Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Welcome to yet another edition of Three Ring Thing Thursday, where I tell you three random things (a limit of three is necessary for me, otherwise these posts would stretch from here to Buenos Aires and back with a few incidental side trips to Indonesia), and you tell me three random things--for which I am eternally grateful because your comments are the best.

Three Thing Ring Thursday is slowly but surely becoming my favorite day of the week, right after Friday night, Saturday morning, any and all paid holidays, snow days, sick days and the day I win the lottery.

Let's run away screaming dive right in, shall we?

1. With each day that passes I become more of a hypochondriac. Perhaps this is due to stress mental illness the fact that more and more people my age or younger are having horrible things happen to them. Perhaps it's simply stress mental illness my obsession with reading the obituaries every day and an overall fear of dying before really enjoying life to the fullest (and seeing Bora Bora from an over-water thatched hut). But right now if you asked what was wrong, I'd swear I had leukemia, anemia, stomach cancer, heart disease or alzheimers Alzheimers. Any combination of the aforementioned is possible too. I'm bruising to beat the band--spontaneous bruises. It's leukemia or anemia, I'm convinced. Of course there's always the thyroid. But don't get me started on that.

2. The Chesapeake Bay Children's last full day of classes is today, although school is still in session until Tuesday. I am off from the paying job effective tonight through Monday, June 8, so that I can spend quality time blogging and teaching my daughter how to blog with my children who I feel I never get to see any more. They're growing like weeds; I work too much too much and time is flying by.

3. We're all looking forward to Baby Sister's visit on Saturday. Of course, Chesapeake Bay Mother thought Baby Sis was coming home last weekend, because that's how dysfunctional strong our communication lines are around here. Plus predicting Baby Sis's arrival is like predicting the date unwanted facial hair will appear after you think you've taken care of it. You know it's coming but you're always surprised when it actually shows up. *

Now it's your turn to tell me three random things. Anything you want, don't even feel limited to three.

*Dearest Baby Sis: Although it may seem like it, I was not comparing you to an unwanted facial hair. Rather, the point was it's very difficult to predict when you will show up. Given that the Chesapeake Bay Children and your parents will be asking ME every two seconds when you will arrive, perhaps you could give us a range, say "between Friday and Sunday" and then perhaps another range "between the time I get up and the time I go to sleep" so that we can better anticipate your arrival.

Love and Laughter, Big Sis.


NotMovedMom said...

1. I am exhausted been to Newport News all day, came back home and left within 20 minutes for Washington and Lee High School for regional semi final game.

2. Sat in the hot, hot sun while the game that was suppose to end at 7 p.m. was not completed until 8:15 p.m. only after ending in a 0 - 0 score and then having 2 overtimes, then 2 more sudden death overtimes, only to be followed by a shoot out that also ended in a tie, to finally end the game with a sudden death shot out.

3. We, Mathews, finally played our game and YES, WE WON THE SEMI FINALS IN REGIONAL AND HAVE EARNED A PLACE IN THE QUARTER FINALS IN STATE, WAHOOOOOOOO! We will however travel back to Wash and Lee to play the Regional Championship Game on Friday.

Annie said...

1. Great photo as usual. Thank you.
I can't believe it is Three Ring Thursday again.

2. Do you ever go swimming in the creek. Say on a horribly hot day in summer.

3. I am so glad to hear that you have some time off to enjoy the children. Have fun, especially with your baby sis!

4. Life is quiet in NY at the moment. Well, apart from the usual noises. We are being very lazy. Well, I am being very lazy. My daughter who does all the hard work, is getting unwell. A shame. And is awake and can't sleep! Even worse!

5. I go home in a few weeks. That was about 16 things..disguised as four, no five things. The baby is awake. Time to go and mind him for mum, while maybe she gets back to sleep!

mmm said...

1. Given the way you finished off yesterday's blog and the way you started today's, I'd say you don't need any coffee beans.

2.a. Having CB children engage in blogging could be good idea. Perhaps they would like to write a piece now an then for LIM.

2.b. Let's see, CBM writes on Tuesdays, Baby Sis on Wednesdays, Middle Sis on Fridays, CB daughter on Mondays, CB son on Saturday, CBF fills in when needed... That leaves 3 thing Thursdays and Silent Sundays for CBW.

3. Go Blue Devil soccer!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NotMoved-Way to go MHS, that is very exciting. Congratulations. That game at W&L sounds brutal, though. I HATE shoot-outs. Even though it may bring a tied game to an expeditious close, it really isn't a great indicator of who the better team is/was. Of course if I were sitting in the hot sun all evening, exhausted, I'd be singin' a different tune.

Annie-When we were growing up here, we did go swimming in the creek, but it is fraught with oyster shells (which can cut feet) and after the water temp is high enough the stinging nettles come out making swimming painful. The Chesapeake Bay Children used to go swimming, but they don't any more, no particular reason why. Hope you, your daughter AND the baby get some rest today.

