Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Before reading this, double click and enlarge the image above for a more detailed look at what is really being captured. Pay particular attention to the facial expressions. (Yes, this is another Chesapeake Bay Woman amazing feat of technology...a photograph of a Polaroid picture. Sometimes I really astonish myself.)

Pictured, left to right: Middle Sister, Chesapeake Bay Girl.

Also pictured, left to right: Middle Sister so stubborn and head strong that mules contact her for lessons in Obstinate; Older Sister, always the one responsible for the well-being of younger siblings.

Also pictured, though not audible, is the following exchange:

Chesapeake Bay Girl: Middle Sister, GIVE ME THAT NOW. (She reaches to grab the Whatever It Is and bites her lower lip to prove she means business.)

Middle Sister saying what she has said repeatedly, at shrill high tones, her entire life: NO!!!!! (To prove she means business, she stomps her foot for effect.)

Rinse and repeat until Middle Sister is crying. Chesapeake Bay Mother doesn't know or care who started what but when the screaming and fighting escalate to a certain decibel level, she marches towards the kitchen for the fly swatter. Chesapeake Bay Girl--as usual--is blamed for Middle Sister's behavior.

The End.

p.s. And they wonder why I served D-con rat poison at a tea party or fed the younger sisters under-cooked sausage.


Grandma J said...

HA! How normal! My oldest girl never bit her lip, she would bite her tongue, but with the same look on her face when her younger sisters didn't toe the line.

You were cute kids!

joe blow said...

Good Stuff!

I also took my turn with rat poison.

But I had to have the ol' stomach pumped after eating a large jar of mustard of the way to the ER. Took about 6 nurses to hold me down to get the tube down my throat and I was only 2. I still remember watching the mustard color substance going through that tube.

No side effects at the time, but don't know if they were delayed until now. :>)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, facial expressions of children never change.

Lorac said...

In our family I was the one stomping my foot! I had only an older brother and we got into wars all the time! Love the picture. Pictures really do say a thousand words.

T said...

Just replace me as the older sis and my sister as the youngest and that could be right out of our family album!

Pueblo girl said...

Me and my brother were sworn enemies until well into late adolescence. My mother - an only child herself - was convinced, misguided woman, that we were the only siblings in the world who didn't adore each other, and we made her life very difficult.

I checked out the rat poison story, and it reminded me of the things I fed my brother from time to time (I'm a bad person to cross, and he's older than me and should have known better), which included cat food presented as pâté, and wine gums which had been rubbed against the tree where neighbourhood dogs left their calling card, and then carefully rewrapped....I've never told him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the fact that no one has picked up on this...there was nothing in my hand. She is simply holding me back and pinching me!! Her expression is very clear..."Take this!" Mine is one of bewilderment that Chesapeake Bay Mamma didn't intervene.

Thus, I live in Georgia.

-Middle Sis

Anonymous said...

Middle Sis -
That's the same story I told mom when MY big sis was being mean! And she lives about 1,000 miles away too.

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ- Thank you. In honor of your comment it so happens I bit my tongue (seriously) last night...slit it right in two at the tip.

JB-Sounds awful. Really awful, esp. for someone so young. I remember something involving mustard. Also the Something of Ipecac which did NOT help us.

Anonymous: The facial expressions are priceless here...they make me laugh hysterically especially when enlarged.

Lorac-I'm so sorry. We older siblings couldn't help ourselves, but we truly were trying to watch out for our younger siblings. Or control them.

T.- I'd like to see more of that family album. If it's like ours, it's one laugh after another.

PG-Cat food as pate is wonderful. Genius even. (Our mother is also an only child.)

Dear Middle Sis: I was *clasping* your hand, not pinching. Still, I understand why you live in Georgia.

SMBS: Thanks. Stalk again soon.

Daryl said...

I am so understanding of this, having a younger sister myself.....

Daryl said...

OTOH I do have to admit that it does look as if you are maliciously pinching her .. you were foolish to do this in daylight in full view of adults with cameras .. I pinched my sister when she was sleeping ... it was extremely satisfying and no one ever caught me .. lucky for me she doesnt read your blog comments

Karen Deborah said...

you kill me. I thought you were pinching her! so how do we know that you just didn't want what she had? hummm? that's what she thought, don't ya think? I think ya'll were cute.
I know all there is to know about fly swatters, wooden sppons, belts, and switches. Did I leave anything out?

No it didn't work I am still a brat.

Anonymous said... rude......RAT POISON?

Love, CBW's daughter :O