Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunrise on Queens Creek

Although I told myself and my one reader there would be no new post until later today, here we have one.

Blog addiction and compulsive posting are symptoms of a very serious condition known as Exactly What Chesapeake Bay Woman Suffers From. There is no known cure.

It's not too late to enter yesterday's Name That Photo Contest. I'll be mulling over the titles tonight and tomorrow and will announce a winner soon.

Lastly, this is a recent sunrise over Queens Creek. Here lately the sunrises have been nothing short of spectacular, but there's only a brief opportunity to catch the best shots because things change so quickly.

This picture does not do the sky justice and the lighting is poor, but I'm putting it up anyway because it's the only picture I have uploaded and I must feed my need to post this sky is a prelude to one I'll be showing tomorrow for Silent Sunday.

I hope you have a peaceful, fun, relaxing, enjoyable, All Things Good Saturday.


Mental P Mama said...

And the same to you;)

Annie said...

Wonderful sunrise ...was that this morning? I keep forgetting to look out the window here so early. Strange being in an apartment!

Hope you have a great weekend too!

ps My word verification is thringli...maybe that is a good word for your photo competition! Or a word for your Thursdays? Three Thringli Thursday!

Now I am off to see some rare quilts being shown at an open day at Dyckman house just around the corner. And to the local farmer's market of course...another two streets that a way! How lucky am I?

foolery said...

How on EARTH could that photo be any BETTER? I think you don't have a camera, you have a VHF Viewmaster like the one Henry Fonda used to advertise before we were born, ahem. NO ONE could live in a place that's THAT beautiful, all the time.

Oh, and happy soccer, mowing, fiddler crab races, and etc.

-- Foolery

p.s. Smedley and Sparky were THRILLED to be mentioned; thank you, thank you, Sam I Am. : )

Grandma J said...

That beautiful picture of the sunrise takes my breath away.

And is Silent Sunday your version of Sunday Cop-out? You know you can't get away with that....just saying.

BTW, I missed the sunrise, due to a late Friday night special event.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MPM-Thanks, so far it's been good but draining to say the least.

Annie-This was taken about a week ago, but this is not an unusual sight these days. Hope you enjoy(ed) the quilts.

Foolery-Oh, the photo could be much better, really, but I definitely can't complain about the view no matter how bad the photograph.

GJ-Yes, Silent Sunday is my one cop out day, although here lately I've been sliding Saturday into that mix. The amount of time and energy involved in maintaining my existence (paying job, non-paying job/blog, children, sporting events, parents next door, house and yard maintenance, insect infestations and unexpected life events) drains me so I have to have an out. Speaking of unexpected events, I cannot WAIT to hear about your evening last night.

Anonymous said...

Really wish you'd quit posting articles when you say you aren't going plays havoc with my stalking schedules (and tee times)!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous-Something tells me that nothing could interfere with a tee time...

Thank you for commenting, visiting and/or stalking and reading.

Golf is a game which eludes me and always will. The "swing hard and pull to the left down the third base line" or the "make them think you can't hit so they come in and then knock it over the left fielder's head" approach doesn't seem to work in the game of golf, and yet that's all I seem to produce.

I really miss softball.

Happy Saturday night, it's a perfect evening here. Quiet, doors and windows open, a cool breeze, insects that are not in my house making lovely noises and no work tomorrow. Amen.

Annie said...

Amen to that too.

Quiet here too. Quilts were good. Very old but interesting.

Annie said...

ps My word verification was pastraji...must have been what you were having for dinner?

Anonymous said...

Re: Missing Softball. Me too.
If I were rich I'd be adopting more daughters just to be back at the diamonds.

But alas life is never that easy. In addition to being poor, SMBS's (single, male, blog stalker) tend to get dirty stares while attending youth events w/out children.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous, if I could help you I would. Evidently I didn't win the mega million lottery, although some other woman from Virginia did.

It's sad but true what you say about the dirty stare factor of a male attending a game alone. I have been known to go to our Little League games even though Son and Daughter don't play (much to my chagrin). Our Little League sells some pretty good food too and the best sweet iced tea ever.

If I ever do win the lottery (and I'm counting on doing just that unless my reality TV show gets off the ground) I'll send money for an adopted, softball-playing daughter.

Anonymous said...

Send daughters; bring money personally :)