Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog Fest Update

This is from my mother's goose pen next door. In addition to housing a killer goose and several lame ducks, this area is home to her lovely flower garden and several beds of tomatoes. Just through the fence in the background is our creek, and with any luck we'll have crystal clear views of that very creek with lots of sun and no tropical storms during Blog Fest, which is in three short weeks.

Speaking of Blog Fest, plans are shaping up. Below is part of a post I've already put on the Blog Fest website. Also, Big Hair Envy has very kindly procured some souvenir Tervis Tumblers picturing a blue crab and a Blog Fest logo. Last but not least, Foolery has sent us a case of wine which features a very special surprise. Can't say any more on that topic, but rest assured it's as clever as she is.

Have a great Saturday. I'll be at the Gwynn's Island Festival with the Chesapeake Bay Children and Middle Sister, if she can get out of bed that early.

JULY 16-19, 2009

Our goal is to meet the bloggers and commenters we've come to know as friends; to share the beauty of Mathews and Virginia; to perhaps share some blogging tips; and most of all to have fun.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, July 16

3:00 - 5:00 Bloggers arrive at Chesapeake Bay Woman's house
5:00 - 6:00 Wine and Cheese Welcome
6:00 - 8:00 Cookout in CBW's back yard overlooking Queens Creek.
8:00 - Whenever: Bonfire (weather and local laws permitting)

Friday, July 17

Whenever we get up: Breakfast

Late morning - Tour of Mathews to include New Point Lighthouse; Bethel Beach; Aaron's Beach; Haven Beach; downtown Mathews, including visitors center.

Lunch - Downtown Mathews, Location TBD.

After Lunch - Gwynn's Island Museum

Dinner at Sandpiper Reef Restaurant in Hallieford

Saturday, July 18

Whenever we get up: Breakfast

Late Morning - Boat Ride.

Lunch - Sea Breeze Restaurant on Gwynn's Island

Afternoon- Free Time/Nap/Whatever

3:00 (possibly earlier) - Gwynn's Island Beach/Cookout

Sunday, July 29

Bloggers depart.

I have a tentative guest list, but for planning purposes would like to get a more definite headcount. Please e-mail me at and tell me which of the events you will attend:

1. Wine and Cheese Thursday night
2. Cookout Thursday night
3. Lunch at Mathews Court House (TBD)Friday
4. Dinner at Sandpiper Friday night
5. Lunch at Sea Breeze on Saturday
6. Cookout at Beach on Saturday

We look forward to seeing you!

Love, CBW

p.s. Check back for details about a contest coming to a computer screen near you, hopefully by Monday, but only if CBW has her act together--which she rarely does.


Mental P Mama said...

Ummm. I guess we are coming for everything. We being the Yankees. God Bless you all.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Good point - actually for those who are coming from far away, I figured you'd be here for the whole thing.

I am more curious about those within driving distance who may only be coming for a day or so.

Happy Saturday.

Grandma J said...

This is going to be better than I imagined, and so much better than that high priced hootenanny called a "her".

Will I be there? I will be the gum on your shoe.

big hair envy said...

Wow! I stepped on Grandma J in the Food Lion parking lot yesterday!! Who knew? Hahahaha!

I cannot WAIT to get this party started!!!

Karen Deborah said...

this sounds like sooooo much fun.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I think I'll be there for all of it! What should I bring? Chips 'n' dip? Box of wine? Sedatives??

Auds at Barking Mad said...

*lol* at Mental P Mama's comment.

Don't forget about us Yankee's from way up yonder here in Maine.

Ok so, how far is the Buckley Hall Inn from you? And are we going to have specific meeting places everyday for the group stuff? Because seriously, I get lost like no one else. Just you wait and see!

We're leaving Maine at 5AM on the 15th. If Meg and I can keep from killing one another we'll drive straight through, although we'll be staying elsewhere than the B&B because we'd be checking in too late. But we'll definitely be in Mathews by early Thursday.

I'm nervous as hell but excited too!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Oh by the way, can we bring anything? We don't mind and we'd love to help out however we can!