Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday

...and with any luck the Chesapeake Bay Children and I are enjoying ourselves above the Mason Dixon Line....

Today finds me away from my computer, ant infestations, marauding fiddler crabs, and dirty laundry as I visit with my college friend Icey.

Icey is a rocket scientist--really. When we were in college I always joked that I'd work as her housekeeper, since I was only a Latin American Studies major whose prior work experience was as a daffodil picker, strawberry plucker, amusement park worker and waitress.

However, since becoming intimately familiar with the excruciatingly dull and tedious work difficulties of maintaining a house, I've decided perhaps it's better to choose another dream career, such as Icey's Beach House Tester-Outer, which is convenient since Icey just purchased a beach house and recently invited the Chesapeake Bay Children and I to visit.

Except she didn't really invite us, we invited ourselves. And when I say "we invited ourselves" that really means "I invited myself and my two children." But I see no other way to gain the valuable work experience needed to fulfill the very critical duties of a top-notch Beach House Tester Outer than to be flung feet first into the cool ocean waves fire.

So, with any luck as we speak the CB Children and I are frolicking in the ocean, dancing across hot sand, taking a nap or searching desperately for an internet connection eating good food.

Now it's your turn.

Tell me about a good friend, a good friend with a beach house, a free vacation, or just whatever you're doing this weekend.

No matter what you're doing, just be sure to have fun and relish every moment.


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I am the queen of free vacations. We sponged off of my one aunt on the Outer Banks over Memorial Day. We're sponging off of my other aunt at the end of July. We are all about economizing!

I see beach houses in the same category as pick-up trucks, swimming pools, maybe trailers - it's good to have a close and generous friend who has one, because you wouldn't necessarily want to mess with one yourself.

Have a great time and catch you on the flip side!

Anonymous said...

Aren't friends great!!! I'm so blessed to have a few close friends that I know I can sponge on any time. That being said, it was a sort of free vacation. One of my best friends has a time share in Vegas and all I had to pay for was my flight. Oh, and any gambling money...which for me meant $20 a day because I'm too cheap (poor) to spend more than that LOL. Besides, they give you free drinks when you are gambling, so $20 is actually cheaper than entertainment. At least, that's how I'm rationalizing it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

As far as this weekend, I will be spending it the way I have been the past few Richmond with a special friend. Going to actually take the plunge and introduce him to the work gang at a work pic-nic. I told him to be afraid, be very afraid.

CBW Hope you and the kids have an absolute wonderful time. I'm sure you will be gaining much useful material for future blogs. Can't wait!!


Caution Flag said...

We have enjoyed many week-ends with friends who were responsible enough to buy cottages in Northern Michigan. I just wish when those friends bought their vacation homes, that they would have added a half dozen or so bathrooms. If I'm vacationing free of charge at your home, I need my own bathroom.

Have you been able to turn your degree into a job? Sounds like a neat major :)

Anonymous said...

Today at this mutant bunch the first think I awoke to was a worker working on a house and his cell phone ringing.

Then I kept waking up and falling back to sleep do to CBW talking bout who knows what.

After about the 48th time I was awaken from my beauty sleep I decided to wake up.

Then Icey and CBW tell the children to go on the beach, so DBD and CBS have to go up and do our morning routine then go to beach in the dripping cld outdoors.

About 15 minutes later it starts to rain. "Darn" I guess we have to go inside. Man the only thing to do is go inside and start blogging!

From, CBD

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Chesapeake Bay Daughter is talking about the fact that Icey is having renovations done to her lovely beach house, and there are workers here at early hours. There are no TV's hooked up yet so they tend to sit around staring at us wondering what to do. So, we sent them to the beach, and of course now it's raining. So we get to sit around and stare at each other some more.

Thank God for internet access, although with only one laptop we have to take a number and wait.

Also, CB Daughter commented yesterday on some of the highlights of the trip thus far. Icey took us to dinner right down the way here and we watched the sunset. Right next door was an outdoor reggae band, and we had to pass by it to get back home. Well, we are on vacation after all, and we were feeling our oats, so we stopped by for just a second to get some exercise on the dance floor as the children watched in horror. Hey, at least we did not join the conga line with all the other women. (The only people dancing were women, and they all looked as frazzled as us.)

