Monday, May 25, 2009

Misty Monday

This is another shot from the same misty/foggy/eerie/creepy/Scooby Doo Morning as yesterday's photo, except this time the centerpiece is the sun's reflection in the creek right in line with the glow on the horizon.

(By the way, that horizon is Gwynn's Island. If G.I. weren't there, it'd be the Chesapeake Bay. All the trees lining the creek on the left are Hallieford; all the trees on the right are Hudgins. There will be a pop quiz on this later in the week, so make sure you study these trivial remarks facts.)

That fog and haze just at the tree line is from Mother Nature, not from Photo Shop or any other special effect program which Chesapeake Bay Woman wouldn't know how to use even if she were born with the instruction booklet tattooed on the back of her hand.

Anyway, it's Memorial Day and I don't have to work, and all I have to say is this:


And this: Hallelujah.

One more time: Happy Memorial Day.


mmm said...

This pic has me standing on my head.

Happy Memorial Day - remember the General.

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful! Cannot wait to see it in person;) Happy Memorial Day to you!

Grandma J said...

I'm with MPM, can't wait to see this in person. Have a restful day.

Annie said...

Wish I were there!

Great shot!

Happy Day to you too!


TSannie said...

Another incredible photo. I'm lovin' your sunrsise.

Enjoy your day off!

Lorac said...

I really love this one! Good job! Have a great Memorial Day and time off.

Daryl said...

Looking forward to seeing this live and in person with a hot cup of coffee in hand or a drink depending on if its sun up or down or maybe both .. Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Pueblo girl said...

These pictures are simply stunning - speechless.

big hair envy said...

Happy Memorial Day! Can't wait to see you Friday;)

Anonymous said...

gosh, that's a beautiful picture!


Anonymous said...

Oh. Hallelujah, Amen CBW has a day off.. Wowee

Love, CBW's daughter