Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stormy Weather

This is the one millionth yet another picture from Aaron's Beach on the one day this year it didn't rain. Off in the distance, the Chesapeake Bay Children are scouring the beach for sea glass and driftwood.

Today's post will be mercifully brief because as I write this Monday evening we're under a tornado/severe thunderstorm watch or warning. (Whichever one is less imminent. Except when everyone at work and every person on the radio is talking about it, what's the difference? It's as good as imminent; we're about to be blown away.) I want to quickly queue up a post in case we lose power.

After months days upon days of on-again/off-again rain and clouds, here's the forecast for this week:

Tuesday: Rain

Wednesday: Rain

Thursday: Brief one-hour respite followed by a whole new system which will bring--you guessed it--rain.

Friday: Chesapeake Bay Woman performs a swan dive off the tallest building in Mathews, which she believes might be the old Fosters Department store, and even if it isn't that's where she's going to perform this feat because it's right across from the old Sibley's General Store which is now the Visitor Center and what better way to welcome tourists to the county than to afford them the opportunity to see how crazy in tune the citizens of Mathews are with Nature. Our moods are intricately tied to the changes in tides, phases of the moon, sunlight deprivation, and what's on sale at Food Lion and Best Value.

Saturday: Chesapeake Bay Woman reviews plans for an ark, preferably one with a crew of two chefs, two maids, two exterminators, and no ants. At least one of the exterminators looks like Harry Connick, Jr.

Sunday: The ark will land atop Zooms Convenience Store in Hudgins where Chesapeake Bay Woman will discover she has won the lottery and can move to Bora Bora where she'll promptly be swept away by a tsunami, because that's just her luck.

The End.

p.s. I'm no longer worried about the tornado thing as it appears to be blowing over (no pun intended), but I am very concerned about acquiring those two exterminators. If the rain doesn't do me in, the ants most certainly will.


Grandma J said...

I'm trying to read between the lines of swan dive and lottory...and here's how I interpreted it. Blogfest '10 is definitely scheduled for Bora Bora.

Stay safe!

Annie said...

OK...good to hear that the tornado blew over..or out, or something...

hope you get a bit more sunshine than predicted!

I am quite enjoying the rain and cool, but then am not one of those who have endured the long winter am I?

Another gorgeous photo from Chesapeakeville...!

Mental P Mama said...

I have the blueprints for the ark. I will send them along as soon as I finish mine.

Pueblo girl said...

Poor you! Coming from England, I can really relate to rain-induced frustration/depression - even 20 years of living in Spain haven't wiped out the horrible memory, although nowadays I'm quite pleased when it rains, for the sake of my roses and peonies....And isn't this unkind of me, to mention sunnier climes, but then I don't have your wonderful sea and creek-scapes.

Caution Flag said...

I was glad to read your miraculous recovery plans for Saturday after the swan dive on Friday. We've had sun for four days now, which is a Detroit record. Perhaps the Blogfest needs to come this way.... okay, not.

TSannie said...

Wait! MPM, remember, I get the blueprints next!

Daryl said...

We have carpet moths, I would happily trade your ants for my moths .. and send Harry my way .. Sinatra is dead.

I believe we have the identical weather forecast .. sogcast ...

Daryl said...

If Mama and Annie would pick me up with the Ark we'll come get you CBW!

Lynne M. said...

Hey, what time does that ark depart on Saturday? And from where.... And who is going to drive (for the lack of a better term) this ark in light of Friday's plans...

foolery said...

Please stop in California on your way to Bora Bora so I can talk you out of it. They have bugs there, too, you know -- snails as big as cheeseburgers all over everything!

You can just stay here in California with us and you'll learn to welcome rain as the savior it is. Hope you get some sun soon, CBW. : )

Big Hair Envy said...

If we don't get some sunshine soon, I'm going to head to NYC and audition for the starring role in "Wicked"...they won't need to use any makeup, because my skin feels like it is starting to turn a nice shade of moldy green!

faye said...

Send rain.!!
Need it in Florida.
Matter of fact , if you will send
rain, I will send you cornmeal to
take care of your ant problem.....
Don't snicker... it works.!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-If we can't do Blogfest '10 in Bora Bora, then let's do Texas at your new compound. Must meet Huey.

Annie-It's pouring as I write, has been all day, and the forecast is still calling for more. However, at lunch today I was reading a National Geographic about all the farmland in New South Wales (?) Australia that's gone to waste (as in desert-like conditions) due to the drought and it has given me a whole new appreciation for water, rain and greenery. So sad what's happening to those farms.

MPM-Please make sure the master bathroom has a jacuzzi tub. Thanks much.

Pueblo Girl - 20 years in Spain? Te amo Espana. I visited there in 10th grade and consider it one of the greatest events of my life. My favorite ciudad...Sevilla. One of my BFFs from college lives in England and she tells us about all that rain. Very, very depressing to be deprived of so much sunlight, but I imagine you have some beautiful countryside as a result.

Caution Flag-Maybe I'll hop a train or plane to detroit just to see some sunshine this weekend. The swan dive would not have been fatal. There would have been a trampoline to catch me, which is why I can then go on to win the lottery, move to Bora Bora and get washed away by a tsunami.

TSA-I'm third in line then. Don't forget that jacuzzi tub.

Daryl-MOTHS!!! are right up there on my list of 100 most hated insects. Carpet moths? Never heard of them and hope never to know what they look like. I usually get an annual cabinet moth infestation and spend weeks trying to get rid of them. Then another few weeks recovering from the trauma. And months swatting the air at absolutely nothing but flashbacks of moths fluttering up in front of me. Oh, the horror!

Lynne M. - The ark will depart from Queens Creek. She'll come equipped with a very knowledgeable captain who also happens to resemble Harry Connick, Jr. Then we'll wash ashore at Zooms where we'll get the winning ticket.

(Work + exhaustion + too much rain=CBW's mind is a frightening place, even to her, sometimes.)

Foolery - I'll make California a port o'call for sure. Then you can take me to see No Moe than a Dollar. Live and in person.


Faye - I'm working on the aquaduct/pipeline to divert the water south as we speak and BLESS YOU for the cornmeal tip. I will be using that, although I may have to call the factory direct for a dumptruck load of the stuff because I'm not kidding there are SWARMS of ants to be reckoned with.

Annie said...

New South Wales..yes that is a state in Australia, the one below Queensland where I live (usually..in between visiting my grandchildren in Victoria and NYC)...and yes, the drought all over Australia has been horrific.

Very sad also that North Queensland usually has too much rain (like you) and all that water just runs out to sea to waste. I can't believe they haven't built a pipeline to drain off the excess to the outback or somewhere useful!