Monday, February 8, 2010

Name That Ghost

This is Queens Creek looking towards Gwynn's Island.

Yesterday while taking a walk in the snow, I paused at Gustav the Killer Goose's pen to snap this photo. He was none too pleased that a person was breathing venturing so close to his territory and thus he began hissing and spitting.

Gustav (pronounced Goose-tov) was named courtesy of a Name That Goose Contest here on this blog, because that's the sort of high-quality entertainment you can expect here on any given day.

Click here for background on that contest and a shot of Gustav on the John Deere tractor. You can't make this stuff up, folks. Reality TV producers? I could keep you in business for decades.

Anyway, because the Name that Goose Contest was so successful, we need to have a Name that Ghost Contest, because that's the natural progression for contests. You start with a goose and you move to a ghost. It's right there in the Welcome to Mathews manual, in the chapter entitled Eccentric, but in a Good Way.

Mathews Mark is the caretaker of a very old, beautiful house that came with a wood stove, some gorgeous antique furniture and a ghost. Click here for background on his house.

Mark has several stories of encounters with his roommate and has decided it's time to give the ghost a name.

So here is today's challenge:

1. What name would you give this ghost if it is a female?
2. What would you name a male ghost?
3. What is it called when you're excited about running a Name that Ghost Contest on your blog, and do I need prescription medication?
4. Do you think the ghost inhabiting Mathews Mark's house is male or female?
5. Is Gustav, pictured below, hissing because he's tired of being confined in a pen that looks like a crab pot or is he just naturally ill-tempered?


Occasional Kate said...

Hmmm, let's see... I do agree that the ghost in MM's house is more than likely a lady. Although I do like the idea of picking names for both genders. So with that said, here are my choices:

Female: Idella (I just watched Driving Miss Daisy last night, sue me!)

Male: Harlan (It seems like a nice old fashioned name you'd hear someone's mamma hollerin' out the back porch, doesn't it?)

WV: spodspon The name of the medicine required to reduce levels of excitement caused by ghost naming contests! :-)

maria from nj said...

I'm sticking with my previous entry

1.Dusana: Feminine form of Czech Dusan, meaning soul, spirit

And in case Meg is correct, lol!

2. Dusa: Czech unisex pet form of masculine Dusan and feminine Dusana, meaning soul, spirit

3. Cabin fever!

4. If it crawled in bed with him I hope it's a sexy spirit and not a shivering smokey sailor.

5. I think Gustov just missed having his picture taken and posted

Happy Monday y'all

wv: relevir
MM will be most relevir to know it's a female ghost, but oh how does one prove that?

Country Girl said...

I think it's a female ghost just from the few things Mathews Mark has said about the ghost.
I think her name is Gwendolyn.

ghostless said...

I'm a bit pragmatic...I think someone ought to find out who use to own the house! But that said and in the "spirit" of the contest...there use to be a soap opera on t.v. years ago called dark shadows...the male ghost was "Quinton"...he had quite a fan club... very handsome!
and as for the female Miss Jessel, from the movie The Innocents (1961) back when scary movies didn't need blood and chain saws!

Ann Marie said...

I won't be entering.. as I am a judge according to Nemenim.. however..
if you want to know what SHE LOOKS like just let me know.. I will give you a description..

Not reposting on my blog cause.. well I don't think I have anyone following that doesn't read here :) Which means I now need to think...ugh.

Caution/Lisa said...

I'm still hoping to name my children, so I have no spare names for the ghosts. I am, however, quite certain the ghost is a he/she. That way I'll be right no matter what.

Mathews Mark said...

OK if it is a guy it has long flowing dark hair almost touching the floor.A pinkish wedding gown type dress. Dante feet and hands.Hour glass features. WAIT!! I think that might have been the dream I had last night.Ok all jokes aside what I have seen of "the ghost" is kind of like snap shots, reflections no real features. The feelings I get, calming,warm,intense and I guess you could say joyful. These feeling were greater when my son was here. It felt like someone was mothering over him. I have done some research on the House (talk to the old drunk on the corner he knows just as much as anyone) but this house was built in the 1780's hard to find information other than owners and deeds. I will keep trying! CBW I have a great POOkie story my second family reminded me of last night. but I will save it for Tuesday. Love to all!! MM

Mathews Mark said...

Your goose is just pissed off because AM shot her boy toy, SEAGULL!!!!

Ann Marie said...

Stupid seagull shouldn't have pissed me off....
Besides would Gustav really be happy if he didn't have something to be pissy about???

Meg McCormick said...

I'm going to say Nellie if it's a female and Willie if it's male. Those were the cheeky Oleson kids from Little House on the Prairie, a show which I haven't thought of since I last watched it in the 1970s. Why it popped into my head just now, I've no idea.

Mathews Mark said...

Ok Meg, Darlin (I remeber you from the last Blogfest You were cute friendly and married I think)I have to ask, what Character would that make me on the show (I loved that show)? MM

mmm said...

Why the ghost should be named "sPookie", of course. Isn't it obvious?

Trisha said...

