Saturday, February 6, 2010


Because the gray, drab colors of winter are killing me becoming less enchanting, today I'm showing a picture of greens and yellows from last summer. Or fall. Or some time prior to when the sun--and Nature's color palette--went on strike.

The weekend weather forecast for most of Virginia called for Snowmageddon not just inches but feet of snow. Here in the Tidewater area, however, the forecasts called for rain on Friday followed by rain, then more rain and possibly three flakes of snow on Saturday before more rain. After that, you could expect cloudy skies, northeasterly winds and rain.

Evidently, the weather forecasters need to make a trip to Best Value in Mathews County if they want the most accurate weather information. There's no Doppler radar, but the senior citizens--and pretty much all Best Value customers are senior citizens--know what the weather is going to be with 100% accuracy, whether it aligns with the official weather forecast or not.

The Senior Citizen Forecast said snow. Snow on Friday. Snow in spite of the rain predicted by office-sitting weather professionals several hours away.

It snowed on Friday. All day.

(p.s. It rained all Friday night.)

(p.s.s. It's snowing again today.)


Meg McCormick said...

Nice! Old people know lots of stuff.

We are at least a foot into this baby and it's really putting down. I don't know if it's thunder we heard, or possibly transformers popping in the distance. I'm going to bed with my flashlight and blackberry on my nightstand.

ghostless said...

All my life I have heard the expression, and have used it smells like snow! I'm an old person now but even as a kid, I could smell it in the air. I've been pretty darn accurate. Maybe it's a country skill you acquire, living in fresh air all the time?

wv extum ...if it keeps snowing back home we'll have to go extum the neighbors!

Mathews Mark said...

Its 5:30am coffee is on if anyone wants some.Just turn on channel 10. The dumass I mean forecaster (if Pookie new I was cursing she would wash my mouth out with Joy)says we are in the eye of the storm. Snow starts again around noon. I will call my 97 year old grandfather and get the true forecast.Ok enough about the weather. I'm trying to think positive ,lets see. I'm out of wood, wipers broke on truck, its colder than a well diggers ass in this house, friend cancelled date tonight (due to weather so she said) no food, no shells to shoot food and my dog is mad at me. That is about as positive as I can get this morning. Maybe coffee will help? I will come back later with a good story. PLEASE SEND FOOD!LOL MM ////////////////////////////////////Pookie'izm : YOU BOYS ARE GONNA EAT ME OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME. Poor women would fry 3 chickens on a sunday morning and never eat a piece until we got ours. Slim pickins for her, See the trick was before you sat down at the dinner table you would spit on the pieces of chicken and piece of cake you wanted of course your brothers would have to see you do this so they would leave those pieces alone. There was a whole lot of spitting going on at Sunday dinner!! While you are sitting by your fire sipping hot wine eating fried chicken, think about little old MM (not so little 6ft 230)freezing his cute little butt off, fallin off to nothin because he gave his dog the last of the potted meat. trin to hug the ghost to stay warm (you ever tried to hug a ghost,not much their)tears running down his face because his date (smartin up) cancelled. LOL MM

big hair envy said...

The reason the Old Timers know so much about the weather is because they read, and know how to decipher, The Farmer's Almanac:) There's no better source for weather-related information!

Daryl said...

No snow here which makes me worry more about Tuesday's predicted storm and the coming weekend .. pack warm stuff .. boots maybe necessary!!!

It always warms up right before it snows BECAUSE it cant snow if the temps are below freezing

Mathews Mark said...

Amen BHE amen CBW or one of you lovely country gals may have to explain the phrase :colder than a well diggers ass: to the northerns. I had a great friend from New Jersey who told me he thought milk came from the local store until he was 30. I asked him if he ever heard of a Jersey cow, He said yea He dated a few. Now thats funny I don't care what you think!!! Trying not to talk about the weather, one of my BBF friends called me at 7:18 am this morning this is how the conversation went: BBF: hey you up ? MM.: yea BBF: just called you to tell you I got some this morning at 3:30 am. MM: BBF that is a little more information that I need to no, but since you brought it up what did your wife think? BBF: AW, I did not bother to wake her up! click up Now you know why I have nick names for my weird friends. Gotta get some new friends. MM

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Meg-We're thinking about you.

ghostless-My mother talks about being able to smell snow. When you're outside more often you are definitely more in tune with things including the weather. That's why the folks around here are so good at predicting.

Mathews Mark: You are not going to believe this, but yesterday in Best Value I saw Pookie. Realizing that everyone else in there was talking snow and nobody on the TV was, I did in fact ask her what your 97-year-old grandfather thought was going to happen. She said, without batting an eye, "Snow." Why don't you ask Annabelle or Miriam or Eloise, your roommate, to fix you something to eat. (Actually, I'll bring you something if you want. I might be making lasagna today assuming we don't lose current. I'll bring you some if you want.)

BHE-My father gets an almanac every single year. Without fail.

Daryl- Page 1, paragraph 2, of Big Hair Envy's Official Packing Instructions, which are on the clipboard next to her whistle, clearly state we are to pack only one bag. (She gave the dimensions but numbers are lost on me.) I'm not sure boots, hats and scarves were on the list of authorized items, but perhaps with this weather she'll send us an update.

BHE-You know I'm teasing! I also know your organizational skills are absolutely essential and are the very reason you caught my train ticket errorwhich has me returning from the wrong station on Sunday. Thank you for helping those of us with organizational disabilities!

Mathews Mark-I think I want some of that coffee you're drinking.

It's snowing again. When I listened to the weather this morning they said 4-6 inches, or 6-8, depending on which office-sitting weather person you listen to.

Annie said...

You are getting all the snow down isn't snowing here despite forecasts of it...2-4 inches on one part of the online weather, 6-8 inches on another...nothing here yet.

I thought the old people used to predict the weather using their aching joints/knees etc. But smell sounds good too...I know I can always smell rain/dust storms coming at home!

abb said...

It would be nice to make gobs of $$$ to be wrong 95% of the time.

Jamie said...

What a pleasure it was to come in and see such a cheery picture on the computer after channeling my inner snow-hoe. I don't know how much we have, but it's thigh-high. Hope everyone is warm and safe!

Ann Marie said...

is wondering if I should make the snow cream cream now...

Mental P Mama said...

Make some rum slushies! We got nuthin'. Happily.

maria from NJ said...

Thanks for the yellows and green. Mark, your NJ friend is safe from starvation as most of us got a dusting (well, north NJ) and the Jersey cows arrived at work and are behind the display shelf pumping away.

Country Girl said...

We got a lot of snow here. Lots. And just how cold is a well-diggers ass? Inquiring minds want to know.

On second thought, never mind. I really don't wanna know.

WV: beforpot
I swear this is my WV.
Beforpot everthin' was so much more difficult. Now I jes sits and smiles.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Hopefully we'll be able to compare notes on the weather next weekend. Thursday afternoon through Saturday we'll be in your neck of the woods.

TSA-Indeed it would.

Jamie-Hoeing thigh-high snow is not the way to go, but that's only because I'm channeling Dr. Seuss.

AM-Your pictures of today's snow are incredible. Folks, click on her name for some great photos, esp. the one of the boat. Oh, and you'll see a dog contorting itself in ways never seen by the human eye.

MPM-Pull out The Recipe so I can write it down next weekend.

maria-Tomorrow will be another non-winter picture just because I need to see green. You are North Jersey? I spent many holidays in Bergen County--Cresskill to be specific.

CG-You did get a lot of snow and your pictures are incredible. (Click on CG's name there and take a gander at her pictures - that's a heckuva lot of snow.)