Sunday, June 7, 2009

Silent Sunday

This was even more spectacular in person; the photo does not do it justice. The summer sunset season is upon us.

By the way, this is the exact same sunset and sailboat shown here on Friday and Saturday. The sky changes in an instant, and if you glance away even for a brief second, you'll miss something grand.

p.s. Am I the only lunatic person who feels that the Silent Sunday sentences above are stocked with "s" sounds? Is that known as alliteration or simply a littering of a paragraph with too many of the same sounds?

I'm thinking it's the latter.


TSannie said...

Sssssssimply ssssssensssssational!

Cyndy said...

Beautiful photo. It makes me miss being on the water.

Annie said...

alliteration sounds fine to if it was meant to be!

Best photo ever...unless you are about to come up with an even better one!

tj said...

...Great 'S'cott CBW, 's'taring at your 'S'ilent 'S'unday 's'napshot with the 's'ublime 's'unset and the 's'olitary 's'ailboat you'd 's'wear that you can here Angels 's'inging... 'S'ooo 's'pectacular! *hee,hee* ;o)

...Blessin's... :o) - my word verif', 's'tfulas...go figure :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Glad y'all like the picture, but as I said it's even more incredible in person.

Speaking of S sounds, the SUN is finally making an appearance today.

Grandma J said...

Your Silent Sunday Sunset picture is Simply Sensational.

Mental P Mama said...

I cannot wait to have a shot at this vista! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

[said in my best Daffy Duck spitting lisp]
Sufferin succotash, how can anyone be silent on Sunday?

Idle curiosity; Have you seen anyone on this boat or is it abandoned?

More curiosity; Has anyone every met a sailboat owner who is female? Does such a person even exist?

One too many questions; Why don't women (in general) like boats, except as a sunbathing/place to be seen platform?

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

SMBS-Have we had too much coffee this morning? Or have I just not had enough?

Answers, at least my answers:

The boat isn't abandoned, they specifically anchored here to watch the sunset. All these pics were taken on the same day/evening-if I went there now there'd be a whole 'nother slew of boats out there.

Yes, there are females who own sailboats, and this female owns a regular boat which she would love to sell to the first bidder because it's too much maintenance for her. Around here, you'd be very likely to find a female sailboat owner, although honestly I can't say that I know one.

And re the last question: I love all boats except sailboats and prefer to be flying wide open on one rather than sunbathing which is boring. I'd be fine with sailboats too as long as somebody else was doing all the work, although then I"d feel guilty for not doing anything.

I need more coffee.

Country Girl said...

There was a tutorial this week on Pioneer Woman's photography tab. I was going to try it, but I'm sort of lazy when it comes to photography.
Basically, it involved metering (which is like rocket science to me). So I know what you mean by taking a photo of a sunset and having it turn out much less spectacularly than the way you saw it.
I tried to think of all s words for this post, but like I said. I'm sort of lazy.

Anonymous said...

The lack of visible female boat owners must be due to my location (1,000 miles from the nearest ocean) vs. some cosmic fear of the traditional boat being a "she" thing.

Earlier this morning we(I) celebrated National Donut Day - 2 days late. Nothing like a caffeinated, sugar buzz to get the day started right.

Anonymous said...

Sweet snapshot s-mother. Scan sI sjust sput san "s" sinfrotnt sof serything sI ssay?


P.S Or should I say SCBD

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Dear Chesapeake Bay Daughter,

Syou sare smaking sme slaugh.

Slove syou.


foolery said...

You ued up all of the ! You know, the letter after R but before T. Now how can I ay what I came here to ay?