Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mathews 101: Another Language Lesson

When I was in high school, dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The End.

No, when I was in high school, I would often give my fellow basketball players a ride home from practice or a game. When we'd approach the driveway, they'd say, "Oh, just drop me off at the gate." It so happens there was never an actual gate to be seen. I soon figured out that "at the gate" means "at the end of the driveway." Where a gate would be if one were to have a gate.

So, let's apply our language lessons from yesterday and today, shall we?

"Hey, Bubba ("Bubba" will be explained in a future lesson), yesterday I was leaving out the gate to go to the courthouse, and I saw a skunk. I hope he doesn't have rabies. Don't tell Mumma ("Mumma" is yet another future lesson) 'cause she'll try to catch the skunk and nurse it back to health."

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