Monday, June 15, 2009

Bottom of the Barrel

Welcome to a glimpse at a place we travel to frequently called Bottom of the Barrel.

Bottom of the Barrel is just beyond the town of Desperation and lies only one mile after you encounter _____________________. (Please. Fill in the blank with your choice of words, but be sure to select words which denote and connote confusion, delusion, adult-onset ADD, and a haphazard trip to Delaware, served with a side order of stress.*)

You will know you've arrived at Bottom of the Barrel when you see a few signs pointing in that general direction. These signs may or may not reference the following:

1. You, a worn-out individual who does not have high-speed internet and who typically uploads pictures in advance to have a stockpile on hand--that very same You has used all the pictures in the arsenal except for a few which date back to April and May. These pictures belong in the assenal** because they're not fit to print.

2a. The picture shown here, rife with flaws, is the Creme de le Bottom of the Barrel.
2b. There's no time to upload better pictures.
2c. You haven't even shot any new pictures since April and May in a week.

3. Toss in a marathon drive home from Uruguay Delaware on a Sunday when everyone this side of the Atlantic was traveling northsoutheastandwest, and you can be sure you're headed directly into the town of BOB (Bottom of the Barrel).

While we're here, turn a blind eye try to be patient with the bad photo and lack of content which is standard fare here due to the constraints of me, my life and I.

As a distraction to this journey, please tell me your plans for the week. Highlights, low lights, dim lights and high beams. Or, just tell me the words you'd use to fill in the blank above.

*p.s. This haphazard trip to Delaware, while very enjoyable, was not without its typical Chesapeake Bay Woman-inspired misadventures--particularly on the drive home. Chesapeake Bay Woman will attempt to process, decipher and record those misadventures today while she's sitting comatose with her eyes spinning like pinwheels at work.

**p.m.s. Assenal was a typo and should be ignored. Please blame that carelessness on sheer and utter exhaustion, and rest assured that such mistakes will not happen again unless I drive 6 hours in a car, 2 of which felt like an additional 10 due to getting lost. But that's another story.

Happy, happy Monday.


Karen Deborah said...

my plans this week revolve around 2 fractured ankles.
Even your BOB pictures are good. I wish you were here getting the flash glare out of my pictures and helping with the fruit fly infestation. You missed that post and I dedicated a portion of it to you.
Glad your not having PMS in the car, that could complicate getting home, and getting lost, and the kids might have a traumatic trip.
sounds like your home and if you are posting for Monday I need to go to bed.

Pueblo girl said...

What do you mean, BOB? I love lone seagulls staring out over vast horizons, balanced on decaying wooden posts. This seagull is standing on the decaying remains of the past (which still serve to support it) with it's wings spread, ready to fly off into the uncharted, where it WILL find sustenance. Happy Monday.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

KD-Thanks to my dial-up internet, I can't pull up your site (if there are lots of pictures, then it's even more difficult to access)...just tried. I'll try again tonight after work.

PG-Wonderful interpretation, thank you. If I'd had that last night when I was writing this, I'd just cut and paste it into today's blog instead of whining and complaining about a twelve hour drive home.

Off to work now, speaking of twelve-hour drives....

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm planning our community's Summer Kick-off Party for the Social Committee for Saturday night at our pool. Working all week, but from home, which is nice. Getting married three weeks from tomorrow, so I'm trying to think of anything that I need to do to get ready for that!

This is my favorite time of year...!!

Middle Sis

Mental P Mama said...

Middle sis is gettin' married??? That ought to pick you up. I think your spirits are very good despite the trip yesterday. I would be in the hospital after that. Seriously.

Anonymous said...


That's a great picture.

At least you are not like me: Queen of the dirty camera lens! I take what I think is a completely GORGEOUS picture, only to find a big dirt spot in the middle of the pictue!

I have an expensive camera that scares me (because it's expensive and I'm not worthy of it).

Anybody got any advice for how to safely clean camera lenses?

Happy Monday!


Word Verification is Raingst - which what I have today: raingst -- anst from rain, raingst.

Caution Flag said...

You make BOB look mighty good. Glad you're home - no matter how long the trip took.

Anonymous said...

