I heard. It is not supposed to be a NICE death, but a death it is, my source says.

2. I was at the dentist this morning and so could not write an early Happy Birthday to Val! Val from Monkeys on the Roof. But I have now. Tomorrow she will meet up with Lori (Lori from Lori times Five, California). In Kasane, Botswana. And also meet Karen from Border Town Notes who LIVES in Kasane, Botswana.

3. I am envious!

Mental P Mama said...

1. What Grandma J said about boiling eggs is the only way I know how to do it.
2. I am thinking about eating poached salmon for my breakfast. Is that weird?
3. I saw you on aol yesterday and wondered about your work schedule. I am such a stalker like that.

Caution Flag said...

Buy the egg salad. Faster and tastier.

1. I hate egg salad and have never before bought it.
2. We are raising ants, too. I like to vacuum them up (and then I suspect that they crawl right back out later on - but I don't know for sure.)
3. You could come work for bankrupt Chrysler. That way you would never again have to listen to a retirement presentation.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. For perfect hard cooked eggs, see

2. They say if you put out a saucer of beer, you will trap and drown the... oh wait, that's not ants, that's slugs!! Sorry.

3. Be sure you aren't using super-fresh eggs for #1 because the shells are easier to peel off if the eggs are, like, a week or so old.

Sorry, these aren't really three things about ME. The certainly are three random things though!

Daryl said...

Hard boiled eggs need at least 20 minutes in boiling water

Ants are gross but at least you know what they are and they are NOT carpet moths that eat your favorite clothes ..

And Lost was sensational last nite.

Lynne M. said...

1. I hate ants. And schedule changes.

2. The doctors bought lunch from Cheese Shoppe today for Nurses Week. This was very good. Food is very important, being pregnant and all...

3. I left my windows cracked in my truck, and now it looks like it's going to rain. Because we haven't had enough rain - Gee I think we are in a draught - we haven't had rain in what? 2 DAYS!!

Anonymous said...

1. Between the elephants that live above me and cat that howls due to elephants living above me, I get about as much sleep as a mother of quadruplets.
2. On again off again boyfriend suggested that we pack up and move to Morocco. I'm seriously considering it.
3.I got nothin' else.
Baby Sis

faye said...

So you didn't try the cornmeal...
those ants would marching out the door by now....
1. I only eat boiled eggs during Easter...dunno why .
2. The grilled chicken was eggs-cellent last night.
3. My weekend is just an 8 hour shift away... whoo-hoo.!

Annie said...

I dont even know what egg salad is...I presume it is hard boiled eggs with some salad around them?

Eggs just need 10 mins in boiling water...and they are easier to peel if you do them immediately...hence burning your fingers somewhat! OR let them sit in cold water for a bit until you are ready to peel them...but crack their shells all over first!

Anybody would think I could cook. Actually hard boiled eggs is about the only thing I can cook..oh and fried rice...

I presume you had another great photo up there...I am always falling over myself trying to get to read the words and have a laugh I don't notice the photo...or forget to comment..they are always lovely! I will have to go back and have a look!

Ants..yes, something like baking powder, or my son used to use talcum powder...not sure that it worked, as we always used to have a lot of powder trails around...isn't ants inside A SIGN OF RAIN COMING?

oops..didn't mean to shout...I think I have used up my 3 things, but just in case I haven't..

1.flew to Richmind Virginia yesterday with the family...for meeetings and weddings.. behaved himself...

3.going to have leftovers from dinner last night for lunch...without crockery and cutlery in the room...that should be interesting...perhaps I should confront my fear of hotel receptionists and ask for some c and c...

4 and just cos I like to break the rules, I made a cup of tea in the coffee maker this morning. Eventually. When I realised the lid had to be ON the little jug thing-ummy!

5 Better go back and let Dad have soem time off from minding baby too! I forgot to bring my travel power my computer...I just love having to sit in the lobby and compute!

Annie said...

Aha. The photo WAS great. A storm approacheth. Like today?

Anonymous said...

Um, you have soft-boiled eggs did it that one time when the kids wanted to dye easter eggs. I remember some crying...sorry to bring it up. But, you do need to be more patient. You can't overcook them unless all of the water boils out, so put them in and then pre-occupy yourself with something else.

My three random things....

1) Fiance turned 50 on Monday. I'm throwing him one helluva party this weekend; complete with dj, mexican food, industrial margarita machine.

2) Our neighborhood pool opens this weekend. Hope the weather is good.

3) Can't think of a stinking third thing. Use my previous soft-boiled egg comment for this.


Middle Sis

Big Hair Envy said...

