Thursday, February 4, 2010

Three-Thing Thursday

This is a shot of a tree and its shadow which together form a circular shape that caught my eye. Also, there's some snow, a few sprigs of marsh grass and a glimpse of the creek with what appears to be a bit of slushy ice on the surface, but the shadow on the untouched snow is what really caught my eye.

Now that you've fallen asleep we've explained all that, it's time for another fun-filled Three-Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things, whatever you want. Anything from frustrations to victories, from hopes to questions about why anyone would care about the shape of a shadow and a tree.

Let's begin

1. Last night, after one of the worst days of 2010, I arrived home from a brutal day of work, commuting and personal problems to a quiet, tranquil house. Since it was just me and Chesapeake Bay Son for the evening, we enjoyed a peaceful dinner of reheated leftovers. It was nice spending quality time with him and the rodent(s) who evidently live(s) in our attic.

2. Without going into details, let's just say that I HAVE RODENTS LIVING IN MY ATTIC. Big, noisy, scratchy rodents with long fangs and gnarled claws and disgusting little beady eyes and dirty, matted fur. No, I haven't seen one yet, and don't even know what "one" is, much less what one looks like. For all I know, based on all the noise, there are farm animals running amok up there. Friday I will be hitting Sutton and Kline (aka Moughons) to purchase nuclear weapons massive amounts of D-con rat poison. Really, there's no better way to cap off the worst day of 2010 than to realize you have rodents for roommates.

3a. Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister sent the Chesapeake Bay Children a Wii game called Let's Dance as a belated Christmas present. We love it! (Translation: They love to dance, and I love to watch and laugh hysterically.)

3b. There are rodents or farm animals living in my attic.

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) things about anything or nothing in particular. Just whatever is flying through your mind right now. Have at it.


maria from nj said...

1. Best thing about Thursday in that I can put Mon - Wed behind me.

2. Why oh why are they telling me more snow is coming? Twice in less than 5 days! I am going to pull my hair out! Then no need for the dang haircut I so desperately need!

3. Is it spring yet? Leaves crying as she know the answer to 'Name that misery'

WV 'croin' as in 'Mother nature sure know how to kick me in the croin'

Diane said...

1. After nursing K3 through the worst surgery she's had so far, I was actually glad to go back to work. How wrong is that?

2. After the blizzards we had last year, we have had any snow on the ground this year. It's kind of sad.

3. Shelley and I are buying our plane tickets this week. Is it July yet?

4. Many years ago TOG and I had rodents living in the wall of our first house. It really puts the brakes on romance when you hear them "commuting" from one room to another!


Occasional Kate said...

Oh, man I haven't done a three thing thursday in forever!

1. It's nice to get back into the swing of things!

2. I remember Moughon's had pink seeds (can't remember what veggie they grew into though!) My mom enjoyed planting a garden every spring.

3. I made an orange flavored pound cake with glaze frosting tonight (didn't have any lemon, and mr. doesn't like lemon much anyway). I hafta say, dang if it don't smell deeee-licious! I don't bake often, but I bake good! :-)

Ann Marie said...

1. I don't want the rain they are calling for tomorrow.. I want it all to be snow.

2. Two hour delay .. really.. just let them stay home. They will send them home tomorrow anyway.

3. I just hope your rodents don't have bushy tails.. cause those are the worst!

Jamie said...

1. After years of my husband insisting on buying used washers/dryers, I will finally have a brand spanking new washer to compliment the brand spanking new dryer I got last year... almost makes me like doing laundry.

2. I think I am going to use a vacation day and stay home with the kiddos tomorrow and prepare for the big snow storm.

3. Saw some fuzzy greenish buds forming on the apple tree the other day... woowhoo!

abb said...

1. 100th day of school. Yippee?

2. It's February! Wow, where has the school year gone??

3. I am dull and boring of late.

Perry said...

I haven't had enough tea to be coherent enough to write three things, but I love your photo.

Pueblo girl said...

Beautiful picture.

1) After days of sunshine and clear cold days, the mist is coming down. Is the weather reflecting my state of mind, or am I channelling the weather?

2) Whippet goes for vaccinations this afternoon. Experience tells me this will involve being vomited on at some point.

3) The storks are back. I don't understand storks - they leave in the height of summer, and come back in the depths of winter. I feel their migration schedule is wrong, somehow.

Breezeway said...

Ohhh Thursday....hope it's way better than every other day thus far this week!
1. Even though I got a short week due to the insanely crappy, depressing weather, it feels like I've worked 10 straight days!
2. Has anyone checked on Mathews Mark to make sure the ghost didn't harm him? He's been awfully quiet!
3. If it snows again with any accumulation this weekend, I'm not sure I'm gonna make it! I'm a beach, boat, horseriding girl. This blows!

WV - quiti - If it doesn't get warm soon, I'm going to quiti liking this state so much!

Caution/Lisa said...

1. I'd probably move out of your house. Last night.
2. My son's musical is going to cost me $210 in tix.
3. I need to find a full-time job, and that makes me sad because my plan was to avoid full-time work until retirement age. At that point, I could say, "No, I can't work full-time because I'm retired."

