Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sea Glass

OK, to be clear, none of the above is sea glass, however we did find the items in the surrounding waters.

On the left is an arrowhead (aka projectile point) Chesapeake Bay Daughter found on Aaron's Beach. The glass in the middle we found in the Rappahannock River and the blue bottle was around our shoreline. Double click on the photo to enlarge the image for a better view.

We do have way too much some sea glass that I'll photograph as soon as I figure out how to make a mountain of broken glass look artistic soon.

Chesapeake Bay Daughter has written the following piece regarding her mother's latest obsession fascination.

Sea Glass
by Chesapeake Bay Daughter, 10 years old

CBW has decided to collect sea glass. (She says it will be worth a lot of money "some day.")

Of course, at first all we see is junk brown sea glass. CBW is very picky says she only wants green, blue or purple (if it exists). Turns out purple is not part of CBW's imagination it is in fact a color of some sea glass.

After 300 years a while we went home. Hallelujah.

The End.

P.S. We were successful and found lots of sea glass.

P.P.S. I have to admit it was kinda fun.

-Chesapeake Bay Daughter


Chesapeake Bay Woman's Obsessive Need to Comment Two Cents

Truth be told, CB Daughter loves looking for sea glass as much as I do. Ever since she found that arrowhead I am obsessed with bound and determined to find one myself.

p.s. C.B. Daughter is my favorite girl ever, and she really makes me laugh.

p.p.s C.B. Daughter inserted all those strike-throughs herself.

p.p.s.s. We do a lot of laughing around the Chesapeake Bay household. A lot.


Grandma J said...

I think CB Daughter should start her own blog. What a great writer she is,and the strike throughs are perfect! I can't wait to see her collection of sea glass.

mmm said...

CB daughter,

Laughing is good. A lot of laughing is better.

I'm jealous that you found an arrowhead. I grew up in Mathews and never found one.

I look forward to reading your future blog post.

Mental P Mama said...

So the apples don't fall far from the tree down there. Do they?

Lorac said...

What a fun project for Mother and Daughter! Bit why are you collecting sea glass?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I love CBD! She has her mama's sense of humor.

Also, those bottles? Did you find 'em in the water? Are they made of glass? SEA GLASS!

Annie said...

Ah, well, that sounds like fun..lots of laughing, lots of sea glass...what more could a mother wish for?

Well, I won't ask, but I am sure there might be something on the list, but laughter and sea glass sound pretty good to start it off to me!

Well done cbd..that's cb daughter of course, as you knew! Look forward to some more posts! And more photos of sea glass!

I am just back from taking baby for a walk down the park to see the "duts" and a swing. Good to have lots of giggles, especially when Mummy isn't well. Mummy is a bit annoyed that she taught her under one year old son to say "duck" perfectly, and he changed it to the plural "duts" all by himself. I think that is a pretty bright boy!

Now she has taught him to say how old he is going to be "one" ! What fun...what more could a grandmother wish for...oh stop rattling on and say goodbye Grandma Annie, says baby who is now fast asleep..hooray.


Anonymous said...

You fallen into one of the oldest traps set by a parent. But it's one of those fun traps, as it give's you lots of mom-time while you're picking up trash.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering,
Does JoeBlow know that you buy your rulers from Wal-Mart (made in China)??



joe blow said...

Lots of neat stuff to do with sea glass. Let your imagination run wild.

I've found many large spear points on the shores of Rappahanock along with some nice Sharks teeth.

There is a lot of gold above Fredericksburg in and along the shores of the Rappahanock.

Lot's of history around the bay and plenty to keep the mind occupied one should never become bored in such a rich environment.

Have fun and make something neat.

Anonymous said...

We found most of the bottles stuck in the mud when it is low tide.

From, CBW's daughter

Anonymous said...

...and each piece of glass has a history (real or makebelieve)that a writer can give life to and bring alive!

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Caution Flag said...

Don't the mosquitoes bite you while you're glass-hunting? That is the real reason I have no sea glass. I am afraid of mosquitoes (and I have no sea.)

CBD sounds quite delightful :))

Big Hair Envy said...

It's official. I'm hooked!

Big Hair Envy said...

Had to leave another comment...

Word Verification: combin

As in "beachcombin'"

foolery said...

Oh crud -- SMBS, do you mean to tell me that the Taco Bell cup and Hershey Bar wrapper collection my mom started me on years ago was a ll a ruse to get me to PICK UP TRASH?!


Now what'll I do with my exhibit wing?

Can't wait to meet CBD and CBS -- they have their mom's and grandmother's superior senses of humor. Keep writing, CBD!

-- Laurie