Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Here's a shot from the observation deck near New Point Light. There are three pieces of wood edging their way above that green marsh grass, and there are probably three hundred million fiddler crabs milling around in the marsh area closer to shore.

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where anyone can write any three (or more) things they want. It seems like every other day is either Three Thing Thursday or New Year's Eve, the time is flying by so quickly.

1. Next weekend is July 4th. What happened to the month of June? Come to think of it, May is missing too. To whom do I report the fact that two entire months did not linger long enough to register? Would that be the sheriff? NASA? Mother Nature?

2. Speaking of July 4th, I really miss anchoring in front of the Islander at dusk to watch the fireworks from the water. Those were the days, the very best way to spend July 4th. Later this week I will write about what used to happen on those wonderful evenings. (Unless I forget, which I will, so would someone remind me before next weekend? Thanks.)

3. Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister gets married in the Aloha State on Tuesday, July 7th. She is flying up from her home in Georgia to see us this weekend, for one last visit as a single woman. Baby Sister is coming home on Saturday. All three Chesapeake Bay Sisters will be on their childhood turf. Why does this frighten me?

Now it's your turn to tell me 3 things. Anything you want. If you are struggling to come up with something, then tell me about a July 4th, a family member's wedding, or how time is passing by so quickly that it's inadvisable to blink unless you care to miss something, such as the entire year of 2009.


Pueblo girl said...

1) I love all those stumps of rotting wood you seem to have poking up all over the place. Did your area use to be a lot busier/more populated? How come there are so many abandoned jetties?

2) Tomorrow I begin my vacations, at some point in which, I'm not going to have internet access for the first time in - I don't like to think how long, service interruptions and computer meltdowns apart. Wondering what that'll feel like...

3) We don't have fiddler crabs, but the cats have just brought home a nice crop of fleas, our first this summer. Fleas, ticks...these things used to bother me, but now they just seem like a summer ritual. The mosquitoes, stable flies, seven varieties of wasp (all evil) and horseflies I can do without, though.

Icey said...

1. I confess to being somewhat jealous of that guy Sanford from SC - not the adultery aspect, but the running away from home part with no way for anyone to contact you for any reason. I can only imagine how peaceful that would feel.
2. I am disappointed not to be able to attend CBMS's wedding. I think I could have been a lovely bridesmaid. I would have worn a revealing coconut bra and grass skirt - or maybe a bright yellow minidress.
3. I hope to go back to the beach 4th of July - but of course not until after the swim meet as our of the blue Christina is suddenly a swimming rock star.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Pueblo Girl-Excellent question, your #1.

Mathews used to revolve entirely around the water-we were a major shipbuilder with a thriving seafood industry. Steamboats traveled here from Norfolk and Baltimore bringing supplies as well as entertainment. The docks and wharves were vital. Over time as things changed, many of the wharves have fallen by the wayside, or all that's left is the wood skeleton.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time on vacation.

Grandma J said...

I can't wait to come to the blog fest to experience these differences between west coast and east coast in VA.

I'm wonering about somethings

1. Is a certain type of footwear reccomended other than barefoot or flip flops.

2. Is their a spray I should carry to ward off certain crustations in that grass and water.

3. Maybe we could all just tag along with middle sis and have the blog fest in hawaii were all sea creatures are trained and friendly.

Another three: Three weeks from now I'll be airborne, being catapulted to Richmond VA....yippee!

Annie said...

1. I think you report to NASA. When you do could you let them know that Friday 19th went missing last week when I flew home. When I got on the plane in LA it was Thursday 18th. And when I stepped off the plane 13 hours later it was Saturday 20th!

2. I mowed the lawn today after 3 months away. After doing running repairs. Do you know what they charged me for a new nut and bolt to replace the one that went dollar seventy cents. That is the true cost of repairs when you do it yourself! As long as you can find out where the other end of the bit of metal is supposed to be attached. I did. Luckily.

3. I felt like an old lady after mowing the lawn. (I am an old lady). After taking all the medicne in my medicine chest I feel like a young lady after running around at tennis tonight. Hooray. And it didn't even feel too cold out. My house is colder than outdoors in the winter.. how can that be? I will have to go out and run around and play tennis every night to keep warm!!

4 I talk too much.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Icey-Come to Blog Fest and don your grass skirt, etc. We can have a post-wedding celebration in Middle Sister's honor.

