Friday, May 1, 2009

Name That Photo Contest

In my opinion one of the best bloggers out there is The Pioneer Woman, who is a city girl transplanted to a ranch in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. Although I rarely visit any more because I don't have the time, she used to (and probably still does) run contests where she asked readers to provide a name for the particular photograph she selected.

This is a similar contest.

The picture above is from Aaron's Beach, and for reasons that cannot be explained it is cockeyed. Yes, I have an automatic stabilizer on my camera. Yes, if you discount the bottom half of the picture, the horizon appears almost in line but only when you close one eye and stand on your head.

But there's simply no disputing that the picture is crooked.

If this photograph were to be framed and displayed in an art show, what name would you give it? Rather than interpreting the photograph or describing what you see, can you pick a few brief words that would be the title for this incredibly bad entry in the Art Show for the Afflicted?

Sands of Time? Slipping Sideways? Slippery Slope? Chesapeake Bay Woman's Off- Kilter Point of View?

Your answer can be humorous, serious, ridiculous or superfluous. Also, this is not the greatest photo to select a name for--in future contests they will be more interesting. Just do the best you can with what is here.

I'm not big on rules and am known to either forget them or change them. So go ahead and enter as often as you like unless you're a spammer, in which case disregard this sentence.

I hate deadlines, but let's just say you have until late afternoon on Saturday to enter unless you hear otherwise. There's a very good chance I will not set up my regularly scheduled 12:01 a.m. post tonight and will keep this up until tomorrow afternoon to give me time to reacquaint myself with my children since all I do is blog see what we get in the way of comments.

The winner will have his or her choice of one of the following hardback books, all of which are like new and most of which have never been cracked open once.

1. The Cabin by Mulfinger & Davis. This is a gorgeous coffee table type book that shows all sorts of cabins in very beautiful settings. At one time my dream was to build a cabin somewhere. Now I just dream for a few consecutive days of sleep locked up in a hotel room away from all of life's responsibilities. Anyway, this is a gorgeous book, I love it. I might enter my own contest just to keep it.

2. Wine, An Introduction, by Joanna Simon. The folks who regularly comment here will have no use for this book other than as a coaster, but perhaps there is someone out there who would enjoy learning the ins and outs of wine--how it's made, the different types of grapes, etc. It's another good coffee table book.

3. Homer's Iliad. Brand spanking new.

4. High Tide at Gettysburg by Glenn Tucker. Brand new, somebody left it here, know nothing about it, assume it's more about Gettysburg and less about the tide.

Thanks for reading and participating. Have a wonderful weekend.


Bayman said...

The Trojan Sponge.

(The fiddler crabs are hiding inside.)

mmm said...

Remnants of Prehistoric American Beach Volleyball Tournament: circa 2009 BC

Anonymous said...

CBW I lurk but now I will follow as I too only have a few readers (when I do blog!)
I would title your photo "Brewing Storm" I have seen many a storm brewing over the CB on my trips to the OBX.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Excellent submissions thus far, and if I only get three entries, you'll all win.

Now, I'm off to do some spring cleaning, which is to say I"m cleaning for the first time since last spring.

Have already broken the belt on the lawn mower, so it's only a matter of hours before Jack ascends through the clouds via the bean stalks growing in my yard.

Caution Flag said...

Okay, I have found yet another area of my life where I have no talent. Captioning photos would have been a handy one to have, too :( Alas, I'm okay because I don't own a coffee table to display any books. That is a great relief.

Anonymous said...

"Hairy Ball"
Baby Sis

big hair envy said...

Hair Ball

Crap! I just read the comments, and Baby Sis beat me to it!!!

How about, Look What the Cat Yacked Up

Lynne M. said...

OK, so if the picture is enlarged then framed - I would have to name it "Heron Hangout". (Assuming those birds are herons) You have to look beyond the obvious...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bayman and MMM - You make me proud. Mathews really does have some gifted, creative natives.

Flash Stitcher - Thanks for delurking and Brewing Storm is a great name. There's one brewing around here all the time...sometimes even on sunny days!

Caution Flag - You do have talent, I know you do. Give it a try, even if you just write what you see. There are no wrong answers, and the more you exercise your creative brain cells, the better you'll get. You can do it!

Baby Sis: You scared me for a minute. Thanks for leaving the "s" off that last word. Come back and play again, I know you're loaded with ideas.

BHE - It does look like a hair ball, doesn't it? It's a dried up sponge, and sometimes they really stink. They're pretty though, especially the ones with reddish tint to them.

Lynne - Excellent! Have you seen those white birds (egrets? I can't remember what they're called, brain dead) hanging out in the marsh around this beach? They're beautiful.

