Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Motorized Cooler

Um, yeah. This is a motorized cooler. A cooler you can ride on. A cooler with handle bars, foot pegs and a cushioned seat. A cooler that someone packed into their car and drove all around the campground during our vacation. Am I the only person who has never seen one of these?

Last week on our camping vacation I spent a great deal of time sitting around the campsite contemplating the meaning of laundry, life and daily bathing. As a result, I did a whole lot of people watching. If you've never been to a campground before, let me tell you about the sorts of characters who camp: We are usually very nice people with some very serious eccentricities and, generally speaking, not a whole lot of concern about what people think of us(hence my ability to quickly forget about hygiene and changing clothes and such).

I realize that living in Mathews dictates that we are far behind the times with modern trends and gadgets and things. But when I saw a man go by on this motorized cooler, I simply could not believe my eyes...nor could I control my laughter, which is very, very loud.

My children considered this noteworthy as well. Here's what they had to say:

Son, Day 2
The main highlight of this day was that we discovered something far better than TV, watching people go by our site. We saw people on 3-wheeled bikes that you lay down in that came with decorative flags, and people way too big to be riding bicycles. But the best one of them all was the motorized cooler. When Mom saw it she had to check 3 times to see if she wasn't crazy.* I was the only one to have seen one.

Daughter, Day 2
On the second day, Brother and I went out almost the whole day. We went to the arcade.....Anyway when we got back our Mom told us that a motorized cooler just rode by our camper. We laughed for a while then we started to get a look at it. Fortunately it was parked at the Bait and Tackle shop. Oh, and also Sam and I went to the General Store. Back to the cooler. It had brakes and a horn. And pedals.**

* The jury is still out - no verdict has been reached on this topic.
**It also had a cup holder.

The one predictable part of camping is this: Nothing. Except storms, ants and shirtless characters riding around on motorized coolers with padded seat, foot pegs and cup holder.

Sounds about right for one of my vacations.


Mental P Mama said...

I want one. By the way, I've tagged you. Easy, quick and might be fun;)

Grandma J said...

Before I retired, I used to see this guy ride around on a regular bicicle with two huge speakers rigged to it. I swear, they were the size of that cooler.

This must be your lucky day because I have an award for you. Yeah, it's one of those. :)

I know I've said it before, but you are the tree and your kids are the apples.

cats said...

I have never seen one of these. I wonder if that guy made it from a scooter and put the cooler on it himself. This certainly looks like a redneck invention to me. However, it is a clever invention, none the less. We need one of those for Water Country.
By the way, Where's lil cbw sisters? Are they are on vacation?
Haven't heard from them lately.

Bear Naked said...

Now that cooler scooter is neat.
And the fact that is has a cup holder is a bonus.
I think I need one.


foolery said...

I am absolutely sure I would crush that. Just hafta park it and drink the "gas" I think.

tj said...

...hee,hee...Love that cooler! Won't dare show it to the husband, he'd want one and not only that it would become a major form of transportation for him... ;o)

...And your vacation sounds pretty much like just another day around our place! lol...

...Blessings... :o)

Anonymous said...

What you forgot to say was that the character riding it was also found at the bathroom smoking on it. There is also a beer advertisement that has a motorized cooler also.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Have mercy! I had to work today and I have no internet access. I had flashbacks to the week I was on vacation...NO GOOD.
mpm - THANK YOU! I can't wait to check it out.
Grandma - THANK YOU!! What an honor. I can't wait to check IT out!
cats - I did a search on the internet because I, too, thought he might have invented it. Nope there is a place that sells them.

bear naked - I, too, was particularly impressed with the cupholder. I love cupholders.

foolery - I have a feeling there wa a whole lot of "gas drinking" by this shirtless character.

tj - You should write about some of those characters. I am sure there are plenty of hilarious stories to tell. Just the comment you made about one of your husband's camper being sold was enough to keep me in stitches.

Son - I am so glad you come here to help Mom remember the details. I was laughing too hard to go over when y'all took this picture, so I didn't see him smoking. Not surprised, though, based on what I saw!

Thanks to all of you! I've got some serious blog reading to catch up. Mondays and WEdnesdays are the worst due to work.

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm at a loss for words over the motorized scooter. This is quite an ingenious, and I might add economical invention in this day and age. I may look into purchasing one to commute back and forth to work with.
Oh, WELL OF IT HAS A CUPHOLDER IT'S A MOTORIZED COOLER!!!! That's a no brainer. I would be quite disappointed if it didn't come with a cupholder. That's like a new car not coming equipped with a steering wheel.
Regarding the "shirtless character"....let me guess. He had:
a stache that twirled into it's own circles
a pumpkin or watermelon on stilts
OR a three tiered cake on stilts
a very white, belly ( of course LARGE )
a budweiser in the cupholder
a tattoo of something STUPID
a dead wife who he stills complains about
three teeth
chewing tobacco flying out of his mouth and dribbling down the cooler path.
a mirror protruding from the front wheels to see up skirts.

Does that hit the nail on the head??

Anonymous said...

I meant to say of COURSE it has a cupholder....

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Based on the "watermelon on stilts" reference, I will assume that Anonymous is Little Sister....

In fact, the shirtless cooler king was skinny as a rail, draggin' on a cig-rit, DID have a moustache, some leathery skin and in fact was not using the cupholder as the beer was in his hand.

After all, he was in motion and placing the beer in the cupholder might have wasted some of it.

Anonymous said...

yes, that is correct. Little Sister is all SWELLED UP. Read my email...

Anonymous said...

Where can I get one of those?? Perfect for taking our "gas" to the beach from our beach house in a few weeks!! Actually, it kinda looks like something my father-in-law could rig up. I'll have him get right on it.

tj said...

"...In fact, the shirtless cooler king was skinny as a rail, draggin' on a cig-rit, DID have a moustache, some leathery skin and in fact was not using the cupholder as the beer was in his hand."

...That's my husband! ;o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

tj, you are downright hilarious. Maybe you should get your husband one of these for his birthday. Then maybe he will remember YOUR birthday--and anniversary! (I never forget these injustices...never.)

Big Hair Envy said...

The cooler is such a fabulous concept. Why have we not thought of this before?