Friday, June 19, 2009

Sea Glass Beach

This is Aaron's Beach (one of our county/public beaches) at low tide, the prime time for sea glass hunting on the bay.

Can't you just feel the exfoliation if you were to lie down and wriggle a bit? I see my epidermis peeling away and heading towards the Eastern Shore with the next outgoing tide just thinking about it. There's a lot of oyster shells, Other Shells, pebbles and sea glass here. Lots of sea glass.

The morning I shot this the sunrise was spectacular, and I raced to get here from my house, which is about, oh, Who Knows How Many Miles Away But More Than Several and Those Roads are Winding, Unmarked and Oh-So-Narrow, Making Two Miles Seem Like Ten.

Anyway, I could see the potential for an incredible picture but needed to travel quickly.

But it was not meant to be.

As I studied the sky and drove furiously to capture the moment, a dear senior citizen pulled out in front of me, exercising her independence and testing my patience. As a Meals on Wheels Driver who sees far too many shut-ins, I was happy to sacrifice a great, never-to-be-seen-again-sunrise photo to Mrs. Senior Citizen's day out.

So instead of a spectacular sunrise, I took pictures of the beach illuminated by a sun who had already given the first performance of the day and was taking her first few steps on the journey to her encore show, the sunset.

Also worth mentioning is that Chesapeake Bay Woman hasn't taken any new photos in a year about a month and once again is dredging pictures, words and blog posts from below sea level this week.

If it ever stops raining weather permits, I'll shoot some stuff this weekend and get back on track.

In the interim, tell me about a time your patience was tested on the road ways; a moment that slipped through your fingers; an incident you wish you could forget; or anything to do with exfoliation. Just kidding about the exfoliation part. Maybe.

Or just tell me anything you want to and I'll still be thrilled.

Happy Friday.

Love, CBW


Grandma J said...

You should have gotten a picture of the dear senior citizen.

Meals on wheels? I would love that service.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

The only way I can get myself through a situation like that is to rationalize that God probably sent out that slow drive to keep me from being in some horrific accident. Which works in the busy, car-filled suburbs, but probably not so much on the back roads near the Bay.

Yay, sea glass!

Ann Marie said...

Hey CBW I finally put up a new blog for my photography..

So are we still on for the weekend of July 18th..

Mental P Mama said...

I live on I-95. My patience is tested daily;) Cannot wait to get down there and add to my glass collection!

By the way--my word below is 'dibbash'--could rival qwah

Caution Flag said...

I didn't know you drive for Meals on Wheels. That's pretty respectable, Ms. CBW.

Just so you know: I am typically the one causing the frustration.

Lynne M. said...

Yesterday sometime during my 5-hour drive from Toano... I was in the left lane needing to merge right. There was a little truck somewhat in the way, all he had to do was slow down a little. I put on my right turn signal, looked in my mirror, (mind you I was still in MY lane) the lovely senior citizen laid on his horn and flipped me the bird!!! All I did was put on my blinker!! The way he carried on, you would think I had just whipped right over on him! I drive alot of back roads thru West Point, and I ALWAYS get behind someone driving 30 in a 45. But it beats the 1,205 stoplights through Gloucester!!

Alot of my patients at work get Meals on Wheels, so on their behalf, I thank you for that usually thankless job!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a meals on wheels driver. Aren't you a woman of many surprises. What a way to give back to your community.
I remember about 22 years ago we drove straight through to Chicago. My ex drove the first 3/4 of the way and I drove the last part of the way. Mainly because he has such terrible road rage it was easier for me to deal with the traffic than him. Well, it was my ex, myself, my mother and my 2 kids in a small car. Can't even remember what kind of car it was...but it may have been a pinto (imagine that CBW LOL). Did you know that they have specific "trucker" lanes?! Well, I certainly didn' least not until I was in the "set aside by a cement wall 2 lane trucker highway". Here I was pregnant, driving this tiny car with 2 tired cranky children...and that's just mom and the ex *grin* surrounded by trucks on 3 sides of me and a cement wall on the 4th. I couldn't wait to get off that highway!!!! Thank God I was driving and not the ex...that would have been the end of any hopes for a pleasant trip.


Anonymous said...

Just think of the irony! I once knew a girl … drove like a crazed mad woman she did. This blond beauty was quite a spectacle. If I wasn’t mistaken I could have sworn I saw corn stalks flailing in the wind under the moon light as she passed me by. I can’t be for sure now, it was hard to tell being that she was driving without any lights. I think she could have even been sipping on a soda, if you know what I mean. This can’t be the same woman who delivers meals on wheels.


mom x 2 said...

Meals on Wheels ? That's such a great service. Do you slosh the soup on those "winding, unparked and oh-so-narrow roads"?

Last year BHE, SW and CG were on our way home from VA Beach (you know I-64 gah!) and we were following this woman in the left lane who would. Not. Get. Out. Of. My. Way. It was summer so there was a lot of traffic and not enough room to pass her. After about a bagillion miles or so, she finally! pulled over to the right lane. I nailed the gas, only to be pulled over by VA's finest :( He pulled me AND the guy behind me. Fortunately he didn't give me a ticket. It did get me to slow down (a little). And it gave BHE something to laugh about (ALOT).

Happy Friday!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-Me too, and even better would be Free Maid Service on Wheels.

Meg-I like your rationalization and agree.

Ann Marie - Your photos are gorgeous, great job. Yes!!! We are on for the weekend of the 18th.

MPM-Thank you for reminding me of qwah. Middle Sister is coming to visit next weekend, and I'll pepper it generously throughout our conversations.

CF-Normally I drive slow as well, however this would have been a spectacular shot and I simply had to get to it in time. Oh well.

Lynne M. - Horn honking and bird flipping is aggravating indeed, but thankfully it's a rarer occurrence than in my former place of residence...Northern Va. Oh, how awful it was to drive up there and the horns and the birds were routine and rampant. Speaking of Route 17/stoplights, there was a time in the not-so-distant past, when there were only a couple stoplights between the courthouse and the bridge and it was possible to just zip down the road lickety split. Not any more.

Ms.SeaBreeze - Please tell me you didn't stuff your pregnant self, a mother, an uptight ex husband and two kids in a Pinto!! Say it isn't so. Sure did love that car, as I keep saying over and over again.

B- HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I seem to recall that someone DID drive through the courthouse with cornstalks coming out the windows. Headlights were optional back then, as was common sense. Several sodas were consumed that night, I do believe. Oh, what a story that night was. The cornstalks were NOTHING compared to what else happened. Middle Sis can attest to that. I had no idea (or else I just forgot) that you saw us. Too darn funny.

Momx2 - Sounds like you have my luck except if you didn't get a ticket yours is better than mine.

It's the weekend. Yee haw. Grass cuttin' here I com.