Hey CB Middle Sis..I didn't know you were getting married. Congrats!!!!
CBW, CBD and CBS welcome home!
My week is looking busy already. I have a wedding cake I have to do for this I will be busy on that most of the week after work. Work is extremely hectic and I have a small mutiny brewing at the moment. So It's not exactly fun either. That's ok...bring it on. I can take it.
Not going to Richmond till Saturday, but then will enjoy some time with my friend. Sunday of course will be pic nic for father's day.
If I can just make it through to Saturday I will be doing good. I live for my weekends!!!

have a great week everyone.

Anonymous said...

Plans for this week?
Diet and detox after 2 weeks of graduation open houses.

I blame my suffering on "those poor starving children in China" who have forced, with the help of mother, me into the habit of having a clean plate and empty glass.

Have concluded that I'd have to for go all my care and concern for those poor Chinese if I'm were to survive the proverbial "Cocktail Circuit".

Just wondering, did everyone dance this weekend or was it just the adult women?

Annie said...

Still fighting off the flu/sore throat thing, I think/hope I am winning...celebrating baby's real birthday, packing to go home, going home, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.

Well, I am glad you had a nice few days away, and got home safely, despite losing your way, how annoying!

Look after yourself. Seems as if it is going to be busy for you with school vacations, weddings and blogfests coming up!

Lynne M. said...

I think that was a wonderful picture! Is that Aaron's Beach? I love the beach. The beach, especially Haven Beach can wash away so many bad Mondays, and bad travels. Glad you are all back in one piece. Hope the visit was good enough to keep away traffic/getting lost nightmares!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Middle Sis - You're getting married on a Tuesday? I guess when you're in Hawaii it doesn't matter what day it is. Good luck with all that party planning. LEt us know your travel plans so CB Mother won't have a hissy fit every time there is an airline disaster.

MPM-Yep. She's flying off to Hawaii which happens to be about as far away from her family in Virginia as she can possibly get yet still remain in the United States...and she knows none of us has any spare money so she can be assured we won't follow her out there to witness the blessed nuptials. We'll just see the pictures on Facebook unless she wants to send me some which I can post here on the blog....

AMN-That raingst is more contagious than swine flu. It's rampant around here. Do not take any advice from me on anything relating to cameras or cleaning....but maybe someone else here knows what to do.

CF-Thanks, but all I see are the flaws and how I would have done it all differently. Yep, it's Bob to me.

Ms.Seabreeze- You make wedding cakes? Really? I had no idea. Sorry about your mutiny at work. Adults are worse than children in the workplace--being a manager or an HR person is like running an adult daycare. Send them to their rooms without any supper and see if that works.

Anonymous Dieter/Detoxer-Good luck with all that. I'd recommend a vacation however that probably would do nothing for the diet or the detox...

Annie-There's nothing worse than being sick in the summer time..unless you're sick in the summertime and trying to care for a one-year-old! Good luck and hope things improve for you.

Lynn M-I do believe this is Aaron's Beach. It was the same day that Chesapeake Bay Daughter found her arrowhead there.

Grandma J said...

I'm so glad you made it home and you have some nice water(the BOB picture) to drown your sorrows in.

I can't believe Middle Sis is getting married in Hawaii! Of course she has plenty of time to get back to Mathews for her Blogfest Honeymoon. I mean, who would pass up that opportunity, I'm bringing rice!

If you look at my blog page, you will know what BOB really is! Supposedly the responsible party is "working" on this problem.

nap time.

big hair envy said...

....Hell Bottom Road.

Oh, wait, that's up near me (true story). I'll have to try to figure out exactly where BOB is geographically, and will get back to you!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-Actually, Middle Sis is going to stay in Hawaii so long that she **can't make it** to Blog Fest, however Baby Sis will pick up any and all slack. And then some.

On a related note, I just found out today that the Chesapeake Bay Children are leaving to go out of town the Friday of Blog Fest. Of course they *weren't* scheduled to be out of town when I was selecting dates for Blog Fest, but due to CBW's fabulous luck, now they are. They'll be here that Thursday though.

BHE-We have a Hell Neck Road. I think. Unless I dreamed it. Which would imply that I've actually been in a deep sleep, which I haven't. Not since 1995.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you didn't dream it. Hell Neck Road is in Gloucester near Harcum.

Ironically, there is a Baptist Church on the corner of Hell Neck Road and RT. 198.

Commenting a day late (and a dollar short),