Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

This is but one example of the many faces of a lady known as Mrs. Sunrise, whose beautiful and varied light greets me each morning. Except when it's raining. Or cloudy. Or if I get up too late. Or good lawd claude will someone shut her up?

Lady and Gentleman! Step right up!

Welcome to another edition of Three Ring Circus Three Thing Thursday, where we share three random thoughts. For best results, skip my three things--unless you want to be induced to sleep-- and go directly to the comments section, where your three things will gladly be accepted.

And here we go...

1. Although normally I type about 100 words per minute, tonight my fingers are so numb from the cold I can barely depress the keys; it's as if they've been injected with Novocaine that is only just starting to wearing off.


Because after waking up at 5:30, fixing breakfast for two children, calling mother to finish the morning bus routine/send off, yea though I drove 50 miles through the valley of the shadow of death to be at my paying job by 7:30, working 8.5 hours, then driving another 50 miles home--after all this, Chesapeake Bay Daughter wanted to go to the Little League field to watch her friend play softball. All I wanted to do was blog decompress, but not wanting to stifle any interest she may possibly have in softball we went. Fine. As we stood against the fence for seven thousand hundred million innings, the sun went down and snatched away every shred of heat. She had to stay until the bitter cold end. Did I mention my fingers are numb?

2. This one's a confession: Not having to write anything for the past three nights has been wonderful. Although the intention was to use my newly found spare time to stockpile a few posts so each night wouldn't be spent scrambling at the last minute to create something, I crawled into bed with the clicker instead.

Quickly overcoming any feelings of guilt, I discovered that I owned a television, which lured me to a new addiction: House Hunters International.

Did you know there are people rich enough to have not just one house, but a second vacation home in places like Costa Rica? Who knew? Chesapeake Bay Woman surely didn't.

Then, realizing that she can not even afford a vacation, much less a vacation home abroad, Chesapeake Bay Woman jumped off the Gwynn's Island bridge. But because the bridge is about two inches above the water, the worst that happened was a nostril full of salt water before she swam to shore, where she cut her feet on oyster shells, sank knee-deep in black mud and was assaulted by fiddler crabs. The End.

3. Although having the next five days off sounds like a dream come true like a dream come true, the next two of those five days will entail four very unsavory activities. Five. Two. Five. Four...

Kaboom! That's the sound of Chesapeake Bay Woman's brain exploding due to the unnecessary and excessive use of numbers, which are better left to analytical types who understand that Three Thing Thursday does not mean Take Three Days to Tell Three Days' Worth of Wandering Thoughts Thursday and who can succinctly, concisely say three things. Things. Three. Two. Four. Five.

Anyway, one unsavory event involves a dentist. Another involves a bank. The other two belong in a separate blog entirely called, "Are You Kidding Me, Is This Really Happening?"

Reality TV show producers could not possibly have fodder this ripe for the picking.

Now, please tell me three things to take my mind off the post I just wrote the things I dread doing.

Thank you in advance.


mmm said...

1. Apparently, you found some coffee beans of your own. (Run on sentences have a certain urgency about them, don't they?)

2. Time to recharge my batteries, though my lithium ion is not what it used to be.

3. The picture is lovely (as always); lovely picture; picture lovely. Yes, "picture lovely", a more primitive use of the language with a greater meaning.

4. (for good measure) Thanks for posting my adolescent nonsense. The comments are always fun to read. When it comes to "life" and "understanding people" there are some real seasoned veterans that follow this blog - that's a compliment.

Have a good day.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MMM-send coffee beans. My run-on sentences are due to exhaustion, stress, adult-onset ADD or insanity, take your pick.

At least tell us what brand of coffee beans you buy. Or do you grow them?

NotMovedMom said...

Did I read "Dentist" in the midst of your run on sentences? I am so sorry, but if you distract him (or should I say-distract you) with track conversation, I am sure the visit will go swiftly. Beauty comes with a price. White knuckle it, girl. You can do it!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NotMovedMom-Yes, you read correctly, although this should be a non-invasive, pain-free experience. However, it's the mental anguish that's painful. Brutally painful.

