Friday, June 5, 2009

Four Thing Friday

Can you believe this sunset? Can you believe how lucky these people are to witness it from a sailboat? Can you believe that I completely forgot that yesterday should have been Three Thing Thursday because I've been on "vacation" this week and am completely discombobulated? Can you believe that even though I said I was on a Blog Vacation this week, I ended up posting every day anyway? Can you scream, "Please stop asking questions, Chesapeake Bay Woman!"?

Here are four random thoughts for this Friday:

1. I need a vacation.
2. This entire week was a vacation from the paying job.
3. This entire week was not a vacation from the non-paying jobs.
4. Moral of the story: If you take time off from work and want to have a vacation, you must leave home and get away from everything.

Now, please tell me four random things, anything at all, whatever is on your mind. Whining is expected encouraged.

Happy Friday.


Lorac said...

1. Absolutely bored to tears since I was laid off even though I am busier than ever at home
2. I have discovered I am a workaholic, I don't settle well
3.My old boy cat who is black and shedding won't stay off my nearly new couch. I watched him walk from one couch, across the coffee table and onto the newer couch. He is 18lbs. This is the most I have seen him move in years! 4. Save me from pollen! ahchoo!

Grandma J said...

You can't pretend you are on vacation. You have to actually pack stuff and move away from the homestead. Of course when you get back you have a ton of laundry to do.

Me? I warned the doctor that I would cry if he gave me a shot in the he gave me two.

I go back tomorrow for more of the same.

I love the sunset, I love pain meds more.

Icey said...

1. I HATE the last 2 weeks of school. Christina gets out at 1 today, 1145 Mon and 1145 Tues. Why bother at all??? Her teacher has been in Rome for 1 week and a half and they dont have any homework anyway.
2. I need more than 5 minutes in a row to focus on something - anything.
3. i'm so happy we decluttered the kitchen last night - very nice to wake up to one pristine room (too bad I had to pass the 4 ft high pile of dirty laundry on the way)
4. will it ever stop raining?

Mental P Mama said...

1. My Baby Girl graduates from High School today. Followed by a big dinner dance. I am worried about embarrassing her. But what else is new?
2. I am looking forward to blogfest in July. That is my vacation this year;)
3. How do you get rid of ants?
4. What is the heron's name?

Anonymous said...

1. My feet are webbing up from all the rain. Could be a good thing?
2. Mold growing in arm pits from all the rain. Definitely a bad thing!
3. Rain makes me tired and hungry.
4. Must be a good week all I have to complain about is the rain! YAY

Caution Flag said...

1. We have sun and more predicted all week-end. That's a real gift.
2. Had a bit of a disagreement with husband this morning. Took many Hostess donettes to feel better afterward.
3. Been working toward a new friendship for several months now. Now that I know her, I think she's boring.
4. I planted my very first ever tomato plant, and I think it's sick. I should have known better.

Daryl said...

1. Dinner tonite maybe cancelled due to rain.

2. My sister seems to be made of meltable materials

3. I wanted to go out to dinner tonite

4. All these random things are related .. just as I am related to my party pooper of a sister.

Annie said...

1. Had a nice walk in the rain.
2. Haven't got the flu yet.
3 Great sunset!
4. Have another great week!
5. Daughter and baby getting over their bronchitis, (with anitbiotics), I hope!

Lynne M. said...

Well, you DID welcome whining... leave it to the pregnant one to whine...

1. I stopped at McDonald's drive thru for breakfast, ordered a #5, that is CHICKEN biscuit. Got to work, opened it up, it was a naked sausage biscuit - YUK!! Had to call and fuss and get a free meal.

2. I have to give myself shots of blood thinner twice a day while pregnant because of a clotting disorder I have - just found out MY portion is $200 A MONTH. AHHH!!

3. It's raining.

4. One of my cats threw up all over the house yesterday afternoon. Luckily, I came home just as my wonderful hubby was finishing cleaning it all up!!

5. You did welcome whining, right??

mmm said...

1. Judging by the colors in that glorious photo, I'd say you went to UVA. The blues at the top of the page are incredible.

2. Are you a character from Charlie Brown? The phrasing in your blog post reminds me of Lucy.

3. Thing 3, and

4. Thing 4... both Dr. Seuss characters that didn't quite make it to press.

Pueblo girl said...

I'm on a mini-break to my home in the village. Plans are;
1) Total houseclean, because the house has been neglected for 12 months and it shows;
2)Total garden blitz because of ditto;
3) But tonight (it's 8.30pm here, more or less) I'm going to watch Star Trek DVDs until I fall asleep;
4)And I'm going to leave the washing up until tomorrow...(good start for a clean-up binge)...

Anonymous said...

1) "Tweaked" my back in first game of a singles tennis match this morning; I was supposed to be at work. Put up a fight during the first set (lost 4-6); terrible second set (lost 1-6). Didn't tell the other person I had hurt my back. Can hardly stand up right now.

2) Had to take dogs (2) to vet today to get their routine shots. $450 later (WHAT???!!)......

3) Back hurts, stings, throbs..

4) Getting my wedding dress fitted on Sunday. I guess I'll lay down on the floor and see if they can work around that. (see item3)

-Middle Sis

Country Girl said...

1. For a big part of the day I'm working on something for graduation at school tomorrow.
2. I'm going out for drinks with friends after graduation tomorrow.
3. I'm looking forward to Blogfest in July.
4. I'm making dinner tonight. And having some wine.

foolery said...

1. My grandma and your grandma
2. Sitting by the fire
3. My grandma told your grandma
4. I'm gonna set your flag on fire

or something like that