Way to go, Icey's Daughter! She's going to be a super star. Tell her I said hello and that I expect to see her in the Olympics.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-OMG - I can't believe Blog Fest is just 3 weeks away? Time to get serious about cleaning the guest rooms.

Flip flops are all you need for day to day footwear around here - actually I go barefoot most of the time I'm at home (and sometimes to the post office). For the beach day, you MIGHT want to bring some of those water shoes but only if you intend to get in the water, which you should with no fear of crabs, fiddler or otherwise. You may feel the occasional minnow or whatever, but where we'll be the water is much clearer and better than up here in my creek where Loch Ness Monster and his minions the fiddlers live.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Even without my morning coffee yet, your first thing made me laugh...thank you.

Congratulations on the lawn mower repair. Do you travel to provide these services? My push mower has been dead for 2 years now, which explains my "riparian buffer"

Traveling, cutting grass, playing tennis - all that keeps you young. Good for you for keeping active even if it does mean a handful of pain relievers at the end of the day.

You do NOT talk too much! Your stories are fascinating to me.

Icey said...

Grandma J - I sadly will not be able to make blogfest, however I will provide a very important travelers tip. I strongly recommend you pack at least one can of bug spray. While Mathews County residents appear to have some sort of genetic mutation which causes their skin to emit natural repellant, I typically endure repeated attacks by ravenous mosquitoes the size of small birds.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

HA!- Yes, Icey is correct about our mosquito population, especially after all this rain. We do grow 'em big down here, that's for sure.

IslandGirl said...

1. Today will be the last day of work for me for 4 weeks. Not too excited about that.

2. I miss the fireworks at the Islander too. It is just not the same as it use to be. There was something about sitting on the end of the dock at my moms and watching everyone including us compete with who has the best fireworks and of course that was until the big ones started. Except for that one year where we caught the dock on fire. oh that will be another story.

3. I can not believe CBW middle sister is getting married that is so awesome. So when reunion comes around she will be a newlywed. So do you girls get to go to the wedding?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Island Girl-4 weeks off? I'm so envious.

Yep, Middle Sis is getting married, but she's doing it in Hawaii to ensure that none of her family members show up and embarass her.

Please write the Dock on Fire story, that sounds like a good one. I'm always looking for guest writers if you want to send it to me for posting here.

Same for any other local or used-to-be-local readers out there.

(Hello? Great Aunt in Florida? You have so many stories - please have your wonderful husband write them down and send to me.)

OK, I've had my coffee now and need to take advantage of the one hour energy boost I'll have. Grass cutting here I come.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you CBW...where IS the time going?

1. I got my yard cut FINALLY Yayyy, now I can have another 2 months to wonder how the heck I'm gonna get it done again. Men are definately good for some taking out the trash and cutting grass.

2. I have waterfront property that I don't pay taxes on. WOOO HOOO, there is still a small pond in my front yard from all the recent rain. I even have a visiting blue heron every now and then. Hope the county never finds out...they would have to redo my taxes.

3. The most recent wedding I went to was my sisters. We did everything, from the set up, food, chocolate fountains, cake to the clean up. Danced all evening and then after clean up went and danced all night. My feet hurt soooo bad the end of that day it was rediculous. I love weddings!!!

Happy Thursday everyone! I love reading everyone's comments almost as much as I love reading the blod.

Lynne M. said...

1. I find out in 13 days whether this little one is a boy or a girl!!!

2. I think I lost 5 years somewhere, my OB keeps saying this phrase "advanced maternal age"...

3. I would love to tag along with middle sis. I've never been to Hawaii. The fact that I don't swim and the little waves at Haven intimidate me probably don't bode well for me on the beach in Hawaii.

4. #3 made no sense, sorry. My verification word is scalies - struck me funny!! HEHE

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. MJ's dead.
2. Farrah's dead.
3. Has anyone heard from Patrick Swayze lately?

I'm annoyed at the 10:00 news - they spent the first 15 minutes on Jackson, and have only used Farrah as the pre-break teaser TWICE. The NBC Nightly News led off with, we were preparing a tribute to Farrah Fawcett, but then Michael Jackson died! I'm irked that he's pre-empting coverage of her.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ms.SeaBreeze-Can you bring some chocolate fountains when you come to Blog Fest? (I won't tell anyone about your newfound waterfront property.)

LynnM - I'm going to bet girl. Of course there's always a 50/50 shot at getting it right, but I see pink/girl, and the voices in my head have just confirmed it.

Meg-Baby Sis texted me with the news a couple hours ago. I am shocked, saddened and overwhelmed.