MMM-That's a good game plan but it assumes I can rely on the Sisters and CBM to contribute regularly as opposed to either (a) never (Baby Sis) or (b) once (Middle Sis, and I forgot to post it) or (c) sporadically (CBMother, but I don't want to harass her because when she does churn something out, it's usually great so can't mess with the muses or disrupt the creative process.) p.s. SEND COFFEE BEANS.

Daryl said...

Okay ..

1. Will I need to pack a bathing suit for Blogfest and/or will we be getting wet/going into the creek or other body of water?

2. I bruise easily too and am a hypocondriac (and a poor spellller and lazy or I would look up the proper spellllling).. a headache = brain tumor .. a pain of any kind in or around my sides is appendicitus ... lower back ache = spinal cord injury

3. I love random Three Thing Thursday its like a free pass to whine ..

joe blow said...

1. Life in around the CB is a rare and precious treat in this world. It has been a healer for many tough times in my life. I always head back when in need of grounding.

2. CBW and friends thanks for sharing your talent and views.

3. The weekend and next week look like beautiful weather is on it's way again.

Mental P Mama said...

1. So I'm not the only one who thinks she is dying all the time either?
2. I am going to Charlottesville with The Bird in June. And I am going to peruse the real estate.
3. The owner of the Sea Shanty and I are becoming good friends;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Daryl, whining is not only permitted it is encouraged here. Yes, bring a bathing suit. We can swim over on Gwynn's Island. I see your brain tumor and raise you one aneurism. Chest pain= heart attack. Shoulder pain = gall bladder attack. Lower abdominal pain = tumors, appendicitis, or too much Mexican food.

JB=How true about the bay being a calming influence. Enjoy the weather. For me good weather translates into hours on the tractor and pulling weeds out of flower beds.

MPM= No, you are not alone. Enjoy the trip to Charlottesville, make sure you hit the Corner and/or the downtown mall for some good eatin'.

Why does the name Sea Shanty make me laugh?

Anonymous said...

J.B. (etal), you're a lucky man to have a place like CB to come back to.

CBW, don't be too hard on baby sis as she's had to deal with 2 mothers all her life :)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Stalker - I'd argue that she still only dealt with one mother because the other mother was off at art lessons or watching Secret Storm or Match Game 76, but that would be too harsh. She was a good mother but somehow I ended up being put in charge an awful lot. You're right, she did have two mothers.

So did Middle Sis, and by the way that reminds me to mention yet again that I was not pinching her arm in that picture from last weekend....I was clasping her hand to protect her from herself.


Lynne M. said...

1. OK - now I have a medical condition - I hurt my hip when I fell out of my chair laughing at all ya'll hypochondriacs.

2. I work in Internal Medicine.

3. Hypochondriac is a real diagnosis in our world...

4. It's surprisingly closely related to mental illness.

5. My ex-husband and therefore my son are hypochondriacs

6. I love hypochondriacs (ex-husband excluded of course).

7. This could go on forever, painfully.

8. I would love to see some blogging from the rest of the family!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Lynne M. - That seals it, then and it's coming straight from a medical professional. I'm definitely dying of something...mental illness.

Had never heard of that link but am not surprised.

If you know what type of mental illness, don't tell me. What I don't know won't hurt me. Unless it's Alzheimers.....that's it, isn't it?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I forgot to mention one other episode of hypochondria...last year around this time I swore I had MS or a brain tumor. That's because I had a damaged nerve and the doctor said (before the hideous nerve conduction test) that one of the possibilities could be a neurological one. Come to find out, it was from sitting in front of the computer with my legs crossed for hours on end.

The nerve is healing up rather nicely now. My hypochondria? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my whining to three thing thursday also....
1. I'm tired of the weeds growing faster than the grass and having to be cut two days after cutting them the first time!!!!!

2. I'm frustrated that I haven't won the lottery and can't get everything fixed in my house / yard that needs to be fixed!
(of course, I didn't mention that I haven't actually played the lottery yet)

3. But on a brighter note....I did have a wonderful memorial day weekend that left me refreshed and ready to face the work week. Thank God for a short work week!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ms.Seabreeze-Amen on that short work week. Glad you had a good weekend. If it makes you feel any better, my yard is out of control. IT's going to take a machete to get through my flower beds, shoreline (aka riparian buffer) and yard. Weedeating/trimming? That makes me laugh. I'm just trying to keep up with the core stuff.

Come on over and I'll show you, I guarantee you'll feel a lot better.

joe blow said...

No one gets out alive! :>)

We just need to get the most out each day.

As the father of a friend of mine (who fought as a Marine at Iwo Gima) said a few years back.

"getting old ain't for sissy's"

He died of cancer not long after. He went through one course of Chemo and elected not to do that again.

I agree, if God is ready to take you to heaven, why prolong it?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

JB-Yep, inevitably we're all dying of something. Not only is getting old not for sissies, it isn't for me. I'm going down kicking and screaming.

I just can't kick too hard though. Might throw out my back.

Lynne M. said...

Thats OK - remember?... I have pregnancy brain and I am going to be so mushy-brained I may get confused and diaper it's head!