And completely self-induced. Will remember your tip about track.

Anonymous said...

I love random Thursday....sorth of free style let your mind flow day. Ok, here goes:
1. I'm sitting at work knowing I have more to do than I can possibly get done in this one day, and yet still I sit here getting my mental health relief by meditating on your beautiful pictures and reading your blog.

2. I think I may go to Richmond Sunday to hear a friend sing at Richmond Day celebration down on Main Street. The thought of actually doing something other than sitting home trying to avoid the mountain of housework that needs to be done is almost mind boggling.

3. I'm on call tonight and really praying for a quiet night. Not that I mind being called on to help someone else, I just hope to be able to get home at a decent hour and maybe sleep throught the night. I don't function well without my sleep. In fact, my children could tell you that what function I do have is not very nice LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone. msseabreeze

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ms.Seabreeze-Hope your day is productive and your night is quiet. I'm avoiding housework too, except it's gotten out of hand and I'm starting to panic. Then I fluctuate to anger. Then exhaustion. Rinse. Repeat. Sprinkle generously with avoidance and denial.

Hopefully you'll get to enjoy Richmond this weekend. That sounds like fun.

TSannie said...

1. I have no thoughts today.

2. Not a one.

3. Repeat above as necessary.

I need a vacation. That I can't afford. I'm going to go cry now.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

TSA-When I win the lottery I'll send money for a vacation. In the interim, pass the Kleenex.

Daryl said...

You forgot getting an infection after cutting your feet on the shells from the GUANO ..

My 3 things ...

1. Had to call the flex spending peeps to ask WHY the balance shows ZERO after the dentist credited back the gazillion dollars I paid (we put it on another card cause the flex spending was down to just a little over a gazillion and there's 6.5 months left to go.

2. Woman at flex spending said the gazillon was back in the acct and I could have checked it online .. HELLO woman at flex spending, I did and it showed ZERO

3. #1 and #2 gave me a headache

4. I am looking forward to Saturday because CountryGirl Kate and Mental P Mama is comin' to see me...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Daryl - Pass the aspirin. Dealing with ANY business over the phone is stressful. Enjoy the day with MPM and Kate. That sounds like fun.

Grandma J said...


Visit to Time Warner, requesting wall drops for outlets where I want them.


Deliver birthday cake to office mgr at the Spa.

Anonymous said...

Three thoughts:

1. for the last two days I've woken up wishing it was Saturday.

2. On Saturday, I will have to get up -- just like it was a work day -- to head out for a family outing.

3. the family outing will likely last until midnight.

When's the coffee bean shipment arriving? I'll be down at the dock waiting....


The word verification is "harrusse" which is an obscure (read nonexistent) French word for the polite reminders I gave my husband this morning (known in husband-speak as "nagging").

Used in a sentence: "Zut Alors! ├ępouse mauvaise! cessez de m'harrusser!"

Which is exactly how he replied to the gentle reminders (in his mind.....with more English).

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-Good luck with all that. Dont hurt yourself or overdo're just getting over being sick.

AMN-Very impressive use of the verification word. When I get those beans, I'll let you know. So far, no luck.

Now I am off to do the first of my dreaded activities. ANd it is not the dentist.

Annie said...

1. Another great photo.
2. More laughter.
3. A fine sunny day in New York. Hope it is there too...and that you have defrosted now!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Hooray for the nice weather. It is here too. Enjoy the day.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. I'm sitting next to an open window with the warm breeze blowing and and while I am supposed to be WORKING, all I can think about is wanting to take a nap.

2. Which would be a bad idea because I'm trying to finish laundry so we can pack clean clothes for our kamikaze run to OBX this weekend.

3. Did you hear THAT? It was my hammock. It's beckoning me outside to take a nap. DAMMIT!

Lynne M. said...


