Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interpret This Photograph

The other morning--the very same misty morning which produced the previous two posts' pictures--I walked over to my parents' dock to avoid vacuuming look down the creek. The sheer number of photographicable (it's a word, just play along) scenes were staggering.

Balancing myself after all the reeling, I briefly glanced backwards and saw this along the shoreline.

You know those games that ask you to make as many words as possible from one word? For example the completely made up word word might be "photographicable" and you are asked to list as many other words as possible using its letters, for example: photo, cable, graph, able, broach, roach, pharaoh barco...OK barco is espanol for ship and we're really flying far from the original point which, believe it or not, did have something to do with brainstorming words or ideas and went something like this:

What words, thoughts, phrases or sentences does this picture generate?

CBW, who ordinarily could write ten thousand words on any random this topic, is tired and will merely offer a few completely unimaginative and uninspired remarks.

1. Reflections.

2. Those bricks have been there for eons.

3. Reflections can be prettier than the images they mimic, but only if they are true.

4. Those bricks and the random concrete slab on the left were tossed out around the 1950's when my grandparents first moved into the house. In those days, shorelines were considered dumping grounds for anything that they couldn't burn solid such as bricks, glass, etc.

5. The best image is the one which is true, the same inside and out; above and below water.

Tell me what you see, and remember there is never a wrong answer here at Eastern State Hospital Crazyville Life in Mathews.


Annie said...

well, at first I thought I saw a bloke with a punk hairstyle walking into the water ...but then I saw the reflection and now I don't know what I see...I think I see some tufts of grass reflected in the creek...how original! I think I need to get some sleep!

Val said...

its a snowman with skinny legs wearing a big fluffy slipper....??

Pueblo girl said...

Nature can make even trash look beautiful. Gird my loins for a few more months in the city (never a more aptly used metaphor, seeing as I'm recovering from spinal fusion surgery and have to wear an orthopaedic brace, so am fully girded wherever I go), and look for the beauty.

Mental P Mama said...

That concrete slab caught my eye. It looks downright martian. That's it for now.

Grandma J said...

The first think I thought of before I even read your post was:

Chi chi chi chia. A Chia Bank(pet)

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature only has one decorating scheme. Eventually, everything man does will revert to that design....sometimes it takes a while.

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Daryl said...

Look like a Chia-Pet-fest on the river ..

mmm said...

I can smell the creek mud and the grass needs mowing.

Word verification - "bartag". Now there's a game I can play, have pla...

tj said...

..."do not allow tj to blogfest lest you want to see crazy woman in water rescuing old bricks to bring home"...

...That wasn't my first interpretation but I embiggened(??? correct me on that word TSAnnie if I spelled it wrong:o) the photo and saw all those glorious old bricks laying near the water... :o)

...You're too funny CBW and God bless you for that! :o)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Secret Three. The snail hospital is right behind those marshy things. Only CBW and Little Sister will know what I'm talking about....one of our "secret forts".....

Middle Sis

well read hostess said...

Echo and Narcissus

joe blow said...

Looks like a nice quiet spot to anchor the boat with my girlfriend.

Hey, I'm a guy, I can't help it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Love the punk hairstyle image. That is very creative.

Val- It's whatever you want it to be. I'm going to have to look at it again and see if I see that skinny-legged snowman. Very interesting interpretation but then again you are very creative.

PG-Nature can indeed do that. Spinal fusion surgery! My back hurts just reading this. I hope you're feeling better and are moving about as good as new soon.

MPM- It is out of place, isn't it?

Grandma J.: You're hilarious.

Stalker: Profound!

Daryl-You and GJ are on the same wave length. Bravo.

MMM-Yeah, it stinks and so does all the grass that needs mowing.

TJ-DO come to Blog Fest and I'll send you home with more than bricks. (But really there are lots of them around the shoreline and they are old. They'd probably charge a little something extra in the airport though.... CAn you borrow your husband's pickup? I'll help you load 'em up. Don't be surprised if you find sixteen cats and a dog or two in the back when you get home.)

Middle Sis: It does look like Secret Three, but it is over at Manna's dock. Secret Three is almost unrecognizeable now...the snail motel is gone and the muscadine grape vines are dead. I've been meaning to write about that place but keep forgetting to. Thanks for the reminder.

WRH-A well thought out and excellent interpretation.

JB: It would be a nice spot, but don't let my mother catch you anchored in front of her house. She'll swear it's someone come up the creek for the sole reason of spying on her. Don't ask. Moving right along....

Excellent interpretations! Thanks for playing along.

Autumnforest said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, please post a picture of secret three so I can know what happened.... :-) Maybe you can get a shot from the shore? Whatever is most telling.....

Middle Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Val-I do see the skinny-legged snowman. Excellent.

Autumnforest - Very good. Dichotomy is a word I need to use more often...all the while shaking use of my made-up words such as photographicable.

MiddleSis - If you do a search on this blog for the post called Muscadine Grapes, Secret Three is pictured there on the right although it's the dead of winter and all you see are the lifeless grape vines. Next time I'm out in the yard I'll get a picture of the actual fort area.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...


Anonymous said...

Profound. Now there's something I usually try to avoid.

Seems every time I go deep, I get mired in the muck, coming home all gunky and smelly and needing a good bath.

It's a tough life being a single guy!

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Anonymous said...

I see a tire with sea needles growing in the middle of it.

Love,CBW's daughter