Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three-Thing Thursday

Welcome once again to Three-Thing Thursday, not to be confused with a three-ring circus, but if the shoe fits then by all means let's wear it and call it what it is.

So as part of Three Thing Thursday the three-ring circus which is my life, every Thursday I like to have a time where I can say at least three things, whether or not they pertain to a circus living in Mathews or to some abstract photograph of a sinker, or some Name that Ghost Contest , for example.

More importantly, you get to share three things, and your three things always make me smile and laugh. Lots.

Here are mine:

1. In typical Chesapeake Bay Woman fashion, I held a Name that Ghost Contest last week--or last month, who can remember?--then promptly neglected to select a winner, not that there was a prize or anything. This sort of well-run machine is highly representative of most everything else in my life. I have good intentions, but become distracted by emergencies and/or a bird flying by (isn't it pretty?) because clearly I suffer from ADD and early-onset-Old Timers Disease, where focus and memory are the first to go.

1b. If I am not distracted by a pretty bird or a paper clip have time, I will announce the winner of the Name that Ghost Contest tomorrow. Saturday at the latest. Or Sunday. (Pretty bird.)

2. This week I was thrilled to arrive home from work in daylight. Daylight is this phenomenon where you can actually see. When you live in a rural area like Mathews, the only street lights are near the main part of town, or sprinkled hither thither and yon. I don't live near the main part of town, and hither, thither and yon is about five miles away. So I'm usually fumbling in the dark trying to get in the door, all the while being circled by hungry cats. The hungry cats were still there, but at least I could not step on them see them.

3. My Pinto-driving, skating rink partner from high school--known as Ms. Seabreeze in the Comments--was married last Sunday. She called to tell me her plans, and she was glowing, beaming even. (FYI- You can see someone beam over the phone if you're paying close enough attention.) Congratulations, my friend.

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) things, whatever you want, anything at all.


Mathews Mark said...

1. Bartend for the 505 last night (bunch of men that meet 5 min. after work)they gossip more than women, learned a lot.////2. I learn there are some "shut ins" in Mathews without power using wood for heat,will have to check on them! ///3. Going to make a trip to the big city today (trader joes) anyone need anything? /// 3B. Some one start the count down for blogfest please.

ghostless said...

1. I got a much needed Garmon (GPS) for Christmas
2. After 26 miles of driving in silences "she" spoke
3. I darn near drove off the road it scared me so badly! I tend to zone when I drive....which is why I need a Garmon!

Ann Marie said...

1. MM I need Cranberry Juice Unsweetened please. 3 jars. :)

2. Ghost... that poor ghost you weren't the only one who neglected the name picking. which is much different than name calling I will email you later today.

3. Blogfest count down 148 days.

4. I slept last night!!!!! for 10 HOURS....

mmm said...



Annie said...

I have to go home on Sunday. Very sad.

I have to get everything back in my suitcase. Very difficult.

Jo has some time off after her 3 months of crazy, so we get to go somewhere together. With the baby. Hooray.

Ann Marie said...

5. blogger logged me out.. can't get email updates like that. So here is another one.

WV Hothedi Re is just about the most hothedi person I know.. that woman blows up at EVERYTHING.

Mathews Mark said...

MMM are you drunk? do you need a DD to take you to your class ? Be their in 2 hours. LOL

Ann Marie said...

6. Today is Thursday.. Therapy anyone????

Jamie said...

1. Found out my mom would have chosen to put her horse down Monday night if I hadn't reminded her about my sister's dog who is "the dog who should be dead" that came back from rat poisoning and an internal abscess in one month's time. The horse is coming home Friday, made me feel all warm and tingly.

2. Hot tea in the morning when you have to park the car up a hill and across a busy road and walk in ice and snow down the hill to the office is nice.

3. Basketball season is over. Now I have to gear up for softball... here's hoping for a warm spring

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I have been 'volunteered' into volunteering at the boys' school today. It is a french school, and I will be 'helping' them read. They may wish they had not asked.