1. Today is not a good day for me to do three things.

2. Because my brain is being sucked out slowly by my baby. (This will be the smartest baby ever...)

3. Wow.

Anonymous said...

1. To CBW: If you visit your dentist on a regular basis ( every 6 months ), you will be proactively maintaining your fangs, therefore you will not have to "white knuckle" the chair. A quick buff, scrape and floss and you're outta there. Once a year, they stretch your lips out and give you x-rays, but this is painless.
2. Well, since we're all talking about coffee now I guess I'll go ahead and tell you what I'm brewing now..Trader Joe's Fair Trade 5 Country Espresso Blend. It is terrific!
3.This should be TWO THING THURSDAY.
Baby Sis

kaffy said...

1. Ah, another great picture. Thanks!
2. Talking finances with my husband is absolute torture.
3. I don't want to go camping this weekend but I have to. The plans are set, apparently in stone.

foolery said...

1. I found out I have to go to the fair (ANOTHER fair) again this weekend -- not once, but TWICE. Once with children (ACK), once with a new business associate. Hoping to pick up the Swine Flu sometime between now and 24 hours from now.

2. I may have my first ever funnel cake at the fair. Does it go with the Swine Flu? Because I'm gonna be rubbing up against some swine to beat the band so I can stay home for the rest of the weekend.

3. Just got a call from a work associate. Seems one of our competitors has pulled a rather dirty trick (just something to make us look bad). I'll stop by his office in disguise next week and leave a little swine flu.

Solidarnosk, CBW! I'm thinking of you today and tomorrow!

-- Laurie "H1N1" LaGrone

Big Hair Envy said...

1. I am hosting my annual Memorial Day Girls' Weekend. The pool people were scheduled to be here this afternoon. It's 8:15 p.m. They have yet to arrive. CB leaves at eight tomorrow morning to go to Charlotte for race weekend. The garage addition is not finished. I have no where for people to sleep. Just shoot me.

2. Glory BE!!!! The pool guy just pulled into the driveway!!

3. Dialing Wine-One-One...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LYNNE. M! CONGRATULATIONS. Boy or girl? Stats? If you're typing comments on this blog, you must still be enjoying the effects of the nubaine or the epidural, but I'm so happy to hear you're through the ordeal. I promise I'll never EVER talk about being tired again.

And if there EVER was a better reason to send a person some highly caffeinated coffee beans, a mother with a newborn surely is the best ever. MMM? The zip code is 23076. I'll forward them to Lynne.

Meg-Next time listen to your inner hammock. Today was the *best* day for a nap outside. No bugs, brisk breeze, bright sunshine, clear skies, etc. As soon as you blink, though, ticks will be dropping from the trees like pianos and the mosquitoes will be chasing us into Kansas. Enjoy that hammock while the gettin' is good.

Dear Baby Sis: Thank you for that sage advice. I am currently on a six month schedule as of six months ago BUT I also had to have a tooth PULLED and a FALSE TOOTH MOLDED and one back tooth GRINDED to make way for a FALSE TOOTH which I will receive tomorrow and did I mention I'm only 44 years old? It's that Mathews water, I swear.

Kaffy -Camping *can* be torture,but only if you let it. View it as the enemy which shall not win. It can also be incredibly wonderful. The problem is you're outnumbered by men. Next time, insist that I come along. Then plan on a hurricane to come through even if you're camping at the North Pole. However, rest assured you'll have a memorable experience.

H1N1: Funnel cake should be the first order of business. After that, your guests will be so delirious from a sugar/flour/gluten/deep-fried fat high that they won't care about anything else up to and including swine flu.

BHE- Enjoy what is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, but don't be surprised if some crazy lady wearing a nose plug and a crab hat does a cannon ball in your pool and then has to spend the night in that new enclosed garage.

Tomorrow's Friday. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hey you thanked me for going to the baseball park because it "relaxed you"

Love, CBW's daughter