Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Blog Fest Guest

Say hello to Phillip Johnny Bob (aka PJB) who belongs to Grandma J. out in Texas.

Grandma J. recently moved, and PJB was extremely upset by all the upheaval. Since Grandma J. is coming to our Blog Fest July 16-19, she thought maybe PJB might want to come out in advance for a much-needed change of scenery and pace.

Not only is PJB our first Blog Fest arrival, he's graciously accepted the responsibility of serving as our official mascot.

Here he is on the walkway leading to the New Point Lighthouse Observation Deck, one of the stops on the Tour de Mathews, which will occur on Day Two of Blog Fest.

PJB had never seen a fiddler crab before and wasn't in any hurry to put his paws down on that dock. I can't say that I blame him one bit.

Speaking of fiddler crabs, on our little sightseeing trip today we drove down to the public landing near Haven Beach and experienced what can only be described as a full-fledged nightmare. With marsh and low-lying/sub-sea level ground as far as the eye could see, there were fiddler crabs by the gazillions...scurrying all over the road in front of me. I don't mean one or two larger fiddler crabs for which you might stop and wait to pass.


These were teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy ones completely covering the road; there were so many scurrying in every direction, it was impossible not to run over them, and it was too late to put the car in reverse. The further down the road we went, the more fiddler crabs there were! I hate killing anything except ants and cupboard moths, and as much as I complain about fiddler crabs I certainly would never intentionally run over ten thousand one in the car.

So as I was cringing and shuddering and screaming and swerving--all the while accidentally running over teeny tiny fiddler crabs because there really was no other option and may I say they were the size of horseflies but not as quick--PJB sat white knuckled on the seat beside me wondering what in the H, E, Double Toothpicks he'd gotten himself in to.

By the way, the trauma is reciprocal. Imagine what people think when they see an adult woman wandering aimlessly staring at the sky and the surroundings in an extremely remote area, scoping out the backdrop of the perfect picture.

A picture which includes the teddy bear she's carrying around tucked under her arm.

Anyway, today as I was posing PJB in various spots on the observation deck, I noticed a car approaching. Snatching PJB up, I made a mad dash to my car before anyone could see me clutching a teddy bear. Sprinting down the walkway I was greeted by a lone adult fiddler crab, his one large claw raised up in the air. Drawing upon some skills I once possessed as a hurdler in track, I leapt right over him (using proper form) and made it to the car in time to avoid further embarrassment.

Getting back to the Blog Fest, soon I will be sending out additional details and updates to folks who have expressed an interest. If you want information but have not yet signed up, go to the Virginia Blog Fest website and add a comment under the Guest List post.

Then wait four weeks and remind me that I'm hosting a Blog Fest.

PJB and I are going to lie down now. It's been an extremely traumatic eventful day.


Grandma J said...

OMG my baby! He looks so happy, and of course he might be a bit timid, but white knuckled? BWAH!

I'm sure he's having a blast, and you must be too. Of course your kids probably thing we are both off our rockers.

Do you think PBJ will be a good blogfest ambassador? I hope he doesn't scare people away.

Isn't it fun tootling around town with a teddy bear as your companion?

How do you think I feel carrying PJB into the movie theatre, sitting him down with a soda and popcorn, then asking a strange soldier to take a picture of me and PBJ? Even JJ looks at my like I'm a loon when I bring Phil over.

Ilove the photo, and I've added the others to his slide show. LOL

Annie said...

Good to be on terra firma again..even if it is in Australia. And good to catch up here!

Sounds like this blogfest is just rolling on and on...PBJ and all to help!

Flights were good despite (usual) delays getting out of JFK in the I know what you guys were complaining about last week...that rain was something wasn't it? 13 hours non stop in a sardine can is something else entirely! And I think I brought that rain home here too!

Have a fun weekend, mowing the lawn. Hope you are not too traumatized by the fiddler crab tragedy. Must not have been very nice...when do we get a photo of one..I can't believe you didn't stop and take a photo of the bigger one bailing you up?

Mental P Mama said...

He really is cute. Do you think he'll still be there by the middle of July? Just don't let Gustav out....

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-Poor PJB was really traumatized after that fiddler crab incident. You're a much braver person than I for taking him into a movie theater and asking someone to take a picture. Around here, although there are many eccentrics--some of whom drive to the courthouse on lawn mowers with their six pack strapped to the mower deck--a fiddler-crab-hurdling crazy woman running with a teddy bear might be worthy of a phone call to the law.

Annie-Good to hear you arrived safely, although now you're soooo far away. I was still holding out hope you'd stay a bit longer and travel south for the blog fest. I took a couple of pictures of the fiddler crabs, and I uploaded one today that perhaps I'll show later this week. They're tiny little crabs with one big claw, practically harmless but rather prevalent around here, especially in the marshy areas. Also, they tend to crawl out of their natural habitat up into my GARAGE AREA which is troublesome, to say the least, especially since I walk around barefoot most days.

MPM-He'll be here, he's really starting to like the place, fiddler crabs notwithstanding. Speaking of Gustav, I took a picture of him yesterday as he was HISSING AND SPITTING at me. My mother has him secured in his pen and I don't think he'll be in any trouble during blog fest. (Famous last words.)

Ann Marie said...

CBW... you should have taken him down Friday evening.. he could have been eating alive or at least gotten a bit of stuffing yanked out of him by the swans.. he would have been completely traumitized not just a wee bit scared..
go take a peek at my blog :)

Living on the Spit said...

I about fell of the sofa reading this halarious post. I can not wait until blogfest!