Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sea Glass 2

Welcome to Saturday, my absolute favorite day of the week.

Chesapeake Bay Daughter is assuming responsibility for this post. Here she is:


Chesapeake Bay Family goes to the beach frequently. Whenever we go to the beach we look for sea glass of course I mean why wouldn't we, we only have 5 pounds for CBW's collection.

We found the first couple pounds over at Aaron's Beach. We found most of it at a beach on Gwynn's Island.

My guess is that CBW likes to collect sea glass because it doesn't require a lot of patience, which CBW lacks.

P.S. No offense CBW

P.P.S. CBW has more patience than I do in some occasions.

The End


Actually, the Chesapeake Bay Children have enough patience to spread from here to Indonesia. More importantly, they have the ability to laugh at their mother's lack of patience everything.


Annie said...

well done cbw have that much patience. A good virtue to possess these days!

Good post too by cbd ..well done! I love hearing about the sea glass collecting. Tell Mum I would love to see more photos of it one day. Hang on, I think I did tell her myself, sorry.

I hope it has stopped raining. Have fun at the beach house!

Grandma J said...

CB Daughter is a chip off the old block. I can't wait to see all the sea glass!

Good "save" with the P.P.S.

PJB was sent to the street address! OMG! Of course, I sent him through the USPS so he has to pass through your local post office...maybe they will recognise your name...CHESAPEAKE BAY WOMAN? There is a return address on the box, so he should eventually show up somewhere.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Grandma J,

We have tons of sea glass. I wasn't joking when I said we had 5 pounds.....we probably have more than 5.


ChesapeakeBayDaughter said...

We are testing this 'cause I just got a google account

Bayman said...

Way to go, CBD!

Can CBS be far behind?