Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three Thing Thursday: The Getting Away Edition

This is a picture of a VW bug which lives in my yard. She has a permanent view of the water but she really wants to stay indoors, because the sun, wind and rain are taking a toll on her appearance, and she's starting to show her age.

I have a story to tell about this VW but there's no time to tell it right now. (So one wonders why even reference a story which cannot be told; but one should never try to apply logic to the vast wasteland which houses CBW's remaining functioning brain cells. Just fasten your seatbelt and hope the airbag deploys when you crash into a brick wall.)

Welcome to yet another edition of Three Thing Thursday, where I tell you three random things and you tell me three--or more--random things.

1. Yesterday I heard someone (in a position of authority) say there are 55 different varieties of mosquitoes in Virginia. A perhaps lesser known fact provided by a person of very little authority is that approximately 75 varieties have representatives in my back yard, so clearly someone is not counting accurately.

2. Today the Chesapeake Bay Children and I are prying ourselves away from computers traveling north to visit my college roommate, known on this blog as Icey.

3. Icey promises me that she has internet connectivity, so I can avoid a cardiac event at being unable to blog feed my addiction, however based on all the traveling and visiting I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging/posting/commenting over the next 4 days. I'll try to queue up some photos before I leave but for the most part I intend to give my one reader a much-needed respite from the verbose assault usually doled out here every day.

Now comes the fun part--for me.

Your turn.

Please tell me three (or more) things, anything at all, there are no rules or limitations. Let your mind wander freely and don't filter anything out. Lord knows I never do.


Grandma J said...

You are leaving for four days? I hope they feed PJB at the post office. Should I ask my post office guy, Jack to call your post office on their secret internal number to check on Phil?

here are my three things.

1. The cable guy is supposed to show up tomorrow. this will be his third trip out here to drop a new line so I can have my outlet where I want it. He usually says he doesn't have the right equipment. If he pulls that lame excuses one more time, to avoid spending time in my attic, I will find his equipment for him.

2. A-Ron's ball game was called due to lighning. There is no greater thrill than sitting on aluminum bleachers in a lightning storm. Helloooo ref...did you see that flash in the sky?

3. Tomorrow I will try to get up before the cable guy gets here. That means setting my alarm for 9 a.m.

Mental P Mama said...


!. What is that guy like who won the primary the other day? He seems like a character;)
2. I will be in Charlottesville in two weeks...
3. I may or may not look at some houses while I'm there....

IslandGirl said...

Four days up north, have fun. Punch Buggies are my favorite cars.
Three random things, you really open it up to crazy things. So my first thing will be about 8 1/2 hours of school left here with students. Does anyone realize how crazy it is in a school office the last 6 weeks of school? You would almost think you will lose your mind!!!? Actually I think I have lost it somewhere, but hopefully will find it again at 1:15 tomorrow.
Summertime is right around the corner and this beach baby can not wait to hit the beach, visit the Island and spend time with family and friends.
I also can't wait to go on our cruise to Alaska. Have a great day.
Is that random enough?

Caution Flag said...

Have a wonderful visit!
1. My college roommates and I have not remained in touch with each other.
2. I always put apples in my pancake batter.
3. My youngest children are on day 5 of wearing the same clothing due to the family laundress' weakness for blogging.

Pueblo girl said...

ot sure if I can run to three things, but here's one, at least:

I'm currently doing something I've wanted to do for years, which is watch my way through the entire Star Trek original series. I loved Capt'n Kirk when I was a child. I find I still do. But I'm also delighted with things that escaped my attention when I was a child, like visible vest lines (rarely seen these days), and sensible white cotton underwear peeking out from under sexy, futuristic clothing. And zips. I'm having a good time.

Lynne M. said...

1. I didn't have time to comment yesterday, but my Uncle Ray is buried in that cemetery - very beautiful place. Picture is wonderful, I put it on my background.

2. I hope that isn't morbid.

3. My cousin was here from Atlanta to spend her 40th birthday with her parents. We had a nice visit, it was good to see her.

4. Have fun on your mini trip!!

TSannie said...

1. I hate the fact it rains every damn day late.

2. Same as 1.

3. Same as 1.

Then end.

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Anonymous said...

Well first of all probably be doing the same thing as CBW since we are going to jamed packed in a car for 5 hours going to Deleware!(CBW's favorite state)

1. We are all walking to go out to eat. It seems very first! Turns out Icey and CBW decide to dance in front of a croud of mutants with a band playing behind them.

2. On the back from torture we o to Dairy Queen. This part was good.

3. Then when I think it's all roses and daisies we come to a show. Icey and CBW dance with wine in their hands. They play 400 different songs, not finishing any of them.

That is the end of my nightmare.......for now! Uh! I think I'll go hide now.

From, CBD

Anonymous said...


Dont't worry you'll get used to CBW and Icey embarrassing you. CBW made a game of it the first couple of times Icey brought me around.

Three things

1. There is no place prettier than Matthews and this is from a guy born and raised on a completely different planet

2. We all should have as much fun as Icey and CBW. Everyday, always.

3. Everyone should get a place near water. There something about flowing water that makes people more calm and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

When am I going to get used to it? I'm ready now if getting used to it is them never dancng in front of strangers ever again!

From, CBD

Bayman said...

Mental P...I have known Creigh for years, and he is a great guy. Genuine, humble, down to earth. We should be so lucky to have him as our Governor.

Karen Deborah said...

1 tomorrow i find out if i have to wear these boots for 6 weeks and probably become an unemployed nurse.
2. there must be mosquito relatives visiting here from your place because I got at least 75 bites just watering the garden tonight.
3. I want to hear the story about the bug, does it run? I used to have a 1951 chevy pickup truck and it was stinkin cool for an 18 year old kid. I paid $200. for it.

my word verification is "repent", was it something I said?

foolery said...

1. When you dread something to your core you probably ought to ask yourself, "Self?" -- that's you, both times -- "Self? Why are you doing this?" If you answer yourself, your thoughtful, intuitive, and just plain nuts.
2. The song bird that sings outside our office every day at about 3:30 just cranked it up.
3. It could be 107F this weekend.

Hope your Delaware vacation was grand, CBFamily!