Monday, March 31, 2008

What I Did Over Spring Break

Here is a list:

- Cleaned the entire house for dear friend KAFFY and her cute son Drew.
- Cleaned the entire house again for stepson J., dear sisters D. and S., and D.’s boyfriend M.
- Cleaned the entire house AGAIN for dear friends I. and L., college roommates who drove 3 hours to visit me even though I said I couldn’t clean any more. One of them is a Neat Freak who actually brings ROBES on vacations and who FOLDS her underwear. I love her anyway.
- Cooked.
- Cleaned kitchen. (again, again, again, again, times four hundred)
- Did laundry.
- Cooked.
- Did laundry.
- Lost mind.

And here is a quiz:
Q: Why did God invent Spring Break?
A: I have no freaking idea.


tj said...

...Um, do you travel to clean? Seriously, how far is Chesapeake Bay from Missouri? lol... Okay, and what's wrong with folding underwear? If you don't fold 'em then what do you do with 'em? I guess if someone says to you, "don't get your panties in a wad" I guess you can say, "too late, already are!" LOL! :o)

...Sounds like you need a break from your Spring Break girl! ;o)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Et tu, Brute (or whatever that Shakespearean reference is that my brain cells can barely grasp onto)?

You're a folder of underwear? Sigh....I am a Wadder Upper and Stuffer. I will take the time to sort out the underwear from the rest of the laundry and then I simply STUFF them into the drawers, no folding required (or desired). The problem comes when there is no room to STUFF anything.

Everything I have stays wadded up. In fact, Wadded Up pretty much describes my mood most days....

Thanks for visiting as always!