Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mathews 101: Speaking the Language

Growing up in a small, rural, isolated community has its advantages. I learned a whole new language and didn't even realize it.

There are many sayings we use here that may seem odd to the outsider. For example, we refer to our town or village, the main commercial area of the county, as The Courthouse. As in, "I'm going to the courthouse to get some bread." No, I am not driving to the county courthouse to purchase bread, but I am going to town to get some bread; I'm going to the store. "Where is Susie Q?" "She's up at the courthouse getting some gas." And the funny thing is, nobody ever really goes to the "true" courthouse, the building where all the legal transactions are made. Yet people are going to The Courthouse every day around here.

To buy milk and bread.


Sussy said...

If you go "up the road" to " the courthouse" to get bread for " supper", will you be back " predney"?

Sussy said...

If you go " up the road " to " the courthouse " to get bread for " supper", will you be back " predney "??

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Yes! I was going to mention "up the road." As in, "Where's Ralph?" "Oh, he's up the road." or "Where's Daddy?" "He's up the road as usual."

Thankfully up the road is not the same as up the creek. Without a paddle.