Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Above is a picture of Aaron's Beach taken several weeks ago. The channel between those trees and the beach on the left was cut courtesy of Nor'easter Ida. Prior to that storm there was a strip of beach which allowed you to walk clear across* from left to right on terra firma. At a minimum you skipped across the tiniest trickle of water at high tide.

Now your options are:

- Wait for a super-low tide. (The definition of "super-low tide" cannot be found anywhere on any local tide charts, but trust me, they occur several times a blue moon year.)

- Wade across no matter what the tide or water temperature.

- Perfect your pole vaulting skills long-jumping skills. (I can help you with this.)

- Swim across.

- Kayak across. (BYO kayak.)

- Take the imaginary ferry across. (BYO ferry imagination.)

- Step on the backs of horseshoe crabs conveniently lined up to form a foot bridge. (Be sure not to do this barefoot, and for goodness sakes don't hold your breath waiting for horseshoe crabs to line up so you can step on them.)

- Turn around and walk back to your car because in the dead of winter, you can't get across.

* The phrase "clear across" reminds me of something I've heard Pookie (mother of Mathews Mark and Mathews Mountain Man) say from time to time: "clippin' clear." As in, "That wind was blowin' a clippin' clear gale!" or "I threw that boy a clippin' clear mile when I caught him skipping school!"

I'm spelling this phonetically because heavens knows I've never read it in print, and truth be told I've never heard anyone but her utter the words. For all I know it could be "clip and clear" instead of "clipping clear" but surely by now you realize that Chesapeake Bay Woman, who is talking about horseshoe crabs forming a footbridge across a channel, is so exhausted she's not quite sure of anything.

Thank you for understanding.

Some questions for you:

* If you're from Mathews and have noticed erosion, where have you noticed it the most?

* No matter where you're from, have you ever heard someone say the wind was blowing a clippin' clear gale?

* What other ways can you imagine of getting across that bit of water above? Use your imagination and come up with something good. (It's really not that deep except at high tide.)

* What are the winning lottery numbers for the state of Virginia's next drawing? I promise I'll split it with you 50/50. It's a clippin' clear win/win for everyone.


maria from nj said...

What? You don't know how to walk on water? Maybe it's an acquired skill or perhaps that only happens in movies based on old books.

And speaking of Mathews Mark, (weren't we?) where the heck is he? Is he out shoveling everyone's snow? I miss the funny comments! Tell him to git back here, NOW?

Thanks all for the fun nightly reads. It's a learning experience.
WV: abrim as in "abrim me another glass of vino si vu play, stat!"

Ann Marie said...

I will tell you exactly how you get across no matter the weather you get a piggie back a boy... oh wait I would have done that 20 years ago when I was half of me. Now it will take a tanker. Both of them are reliable.. and as long as it is not HIGH tide.. a 4 wheeler would work nicely.

I have never hear clippin used in that way.. HOWEVER... I have heard these following terms.
Slap Full (not sure what exactly that means.. I am assuming it means you have to slap on it to get the rest in.
Chuc Full
WAIT WAIT WAIT.. i am killing fodder here.. I am done.. I will actually write a blog post today about all the interesting little phrase ... FINALLY SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT..

CBW I think I love you more now.

Mental P Mama said...

I think "clippin'" must be a Virginia wuuuuurd.

Meg McCormick said...

5 - 13 - 17 - 24 - 33 - power ball 39

Ann Marie said...

I have to recomment so that follow ups go to my phone!

WV Helve... this is a Helve way to make this work.

Daryl said...

4 8 15 16 23 42 ..

Caution/Lisa said...

I've noticed significant erosion under my chin and in the fat which used to hold my bosoms up higher.

Julie said...

We have had unusual rainy weather here in AZ and many areas around the state are having erosion problems as well.

Jamie said...

Daryl- you stole my numbers...

1. Not in Mathews, but in Deltaville on Sturgeon Creek there used to be a bulkhead built across the opening to the river... it is nearly gone now and now there are many beaches and sandbars that have disappeared- one that even had trees on it

2. I've heard "at a good clip" which is an idiom meaning fast, I'm sure that's where clippin' good came about

3. wrangle a couple of stingrays, strap them to your feet and ski across

4.- see daryl's comment, but don't travel on any plans

Mrs F with 4 said...

"ginning a hooley" (with a hard 'g'), or "whitlin wickt"... those would be blowing up a gale.

Eroded? My waistline by this box of imported curly-wurlys. Or should I say, this FORMER box of....

abb said...

It's clippin' clear you need another hurricane to rectify that sand robbing Ida!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Maria-Mathews Mark is long overdue for an appearance. (And abrim me one too!)

AM-Pookie is the only one I've heard say it. Maybe she dragged it here from South Carolina. Or maybe Mathews Mark can help explain it. Where IS he?

MPM-When we take pictures next weekend, we'll have to say, "clippin' clear PRUUUUNES."

Meg-Honest injun if I can remember to buy a ticket, you now have two written statements that prove I'll split it with you.

AM-It's been a helve night here too. Or is that "I land/lay in helve?"

Daryl-Ditto what I said to Meg!

Caution-This sounds like a good thing, no? If so, congratulations. Please send me tips for eroding excess chins.

Julie-For AZ to be getting lots of rain is unusual, at least the few parts of the state I've visited. (Which btw were absolutely stunning.)

Jamie-Good one with the sting rays. Speaking of which, didn't there used to be a big old red hotel at Sting Ray Point?

Mrs.F: You must find a way to come to Blog Fest. Seriously. I want to eat some curly wurlys with you as we discuss and learn more about this whole hooley that's ginning.

TSA: You're clippin' clear right.

Thanks for reading and commenting, and have a great Thursday.

Unknown said...

Its a clippin clear miracle you never heard anyon else say that- have I? My opinion!