Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silent Sunday

I took this about a month or so ago from Commenter Breezeway's property.

It's been a busy weekend here in Chesapeake Bay Land.

One of the highlights was Big Hair Envy's Friday visit which included stops at the public beach, Gwynn's Island and Sandpiper Reef's screened porch. We spent two minutes some time reviewing details and logistics for the upcoming Blog Fest, and she left with her pockets full of broken beer bottles sea glass.

Friday evening, Chesapeake Bay Daughter was retrieving something from underneath a pine tree and a black snake dropped out of the tree right on the ground in front of her.

Saturday afternoon, it was back to Sandpiper again for Anonymous Hallieford Resident's Daughter's graduation celebration, which included steamed crabs on the screened porch.

Baby Sister and Friend, who said they'd be here before noon, arrived 2 hours late. As soon as her feet crossed the threshold, Baby Sis slathered on six coats of lipstick and three coats of lip gloss, then proceeded to leave lipstick marks all over my glassware. Her Friend cooked supper so I overlooked the inconvenience of needing a power washer to clean the glasses. Chesapeake Bay Children thoroughly enjoyed their visit with Auntie Baby Sis.

Tell me what you did if you feel like it. If you don't feel like it, then see if you can say this five consecutive times, really fast: "steamed crabs on the screened porch."

And now, thankfully, comes the silent part of Silent Sunday.


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Grandma J said...

Your Silent Sundays are always so chock full of interesting stuff. Today is A-Ron's birthday, so it's all about baseball games and pizza.

Annie said...

Silent Sunday comment...

Sounds like a fun weekend...

Ours also...with daughter still sick and coughing and me chief cook (ha ha) and assistant bottle washer (not sea glass) and baby minder.

Baby has turned to the highest pitch that drills holes in my eardrums! Very exciting!

ps If you had an empty bottle and threw it out the front door into the creek, is it instant sea glass?

Mental P Mama said...

Will Baby Sis be joining us in July?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

At least your snake was in its natural habitat, as opposed to the one I found recently lounging in my BEDROOM.

I have a gas-powered power washer - I can bring it to Blogfest if you still need to blast your glassware. You fill a gas can and we'll have fun with internal combustion engines.

I have been playing zone defense all weekend while my husband "plays" "hockey" in Toronto. 1 on 3 is NOT a favorable adult-to-child ratio. Today has been a particularly trying day, and I don't think I'm being dramatic. I will welcome the boring workweek with enthusiastically open arms tomorrow.

tj said...

...Wow, what's up with 'Blog O Directory' up there? If that's legit', I'll bet a dollar to a donut that you're on your way to getting paid to blog! That's right. :o)

...Anyway, "Happy Silent Sunday!", I do hope you're enjoying your day. Not much going on around here, got a new flowerbed in in front of the chicken house. Did some transplanting and some planting in the vegetable garden. Accidentally ran over the cat with the wheelbarrow. She's fine, I think I just ran over her tail... :o/

...I think I'd get some of those plastic disposable wine glasses for Baby Sis', that way you could just toss 'em when she leaves. (I mean that in the best way too btw CBBS)... :o)

...Have a great evening all! Blessings too...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BD- thanks I'll check it out.

GJ- I hope A-Ron had a great b-day and all the stress/ strain of your Move from Hades is over. Remember to put the Alf lamp in my room/the guest room.

Annie-Speaking of stress, I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. If it doesn't get any better by tomorrow, my inner hypochondriac says take her to the doctor. You're such a great mother to be there for her and your grandchild. (p.s. I think the answer to your question is if the glass you threw out is from the 70's or earlier, then yes, it's instant sea glass. The prized stuff though has been weathered and worn.)Hang in there with all the sickness.

MPM- Yes. Baby Sis will be there. Middle Sis (of Qwah fame) won't though.

Meg-I don't know how you've managed all weekend, but kudos to you. If it makes you feel any better (and it won't) I heard a friend of Baby Sis tell a story where her 3 yo son pulled a snake by its tail from the wood pile and was holding it up/waving it like he was hanging onto a balloon. The snake bit him, the child had blood running down his arm, and Mother was shall we say a bit beside herself. Had the presence of mind to google poisonous snakes and somehow managed to figure out that the particular snake was not poisonous. After a quick call to the pediatrician all was well, but the bottom line is--between your story and hers--it's starting to sound like I need to worry about a snake infestation. Do snakes eat ants?

tj-I'd love to see pictures of your flowers. Hope the cat's OK. I keep forgetting to ask CB Mother about why your chickens are laying slightly soiled eggs. Also, even if I had disposable glasses, Baby Sis would open up the cupboard and go for the glassware.

(Love you, Baby Sis! Good seeing you this weekend.)

joe blow said...

Boat repair / maintenance and fiberglass work. The fumes are fun...

Ahh the good life.

Big Hair Envy said...

I had SO much fun, um, SLAVING over the Blog Fest details with you. I'm SURE it will require many more LONG hours of concentration to ensure things run smoothly;)

As you know, our weekend was ALL about Prom-Fest '09!! A good time was had by all. Although, no sleep was had by anyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Watched a college senior make a memory that will last a lifetime. Bases loaded, bottom of the 7th, down 2 runs. Hasn't been able to buy a hit, 0-9 for the series.

Grand Slam Home Run. Game Over.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous: Simply the point of creating chills. Way to go, College Senior. (My throat would be sore from screaming.)

Anonymous said...

Sore Throat....All the team appeared to be abit joyfull. Ok, they were all crying like girls.

No crying allowed in Baseball....but it's okay in Softball.


Anonymous said...

Miracles are so much fun when they happen. So sad when it doesn't happen twice.

Gator Bait!

foolery said...

Birthday party. Took Sparky and her friends to see "Up," which I highly recommend, but not if you're weepy like me. Cried through the first half of the movie and then again at the end. Real tears. It was a gusher. The good news? BASKIN ROBBINS ICE CREAM CAKE!

Swam some laps, pizza for dinner. Sunday was good.