Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mathews 101: Speaking the Language: Dahln

Dahln: (noun)

1. Any female of any age residing in Mathews or the surrounding counties. The word is pronounced "dawln" where the "l" and the "n" are so close together they almost merge to form a new letter of the alphabet. Synonym (used by non-Mathews and otherwise normal people): Darling.

Example Male, speaking to any female whether he knows her or not: "Hey, dahln, how you doin', dahln?"

2. Any person who has called you dahln automatically becomes a dahln:

Male (who may or may not know you): "Hey, dahln, how you doin', dahln?"
Appropriate reply from female to male: "Nothin' dahln, I dont' know nothin' good."

It is important to note that this term is meant to be courteous and friendly rather than lewd or unwanted.

Generally, the male in this equation is a "bubba." But that's another lesson entirely.

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