While I have no answers for questions 1-4, I think Gustov is just a cranky goose who needs a lady friend!

big hair envy said...

Female: Virginia
Male: Matthew

Is that Gustav's new Facebook Profile picture?

Mathews Mark said...

MMM I'm not give you a tour hell you could give me one you know more about mathews than I do!! MM

Mathews Mark said...

More summer pictures Please I'm starting to get hunger again!! LOL MM

Mental P Mama said...

Clara Barton. The end.
Gustav is jast that way. I saw your mother herding him last Fall and he was just as cranky outside of his little habitat as he is in it...But he really is cute;)

mmm said...

Let me clarify.

The ghost in the house that MM is living in is 1) a female and 2) her name is Spookie. Now, if it were a guy ghost, I'd suggest the name Buster, but it's not. And, I have that on good authority; in fact, MM even said so:

"MMM know more about mathews than I do!!"

So, CBW, what's the prize for knowing the more about that ghost than even the foremost authorities in Mathews?

Oh yes, please let poor Gustav out of the cage; my guess is that he wants to fly south for the winter.

Back to the cave; I've got to survive 5 more weeks and 1 more day of winter. And, for this year anyway, my fat stores are running low.

Jamie said...

Ghost names.... with the age of the house I would say it needed to be something "antique" but not too crazy... Charlotte and John, though I'd pretty much guarantee it's a woman based on the interaction between the men in the house (MM and his son) I think a make ghost would be more menacing and not as nice with other men in the house... in my, uh, professional opinion... And with the right equipment, you might be able to find out the name and gender.

Daryl said...

He is naturally ill tempered and that happens to be an exceptionally good shot of him.

I think the Ghost should be named Spelcheck or maybe Wordo ...

My WV is inglatoe.. do you remember the that long long long drum solo on inglatoe? It made me crazy.

ghostless said...

Daryl!!!!! You've got my vote!

Linda said...

John & Mary were popular names in those times. I would guess that the ghost is a man as he known to slam cabinets doors and leave chairs pulled out from the table. But that's just a guess.
Gustov is just terminally grumpy. Maybe you should get him a girlfriend.

Mathews Mark said...

Daryl: how about obnoxious, self centered, or just plain RUDE they are pretty good names don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Stopping in quickly to give a shoutout to MathewsMark who will NEVER reveal where he was last week but I will.
Mark stepped up to the plate...without even being asked...and took over my entire home and three kids while my husband and I took our oldest up North for medical treatment for the week. And not only that, after signing was cancelled for three of those days. So Mark had to cook, clean and chauffeur for two demanding teenage girls and entertain for one very active 8 yr old boy. All without complaint!!! And to top it off...when I got home my house was IMMACULATE. Way better than how I left it. My kids love him, my husband thinks of him like the brother he never had and I adore him! So if any of you locals see him around town...give him a giant pat on the back...he is definitely my hero this week!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry we stole MathewsMark from you all this past week. He had to stay with my "lovely" sisters, brother and a puppy while I played an only child in DC. I believe you qualify for sainthood after pulling a gig like that! Mark is AWESOME. He always has cool stories and makes the best food ever(my mom owns a restaurant and sometimes I think he should be in that kitchen!!). I will say though, my beef with MM is that he will never come play video games with me, but that is a minor flaw. I don't know what I will do without MM when I go off to school in "Yankee-land."

Diane said...

Female... Annalise

Male... Edmund

I missed the naming a ghost book at the Mathews visitors bureau. Are they going to get more copies in this summer. I would like to know the rules!

Meg McCormick said...

Mark - friendly and married, yes; cute, aw shucks, you're makin' me blush!

How about Doc Baker? Because Pa is just Pa, and Nels Oleson has that hideous meanie of a wife and those annoying kids.

Unknown said...

I hope I'm not late to the party....because I am an expert at name that thing contest, except I never get to enter.

If the ghost is a girl, I say Rita, because she is probably just as clumsey and goofy.

If it's a guy, I say Jack for the same reasons as Rita. I know you are probably thinking I didn't put much thought into this, but believe me, I did.

I can't wait for Blog Fest '10 to visit MM and the ghost.

Unknown said...

And...I heart Gustaf. I miss him too, and can't wait to see him again. I'm sure he feels the same way about me.

ghostless said...

Someone who is a saint and a hero, should not be referring to others as "obnoxious, self centered, or just plain RUDE" We are adults, and joking is one thing, cruel comments are another! I am signing off this blog until the air get a little more civilized. Sorry, CBW, you have a fun blog, it has just taken on a different character lately.

maria from nj said...

O-M-Gah! Someone else who remembers Dark Shadows. I spent 3 or 4 yrs living at a boarding school run by nuns who allowed us to watch DS every afternoon. Esp in the winter. Hadn't thought of that in ages.

RoseMary King said...

Gustav is hissing because he's cold and tired of all the snow.

Female Name: Della

Male Name: Aubrey

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.

Joe Friday said...

nice link to support the ghost theroy.

If you guys find the loot please share.I have detectors if needed.:>)