Saturday, June 6, 2009


This is a different shot of the same sailboat shown in yesterday's picture.

Sailing has never really been high on my list of favorite things. This is partially due to the fact that I've never been more than a handful of times, and most every time there was a typical Chesapeake Bay Woman Incident to report, namely I either fell overboard, someone else fell overboard, a storm ruined the day or I was on an awkward first date and didn't really like who I was on the sailboat with.

Last year I wrote a story about Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister and I on a sunfish, which describes one particular incident that caused me to think twice about sailing.

Click here to link to that story if you haven't read it yet.

Does my one and only faithful reader anyone out there like sailing?


Grandma J said...

I used to sail, even took some lessons, but it requires a lot more work than a boat with an engine.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Our neighbors have a boat over on the Bay. We've been once or twice. But I don't "sail" so much as ride along.

A few years ago we went and were out using the motor instead of the sail. Their son was hanging on the back and dragging his foot in the water. Our son, then only 8, asked if he could do that too. We said sure. He immediately slid off and was bobbing there in his life jacket. We turned 'er around and went back to rescue him. I was amazingly calm at the time, but just thinking and writing about it makes my heart race.

So um, yeah, I like sailing, but not with my kids.

Mental P Mama said...

I prefer stinkpots, but I LOVE that shot;)

mmm said...

Blowboats, too often cutting across the bow of motorized boats. But, it's a frugal, environmentally friendly way to get around... mixed feelings about sailboats, I guess.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Stinkpots and blowboats? That sounds like the title to a really bad movie. Or nicknames I would have given my two sisters. Is a blowboat related to a blowtoad?

Mixed feelings--a perfect description for sailing unless of course we're talking about a trip with a hired hand at the helm who also serves up dinner and beverages then cleans it all up afterwards.

Happy Saturday. Right now I'm wondering whatever happened to the sun and which lottery numbers will provide me with aforementioned hired hand and sailing trip.

Annie said...

Ah, another perfect shot from paradise!

baby still settling for the night...not easy when you are tiny and not well! really, sorry, I am more a landlubber myself.

Susan in AZ said...

I love sailboats! And being sailed, with minimal assistance required of me. Someone has to hold the camera, right? As long as things are calm and dry, I'm really happy on a boat.

foolery said...

Lived on a 60-foot sailboat for two weeks. LOVED. IT. Helped with the deck ape stuff: trimmed the sails, sang Kum-Bah-Ya, etc. But if I had to do it all myself? Eh, a picnic table on the shore would be fine.