Sunday, June 14, 2009

Silent Sunday

For anyone who was here last week around this time, this is *yet* another picture of that sailboat at sunset, but from a different angle and a completely different sky. (Double click on the image to see the boat more clearly.)

The speed at which things change at sunset and sunrise is truly remarkable.

Another thing that's truly remarkable is the fact that the Chesapeake Bay Children and I have already reached the end of our little mini-vacation visiting my friend Icey. Thank you, Icey, for your hospitality, for all the fun and laughs. Anytime you want to come south for a visit, our doors are open.

Today begins the long trek home where the ants will likely have seized control of the entire house. We might have to take up residence with Gustav the goose next door.

May your Sunday be full of rest and relaxation, free from long car trips and ant infestations.....much like lingering on a sailboat at sunset with no place to be and no cares in the world.


Mental P Mama said...

I love these safely;)

Grandma J said...

Sunrise...sunset, for me I only know the difference depending on which shore I'm standing, and the time of day.

Have a safe trip home.

Annie said...

Hope you have had a great break away...and come home loaded with sea glass...and safely!

Karen Deborah said...

beautiful, infestations are not funny still have a few lone ranger fruit flies. Haven't seen you around for awhile, ya'll come back now hear!

ChesapeakeBayDaughter said...

We had the longest trip back in the world! It was "despicable"!

CBW remember to open the camper to see if the ants got into it. CBW says the house was built on an ant hill and I agree with her! :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CBDaughter-Thank you for all your patience on that ride home and at various other times during our trip.

I'll try to open the camper this weekend, however I already know what awaits: an ant infestation the likes of which have never before been seen.

Given that I have to sleep in this camper during Blog Fest, though, I'd better start waging the war.