Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is a completely unstaged picture I took next door at my mother's house. Her thumb is so green she could grow roses in the Sahara Desert. Do you see the weed growing through the crack in that basket? I hate those devilish things, whatever they're called, however I confess I sort of like the way this one casts its shadow on the basket. That one to the right of the basket, though, has got to go.

As I mentioned yesterday, I took off work this week to spend time with Chesapeake Bay Son and Daughter since their last day of school was Tuesday. So far, here are some of the highlights of our quality time together:

- Cleaned the kitchen only to mess it up again. This has happened every day, three times a day, since 1989 Saturday.

- Sprayed heavy duty ant poison around the perimeter of the house. Twice. The wind was blowing, so whenever I held the sprayer up poison splashed all over me. Am now convinced I'm going to grow a third arm due to overexposure to chemicals there is no soil in our yard, just millions and billions of ants so dense that they look like soil. Seriously.

- Took cat to vet for third time. Waited an hour in the waiting room with howling feline, CB Son and Daughter. Did I mention we do not own a cat carrier? Meant to. We were all blinking back tears-it was just like being in a jail cell and that vet took way too long bonded big time.

- Took CB Daughter to get a hair cut.

As you can see, we really know how to enjoy our vacation time.

To take my mind off things, please tell me your summer vacation plans if you have any. Right now, I have to go cook something, clean something or exterminate something. (Only insects and weeds fall into that last category of Something, just in case that wasn't clear.)


Grandma J said...

Oh poor kitty!

My vacation is going to VA Blogfest and hang out with the CB family and other bloggers.

Annie said...

Yes, I remember our family holidays all too well. Very similar!

American summer plans ..I am hoping my daughter and grandson will get better soon after their visit to doctor yesterday, and for me to remain flu free to fly back home to winter in Australia, much milder than winter here and much nicer than summer there!

Summer plans in Australia..none. Survive the heat. Or drought . Or floods. Clean up house and green pool. Oh, and mow the grass, and pull out weeds, thanks for reminding me!

Anytime of year plans...catch up with Australian grandkids.

The joys of surviving bringing up kids!

Daryl said...

The next 'holiday' I am taking is to visit you ...

mom x 2 said...

Ahhh, Kenny Chesney with Cheerleader Girl and Snow White and then Blogfest :)

Caution Flag said...

Okay, one week at Cub Scout camp. Really. Four days with my sister in El Paso. Three days with SIL in Dallas. Painting the kitchen cabinets. Maybe painting the bathroom. Trying to avoid having all the people over that I've promised to invite for months now. That last one really could take most of my energies.

Angela said...

School is out already? Here in Germany the summer vacations only start end of July and last exactly six weeks! That`s better, hey?

Mental P Mama said...

If I live through the graduations, then I will be at blogfest in July. The end.

Icey said...

My near term summer vacation plan is to go camping in my DB house with CBW, CB son and CB daughter for several days next week. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I was at the vet with our dog this week, and also dealt with various bodily excretions from the cat. I've just about had it with pets.

This summer we are mooching off of my relatives. We stayed with one aunt at the beach house she rented; Late July will find us sponging off of my other aunt (her sister) at their home in a mountain resort in PA. Hey, the price is right, baby!

foolery said...

Fiddler crab wrangling in July.