1. NOW I understand why you are sleeping in your camper at Blog Fest, and NOT in the house. Ants!

2. We've been trying to schedule a time to have our pool opened. The pool place won't call us back. GAH!!

3. Our garage enclosure was supposed to be finished in one month. It's now been over two months, and the drywall isn't even finished. We have company coming for Memorial Weekend. Guess who isn't sleeping at night!! Double GAH!!!!!

The Turtle's Head said...

1) a change is a good as a rest

2) fill your bedroom to the ceiling with sand and soil. Tell yourselves it's an ant farm and have hours of fun watching the ants build a nest from outside the window.

3) peel a hard-boiled egg, light some toilet paper on fire and drop it into a milk bottle. Place the egg on the mouth of the bottle at watch in amazement as it gets sucked whole into the bottle. For simlar tricks, google 'glowing pickle.'

foolery said...

I just have to ask Turtle's Head --


1. My shifting tailbone must have shifted back because now the pain is in the side of my thigh -- but not in the sciatic nerve, just to keep things interesting.

2. Our two car dealer clients who sell Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep apparently survived the Chrysler cut this morning. For now.

3. The jasmine is in bloom around our parking lot at work, and the parking lot is now my favorite place in the whole wide world.

I'm off to find Grandma J and two tubs of ice cream. See ya!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Wow! After one FEROCIOUSLY STRESSFUL day (work wasn't even the stressful part, don't ask, it's just another day in my life that does not ever go as planned), these comments are wonderful to come home to and read.

Thank you all for playing along.

Also, based on everything I've had to do today (and will have to do tomorrow), any post I do for tomorrow will be brief, very brief.

Thanks again for all these wonderful comments.

Country Girl said...

Three random things?

1. I love Love Actually. I am sitting here watching it right now.

2. I put the eggs in a pot, pour in water to cover, set to boil and the moment it does, I turn it off and let them sit for 20 minutes. Were we talking about eggs?

3. I'm going to the Big City to see Daryl next weekend. I am very nervous. (Don't tell her, k?).

Karen Deborah said...

Boil eggs for 10 minutes with a good brisk boil. Serve soft boiled eggs with toast, or serve the lousy eggs to the ants. IT's the beginning of infestations. Maybe the fiddler crabs will come and remove the ants. You could borrow an ant eater from the south. Have you taken any picture of the beauty in Mathews lately?
My ankles are swollen, and my head is mush.
Mush but not grits.
How random do you like?
I really could be certifiable if I continue and since I need to return to work next week to pay the bills; and this is on the world wide web, I will stop before the little men in the white coats show up at my door.

Anonymous said...

Never make hard boiled eggs again, they stink anyway. Make fried egg sandwiches with cheese and bacon. They only take a minuted and you will more appreciated anyway. Three thing Thursday on Friday.
1. Glad its Friday instead of Thursday.
2. Thursday -Make lunches, clean bathrooms, go to work, fire at gas dock, no deaths, co worker having nervous breakdown (not even related to fire)- a lot of screaming, go home eat leftovers, mow lawn, laundry, bed. Thats how I remember it.
3. No ants or under cooked eggs - must have been a good day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late, got sidetracked reading blogs in the future and can't seem to get my return time pinpointed. But that's a complaint for another day.

What I found so interesting is that writing flows in your family, your great grand daughter has her own blog.

Kind of funny sounds an awful lot like yours - even to the point of complaining about her messy house.

Apparently the cleaning robots (small machines about the size of a quarter) aren't working properly. She goes on & on about the initial expense of the robots & how much dirt/food they leave behind.

A bit later, she describes that reading some old land surveys from the turn of the century offered her insight of how people cleaned their homes back then.

"My great, grandmother would go to the store and buy Ant Farms, bring them home and set them up in her house. The little buggers would pick up all the dirt & food from everywhere in house. Best thing, there weren't any mechanical breakdowns, radio frequency interference, or shoddy workmanship like they have with today's robots. And get this, it was only a small investment of about a dollar. In addition, the ants would reproduce by themselves....for free. No more having to replace faulty robots at $50,000 a crack."

So anyway, crux of the whole article was how she comptiplating going "old school" with her house cleaning and see if she can find herself an "Ant Farm"

It sounded like something from an old "Reminisce" magazine.

I'll try to be on time for class next week!

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you, Country Girl,Karen D., Gustav Namer (? I'm guessing) and Stalker for responding.

I really do enjoy reading your comments.

Stalker, you get an A for effort and considerable thought dedicated to your response.

Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah, I know, you don't need to tell me - I really should get out more often.

Hope you read it with the jest for which it was intended. In spite of what you say, I'm sure your house keeping is without reproach.