2. School also left a message saying as I had volunteered to cover library books, they were sending some home on the bus. Some? SOME? The bus driver and I could not lift them!!

3. School sent an email last night asking (instructing?) me to drop off the completed books this morning. There are 260 of them.

3a. Mrs F has learned to swear in french.

3b. Mrs F has also learned never, but NEVER, to volunteer for ANYTHING ever again.

3c. MM, will you travel to bartend?

Trisha said...

1. Pop Tarts and iTunes set to shuffle can be the perfect thing to start a morning off right after a long, hard day which ended WAY too late due to a class which is alternately evil and interesting.

2. My hubby is one of the best. Why else would he handle to meal prep four out of seven nights a week without complaining?

3. Fingerless gloves are awesome but not during a class where you need to use American Sign Language to communicate - then they are just distracting!

Meg McCormick said...

1. Mark, I always have a long list for Trader Joe's. Stock up; everything there is super-good. I especially like the Bay Blend coffee beans.

2. It is 147 hours until July 15, 2010. That's 3,528 hours, or, if you want to really torture yourself, approximately a frillion minutes.

3. I'm about to attend an unemployment appeal hearing with a client, wherein I will insist that the ex-employee was not, in fact, available for work when he was fired, on account of the car accident he was in and the note from his doctor stating he could not work for the next 3 months. Seriously, why appeal? GAH.

Meg McCormick said...

Crap. I meant 147 DAYS. 3,528 HOURS. A bazillion minutes. Sorry for any confusion.

Daryl said...

Nuttin' I got nuttin' ...

oh okay, last nite we watched an illegal copy of a screener DVDS for Avatar and let me say who needs 3D? Its awesome. Story is a yawn but the action and 'animation' is amazing.

I made an appt with dermatologist to look at my ankle and tell me that thing on it is nothing...

And finally #3 .... nope, all I could think of is 2 ..

big hair envy said...

1. I'd like to start a 505 Club for women.

2. Actually, it would have to be a 535 Club because it takes me that long to get home.

3. In a gazillion minutes, I will be at Blog Fest '10!! YAY!!!

Unknown said...

Thank God for daylight...the more the better.

1. Grandma J has been back from CA for exactly nine days and she still hasn't unpacked. As luck would have it she has plenty of PJ's to hang out in.

2. I have a mass-mailing to get out full of candy bars. What's a good day to go to the post office?

3. My insurance still hasn't paid my ortho doctor for my last three visits. Someone has to call them and find out why? Don't all volunteer at once.

Anonymous said...

1.another pregnate teenager that gives me pause oh wait that was yesterdays oh well only have one!!

wv maryng dont think so!!

foolery said...

1. Chas and the girls took me to lunch today (winter school break) at Cozy Diner. Yes, that really is the name.

2. People keep sending me MORE work. Don't they know I HAVE A BLOG TO IGNORE?!

3. I finally finished something for all y'all at my blog. Been working on it longer than I ought to admit. Here's the link -- cut and paste nicely now. Don't cut your fingers:

Shelley Jaffe said...

Shoes? Did I hear you say shoes?

1. I can't help but clappy clap my hands and squueeeeeee around the house now that Diane and I have procured seats on a round trip to DC. Pray for Meg's well-being - before, during, and after BF II.
(is the official title going to be 'Blogfest 2 - Electric Boogaloo?')

2. I now need to procure "vitamins" to share with my beloved travel companion so she will stay beloved during a red-eye flight.

3. I'm wondering if the President will answer my Twitter message and meet us for breakfast at the airport?

4. I'm wondering why John Mayer doesn't Twitter about me. I have only fond memories.

5. I'm wondering...

6. I'm hungry.

7. Bird!

8. Paper clip!

Ann Marie said...

I will tell you what gives me pause the fact that someone can't spell pregnant. I love her anyway.