And FYI - mushy-brained isn't even a true diagnosis - BUT I HAVE IT!! Hehehahaheheha

Anonymous said...

1 - I can't every post here....too much to read b/c of my ADD.

2- I have a stress fracture in my left foot. Pain in the dorsal, medial region, just proximal to the second and third metatarsal...I know it's a stress fracture. Maybe if I keep ignoring it like I have for the past year, it'll go away.

3- Lost my tennis match this morning. Came back to work....having trouble focusing. Weather is nice, work....blah, blah, blah. Thank God it's almost 5.

Have fun this weekend! Wish I could be there...

-Middle Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Lynne, it's a scientifically proven fact in the Chesapeake Bay Woman's Guide to Health that there's a direct corelation between number of children and decline in brain cells. In other words, with each child, you will lose more memory, ability to concentrate, ability to focus, etc. What were we talking about?

Middle Sis: My upper cranium, left metacerebellum, is stretched trying to interpret your injury, however it does sound legitimate vs. imagined.

ADD must run in the family because Baby Sis, CB Mother and possibly Father are stricken with it too. Btw we are completely self-diagnosing here but the evidence is pretty clear. In fact this entire blog can be subtitled: Rambling Thoughts Courtesy of ADD and/or possibly a mental illness that causes hypochondria.

Now, I'm doing exactly what I have always wanted to do no a Thursday night: drive to Urbanna for a sports banquet.

Serenity now.

Anonymous said...

1. I know you WERE comparing me to facial hair. I'm quite used to (and find comfort in ) being's an example: when I DO visit and CBM is trying to ( remember) spit out my name, she starts out with " CBW, I mean CBMiddle Sis, um ..Viola (deceased great aunt, MUCH LOVED ), I mean CB Daughter , Danger?, Shabbah?,oh God WHAT IS YOUR NAME!!!" That never gets old!!
2. I WILL be there sometime between Friday and Saturday. Is that specific enough for you?? Actually Saturday before noon to be exact*. And I will be enjoying beverages with CBfamily this weekend.
3.* This time may or may not be exact, could change at any given time.
Baby Sis

tj said...

...Hi CBW!*waving*

1) Painting trim in bath and hallway for the third, count 'em - third time because I can't choose paint colors to save my life!

2) Am embarking on raised garden beds this year and husband is fighting me every step of the way stating all the while that raised garden beds are unnecessary and that gardening is not friggin' rocket science and to that I say, "duh?!" ;o)

3) Can't figure out for the life of me why one of my hens is all of a sudden laying, um, how shall I say, "soiled" eggs. Seriously now lil' chicky cut the crap or it's curtains for you.

...Whew! Thanks CBW - I feel so much better ;o)

...Blessings... :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Baby Sis: That is an excellent rendition of CB Mother's "I Can't Remember Your Name, So I'm Going to Go Down The List" routine, however you forgot to add CB Father's name, which surprisingly does find its way in the mix.

As usual, we have no idea when you're coming, but at least we know it will *probably* be this weekend. Just remember: CB Children will call you every five minutes until you are on the road and an ETA has been pinpointed.

TJ-I'm waving right back at ya. I'll wager that you have some incredible flower beds based on some of the pictures of your yard I've seen before. Wish I could help you with the egg question, but I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no eggs. (CB Mother might, though.)

Anonymous said...

Feel your pain Baby Sis. We could probably write a book about the perils of having a big sister!

And yes, I think I can hear both big sisters (yours & mine) saying something like, "A book? Yeah, maybe a comic book that you can color"

...The scars run deep :))
(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

SMBS: I cannot argue with logic. Actually, I may steal that line about the comic book/coloring, that one will come in handy.

Perhaps as soon as this weekend (or whenever Baby Sis decides to show up).

Anonymous said...

1. I went to Beaver Dam for a field trip. I had to hike an hour with the 3rd graders!

2. When I returned from that mutant infested place I was forced to go back to school for a couple more hours.

3. On the way back (torture) school we had a pizza "party" on the bus.

Anonymous said...

1. My son's bulletin board has been sitting on the floor for over a year and will be there for another year now that I have heard your story.
2. My thyroid is very hypo as in very slow. I've gained 15 pounds in the last year, I have not changed by eating or exercising habits. I'm so pissed about this I could go on Ophrah and we could cry together.
3. My job sucks so bad right now that I take it home with me and act like a big butt head to my poor family. As opposed to leaving my misery at work and being happy at home. I know -I'm happy to have a job, I'm happy to have a job, I'm happy...

foolery said...

1. The baby goat in question is alive and not apparently terribly hurt, according to its owner.
2. The baby goat in question is a practice goat for goat-roping cowgirls, and as such is somewhat expendable. I don't like it any more than CBMother would; I'm just reporting what I learned.
3. My father bought three baby chicks and is raising them. This is no surprise whatsoever. The surprise came Saturday when my mother told me, "He bought them for Sparky for her birthday. He'll bring them over to your house once they've grown a little more."

At this late date I know that only CBW will read this comment, so I won't bother with explanations. My brain is empty now. GAHHHH. : )