Great ideas...keep them coming. I enjoy reading them.

Anonymous said...

I lost my ball at the beach.

Postcard Cindy

Anonymous said...

Combining Lynne's comment and what you all have planned for the summer; "Logfest".

foolery said...

"Where Puddles Come From"

Daryl said...

Aaron's Ball

Annie said... took a while but finally it came to me...(it obviously takes two cups of tea, morning tea and lunch, as well as a walk in the park for my creative side to emerge)

"Sponge with Posts".

from Annie in NY

ps Alternatively

"Here we go rolling down the hill"
(for the children's section)

pps Am I allowed two entries?

ppps Can any one tell me why I have to double space everything?

pppps If we have multiple entries can we win multiple prizes...?

ppppp was this "five ps's" Friday?

Anonymous said...

"One ball and a bunch of peens." (As in ball peen hammers). But you can take it anyway you like. Opps. This just keeps getting worse, I better stop now.

TSannie said...


That's all I'm sayin'.

Anonymous said...

The day after Sponge Bob forgot his

The neo post sponge era

foolery said...

"This Used to Be the Atlantic Ocean. I Blame Global Warming."

Lynne M. said...

I think the egrets are the tall, fat white ones. OK, maybe that wasn't the best description... Yes I have seen them and they are pretty! I have also seen dolphins, spiders, deer, snakes, and ticks! The beaches down Mathews have all kinds of wildlife that most beaches do not. But I absolutely LOVE Mathews. I live in Gloucester, have all my 35 years, but would move to Mathews in a heart-beat!!

Gail said...

I'm sad to say that I have lurked for quite a while without commenting. I don't know why because I love your blog.

Beach Bowl

Mental P Mama said...

I got nuthin'. I think I need some wine.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Yay! I can't believe so many entries and I am so pleased at the newly delurked lurkers!

Love all these entries and encourage you to send in more.

I'm not posting a new picture/rambling post tonight as I normally would. The next one might not come until tomorrow evening, so feel free to keep thinking about a name for this picture.

The Chesapeake Bay children and I just returned from this very beach...after school we headed to search for more sea glass (plus CB Daughter is convinced she'll find another arrowhead, which is sort of like searching for that needle in the haystack but it's exciting nevertheless). Came back with three cupfuls and four pieces of driftwood. Now the back of my car looks and smells like a sand dune, although that may well be an improvement.

Happy, happy Friday, and thanks to all who have entered and esp. have commented for the first time.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, and Lynne - We've also seen great big turkeys trotting across the road that leads down here. There's no tellin' what you'll find here, that's why I love it.

Regrettably, we did encounter some May flies. As I was swatting one while holding a huge piece of driftwood in my hand, I hit myself in the mouth with one of the offshoots of the main piece of wood. Missed the fly, which was on my arm. Did not miss my mouth, which was--still is--on my face.

Pueblo girl said...

Another lurker comes out of the closet! I love your posts, and seeing as lurking seems to be turning into the unexpected theme of this post, how about:

"A lurker at the posts".

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Pueblo girl - Love it, love it. Also continue to love the delurking.

OK, I'm off of here for a few hours. My children want to know what I look like and the beach wasn't nearly enough time what with me hitting myself in the face with drifwood and all.

Autumnforest said...


foolery said...

Smedley and Sparky wanted to get in on the deal . . .

Smedley: "The Day the Hermit Crab Died"

Sparky: "The Day I Had to Go Out and Take a Picture"

Now you know where my early-onset dementia comes from.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

When Sparky and Smedly (Foolery's girls) are entering the contest, I know I'd better mind my p's and q's.

Foolery's children are nothing short of EINSTEINs.

I'm sitting up straight and acting like I have some sense now. Did I mention I'm not a very good actress?

Thank you Sparky and Smedley for participating, I am truly honored. If you ever want to come to Virginia, just know you always have a place to stay here, and there is so much to see and do.

Also, your mother is hilarious, and I do mean really hilarious, as in very smart and very funny, but so are both of you.

Love, Aunt Cheeky

p.s. Autumnforsest-good one.

I am loving all the entries. Please keep them coming.

Grandma J said...

I missed the deadline due to several events that kept me from flying off a speeding treadmill, to getting stopped for speeding (not on the treadmill) to a three hour late night ride on country roads that should have taken one hour.

My guess is: Pamela Anderson's hairball finally washes ashore.

someone probably already said that, but so what? LOL

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Grandma J., if there isn't a blog post about you being flung from a treadmill, I'm going to be disappointed.

It's not too late for anyone wishing to play. Deadline is later today after soccer, grass cutting, shuttling kids to and from various counties, etc.

Have a great Saturday.