After that we walked back home but again we have no TV so we put on some music and decided to keep on dancing.

A good time was had by all...except perhaps for the traumatized children. But tv, you have to create your own entertainment.

I've already had more fun in the past 24 hours than I have in the past 24 months. It's GREAT to be away from home.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Pueblo girl said...

Well, you did ask...I'm fortunate enough to have a friend who very thoughtfully and selflessly married a man whose father has multiple residences around the world. Clearly, she did it for us, her friends.

And this year, I am invited to spend some of my summer holidays with her and other friends in one of his many holiday homes - a 17th or 18th century chateau in France!

I shall be staying at the kind of place I normally have to pay to go in, and where I normally have to stand behind ropes preventing me from touching anything, along with all the other tourists. Can't wait!

Mental P Mama said...

If the children haven't been traumatized, then it hasn't been a real vacation. Keep on dancin'!

Lynne M. said...

This weekend should be interesting, I am teaching my 13 year old son how to do laundry. Because when I tell him to put up his CLEAN laundry, he throws it in his closet floor, then lays there unworn until it is again deemed dirty and has to be washed by me AGAIN. This past week, I actually found his clean clothes in this LAUNDRY BASKET. Oh yeah, no more mom doing his laundry!! The joys of motherhood. And to think I am going to be starting all over again.

And, I agree, the best fun on vacations include traumatizing the children, that's what they are there for, right? Hehe, have a wonderful time!!

mom x 2 said...

I love free vacations! The salesman and I take one every year courtesy of his company! But I leave the kids at home :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm in beautiful Sandestin with my fiance. We're going to a wedding here on Saturday and he had built up enough points for us to stay at the Marriot for free on three of the four nights. So, almost free! I've been inside of the hotel room for two days working while he's out frolicking on the golf course (not free).

But at 4pm today I'm outta here....

-Middle Sis

Annie said...

Wondering if the rain is going to spoil the baby's first birthday picnic tomorrow. Mummy is going to be very surprised by baby walking his first steps tonight I think!

Oh well, 50 people in a 2 bedroom apartment won't be too bad will it?

(Actually I am pretty sure there wont be half that number)!

Have fun at the beach cbw and cbd and cbs and cbicey...with the workman and the rain! Get out the packs of cards. Or swim in the rain but NOT the thunderstorms!

Another great photo!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Free vacations are the BEST vacations!

Hope you are enjoying your visit with your friend.

We're going to be visiting with our very good friend Steffi this weekend who has a home out on Higgins Beach. She's every bit as lovely as the beach itself and I haven't seen her in ages and am sooooo looking forward to it.

nativedevil said...

Glad to be back. Enjoy your trip CBW

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm only on here for one minute, but am so happy to read all these comments...because 458 people are waiting in line for the FLAPtop (as my father calls it) I can't respond to everyone but want to give a very special shout out to NATIVE DEVIL who has endured much.

I'm so glad to hear from sending more healing thoughts your way and can't wait to hear more from you.

Anonymous said...

Tonight was not as bad as the night before.

Tonight CBS, Icey, and I did the Chacha Slide.....CBW was laughing nearly the whole time.

No need to hide tonight.....hopefully, I'm not sure cause they're drinking wine and dancing to old music. There's bound to be a storm come'in and I'm not talking weather.

Right as I'm about to finish typing this CBW yells,"THIS IS RICKY MARTIN!!!!!!"


Icey said...

I hope all of you understand that this is an example of good parenting by CBW and me. It is very important to expose our children to various cultures to round out their education, including funk and disco music. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Did I mention I'm a Brick House?

Icey said...


foolery said...

My husband is from San Clemente, the seaside town famous for Richard Nixon. When we go visit family every year it's like a vacation, which is good, because it IS our vacation. The only ones we ever take. Last year: the wild animal park. This year: the San Diego Zoo.

Only I won't be with them because I will be dancing to Ricky Martin while holding two wine glasses and trying not to step on fiddler crabs and goose poop.