Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Since I have no new photos uploaded, I'm relying on old ones that I never used; this one's from March and is very appropriate for my mood today.

The flowers are my favorites--daffodils. Above, however, storm clouds threaten menacingly, overwhelming the bright yellow flowers and rendering them practically insignificant to the picture.

Welcome to the 750th another edition of Three Thing Thursday, where I tell you three things and you tell me three things, anything in the world you want to say, without fear of repercussion other than having to read this post, which is punishment enough.

My turn....

1. When I wrote yesterday that I'd post my ridiculous little snake poem today, I didn't realize that today was Three Thing Thursday; that's because all days blend together. One day it's Sunday, the next day its Christmas Eve, and then a week later I'm checking myself into a nursing home. When I'm feeling more playful, I'll post it.

2. Our very first Blog Fest Guest has arrived, one month early, to scout things out. PJB, a character from Grandma J.'s blog, showed up Monday via Priority Mail after much ado involving the post master ladies at the Hudgins 23076 post office. I'll be talking more about his adventures here but for now if you'd like to see pictures of what he's been up to since arriving in Mathews, head on over to Grandma J's site and check out the pictures from her Tuesday and Wednesday posts.

3. For reasons I cannot divulge, yesterday might have been the worst day I've had since the spring of 2008, which was the worst time of my entire life. I'll get through it but feel so overwhelmed and worn down by various not-so-minor life events. In fact, the more I talk about it or reference it, the worse I feel. So I'd really like to say, "Bad Day" and "Let's move on, everything will be fine."

Now it's your turn. Tell me 3 (or more) things that can be related, random, whining, boring, exciting, insane, weird or wonderful. Whatever tickles your fantasy, as my friend from Finland used to say.

p.s. It was such a bad day yesterday that instead of telling this post to publish today, I told it to publish Friday which is definitely the wrong day for Three Thing Thursday. Serenity now.


Anonymous said...

Good morning CBW. Just let me say that I am sending you all the best wishes and warm thoughts for a better day today. And that's all I've got to say about that (she says in her best Forrest Gump accent).

Three things know it's kinda funny. But 3 thing Thursday kinda makes you slow down, smell the roses and think about what's going on instead of rushing through the day the same as always. So I thank you for 3 thing Thursdays :-). Hmmm, guess that was number 1.

2. For reasons I will not go into, I am having one of the best Summers in a very long time. I look forward to each day. Even the bad days at work are tolerable, and the good days are over the top. It's nice to feel optimistic again.

3. Ok, ok, ok...I'll come to blogfest. At least I promise to make more of an effort to come to blogfest than the effort to go to the reunions *grin* I look forward to putting faces to the names on here. What a great group of people. I can't wait!!

4. Had to add another one because I went to Grandma J's site to see the pictures. Grandma J...HOW CUTE!!! I love him!!! Glad to hear that CBW and family are showing him such a good time. Hey, CBW..I didn't see any ants, fiddler crabs, crazy geese or snakes in the picture. Me thinks you are pulling our leg?! LOL

Everyone have a great Thursday.

Anonymous said...

1. Hope today is better than yesterday
2. Hope tomorrow is better than today.
3. yeah, yeah, get the point.

Grandma J said...

I hate it when life takes a turn for the "mean".

1. I slept almost all day and night yesterday...missing my usual post deadline.

2. Now that I'm retired, I still have my blog postings.

3. I'm convinced I will always have something that I'm chained to. If it's not kids, men or a career, it's a blog.

Hugs to all!

Pueblo girl said...

1) I was worried when I sat down with my morning-ish cup of tea and opened my breakfast blog (yours), only to see no new post, which is kind of like, unheard-of.
2) I was relieved this afternoon when I went back to my computer to check, and a new post had appeared.
3) I am sorry yesterday was bad. Life happens. Keep breathing and it'll get better. Sending you my very warmest wishes for it to get better quickly and in the best possible way for you.

Lynne M. said...

My three things were going to be the same as Pueblo Girls... So I'll make up new ones - kinda

1. Ditto to 1., 2., and 3. from Pueblo Girl

2. My day today is much better than yesterday.

3. The reason for my bad day yesterday is going away!!

4. Do you want to borrow my golden retriever, Angel? She makes everything better.

Lynne M. said...

I just visited Grandma J's - PJB is TOO CUTE! Looks like he is fitting right in at CBW's! So now I have another blog to follow...

Annie said...

1.Ditto to peublo girl..I do hope things will start to look up for you!Was very pleased to find a post here today!

2. I have to leave NYC tonight...very sad!

3. After 24 hours and a bit I will be on terra firma Australis again...that will be nice...!!

4. Thinking of you! Gotta go check out PJB on Grandma J's blog...!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. I left work today feeling happy that I work for rational, professional, supportive people. I had a client situation go awry, for reasons mostly not my fault, and lesser people could have totally thrown me under the bus, they they didn't. Thank GAH because I really need that job.

2. There's a sore spot on my lip that I suspect may have been caused by me stressing about the situation in #1. Feels like I bit my lip but I really don't remember doing it.

3. I opened my mailbox tonight to discover A MARTINI GLASS! My neighbor broke one of mine at a party last weekend - as if I cared - but they left a replacement with a nice note. And any day you find a martini glass in your mailbox just has to be a good day, no?

Hope your mailbox holds martini glasses and supportive people in the days/weeks ahead.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I love you all for your support. This too shall pass.