Sunday, June 21, 2009

Silent Sunday

This is a shot of the New Point Lighthouse as seen through some very green greenery. The lighthouse is barely visible due to the haze and self-taught photography skills.

"Very green greenery" is one of those complex descriptions that comes from the very same source as this blurry lighthouse picture.

Also, the extent of my self-taught photography skills is as follows:

1. I know how to change the batteries in my camera.
2. I know how to keep the button set to Auto focus.
3. I know how to depress the other button to take a picture.
4. I know how to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer.
5. I know how to drive a person crazy by repeating "I know how to" incessantly.
6. I do not know how to do anything else up to and including operating my photo printer.

Have a very sunny Sunday and may your greenery be very green.

p.s. Due to 4,298 consecutive days of rain, we have so much green greenery around here that I am now cutting grass once every three to four days, and only when there is a respite between showers. The Chesapeake Bay Children and I expect to be overtaken by grass, brush and weeds any day now unless the ants get us first.

p.s.s.t. Happy Father's Day.


Karen Deborah said...

you can learn. you have a very good eye.

Grandma J said...

To some green is a color.
To others it's a life style

Happy Sunday

Mental P Mama said...

We are in the same green boat here. Oh, and I found some ant bait...

Val said...

you've been Splashed! award for you at mine

TSannie said...

Bet we've had more rain than you! I swear, the lawn is cut and looks cut for exactly 1 day. By the following morning, it's grown about 12 inches. Wish my tomato plants would do the same. (sigh)

Annie said...

Well, I do hope you manage to keep that greenery under control...I think I brought some of the rain home with me!

I am not even looking at my yard, apart from removing a dead branch and getting bitten by is the Green Pool that has me working hard to fix!!!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

At least you HAVE a camera. Mine is still broken. Relying on 2MP cell phone camera with no flash. Daylight only shots! Need to take care of that before 16 July.

Ann Marie said...

A. (or did you use numbers lol)
you have a great eye.
B. FInd the manual.. read it.. or go buy the in full color with pictures manual from some book store (I had to have the pictures)
C. Come hang out with me one Saturday and we will have a BLAST I will show you the limits of my knowledge base.
D. I know where you went to take that shot.. be careful if you stopped by the cemetery on the way down one is hallow and you WILL fall through it.
E. Roughly how many peeps are going on the boat trip? I need to gather life vests so we don't get a ticket.
F. Don't bother hooking up your printer.. it is EXPENSIVE!!!! I am researching a printer that you can upload to and print .. but I want true color so it has to be the PERFECT printer.
G. (you didn't have this many things did you) oh yes... please tell me that when you got out of there from taking that pic through the nice tall grass you did a tick check? I have one from a month or so ago that I took of my daughter in that general location when we got out of there.. COVERED... however people have told me I am a tick magnet cause I get them when others dont.

Wow look at me I can ramble even when I use letters to keep me in check LOL.