Daryl said...

Well, a week from today YOU will be here

Today is both Little T's AND SnowWhite's birthday BIG WOOT to them

And I love that photo, the shadow, the contrast .. love it ... xo

Erin said...

i could suggest a treatment for the rodent(s) but, it is not very i will refrain.

1. more snow in forecast in the wee hours of friday morning carrying on and on into saturday. will it ever end?

2. will i be able to drive into work tomorrow. do not want to burn a leave day for stupid snow

3. 11 days til i fly away to italy :) happiness is. however, will the weather allow me to depart without problems and delays?

happy thursday all.

Erin said...


forgot to add i so like your capture...lovely one.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1.Sick of snow.
2.Sick of ice.
3.Sick of winter.
3a.Sick of rodents.
3b.Sick of my muddy driveway.

Mental P Mama said...

1. I hope today is better for you;) Hugs.
2. Raccoons?
3. We all get to be together agin in 7 days!!!

foolery said...

1. You must have sold your soul to the devil or WalMutant or SOMEBODY to be able to get the most consistently beautiful shots I have ever seen, straight outta the camera with no juicing. Related: you do have a superior eye.

2. This week is not over and we have had overcast, drizzle, tule fog, sun and now rain. No snow or wind, so there's that.

3. It's definitely the motherboard. I'm getting a new Mac if I have to hoc the children, dammit.

Anonymous said...

Mathews Mark broke his leg we had to shoot him LOL

big hair envy said...

1. What Noe Noe said.
2. What Noe Noe said.
3. What Noe Noe said.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Before I forget, I wanted to convey to the members of the Mathews Mark Fan Club that I know his 10-20 (for those of you who still use CB radios).

He's not in jail for lighting fire to a duck blind, and he's not on a date, although there are several young ladies involved.

I'll let him tell you where he is when he is back on line.

Mathews Mark said...

1. Umm rodents and butter beans make a fine meal. 2. I ate the yellow snow! 3.Rodents need to keep warm this time of year. Like in your shoes, under your pillows you no all of the warm spots! 4.Does snow make ghost horny? MM

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

See that? His ears must have been burning. Perhaps it's from ingesting all that snow.

Mathews Mark said...

CBW black snakes best thing for rodents. got a couple under the house if you want to borrow one, that is if I can wake him up.If its a raccoon the best thing is AM and her shotgun. Would be happy to check it out. Just check your shoes in the mornings until you figure it out.

Shelley Jaffe said...

1. After a week of videotaping interviews with 'Faux-lympic' athletes (this can be our little secret), I have realized that I hate my nasally-taped voice. The extra phlegm I'm dealing with is not helping. Nails on a blackboard, people. Nails. On a Freakin' Blackboard.

2. After smugly crowing that I had - alone - scaped the dreaded family plague of December '09, I now believe in karma.

3. This week, Diane and I are makin' LoveFest 2010 real. Woot!!
She is the best travelling companion a gal could wish for.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

maria-Name that Misery would be an awesome name for a blog. Can I borrow it? Also, we need you to come to Blog Fest. I'm croin' to ask you to please consider coming in July.

Diane-K3 has the best nurse there is, the very best. CAN'T WAIT for July.

Kate-Good to have you back for a TTThursday. Please bring 10 orange pound cakes with you when you, too, come to Blog Fest in July.

AM-Am in denial about rodents but not about the precipitation. At the risk of having tomatoes or even fiddler crabs thrown my way, I join you in the ardent and fervent desire for snow, lots of snow. Snow on top of snow.

Jamie-That's exciting about the buds on the trees. My mother can identify with you and your new washing machine. It's a long story involving a father who lives to fix things and a clothes line that functions perfectly fine, even in the dead of winter.

TSA-Never. You're never, ever, never boring.

Perry-Thank you so much. Look forward to having you join us in these free-for-all Thursdays.

PG-Can you and the whippet (optional)make a trans-Atlantic flight in July? You would fit right in with this Blog Festing bunch.

Breezeway-The weather, the moon, the barometer, the consecutive months of rain and no sunlight do create the perfect storm known as the foulest of foul moods. We'll make it, we just have to persevere. Or shoot something.

CF-You and I were on the exact same retirement plan. This is why knowing winning lottery numbers is so vital.

Daryl-It's so hard to believe. Looking forward to it (understatement).

ERin-ITALY? ITALY? and one more time: ITALY? How exciting (she says as she bites her lip until it bleeds because she is envious). Seriously, that sounds wonderful. Italy is very high on my bucket list. Hope it is a fabulous trip -can't wait to hear the details.

NNG-One week from now we won't have any worries, at least for a few days.

MPM-Thank you, not sure/in denial about what is running around up there, but cannot wait to see you.

foolery-Let me know where to send flowers and a sympathy card for your dearly departed computer. What is tule fog? Is a buzz saw involved?

Anonymous-He's too ornery to let some broken leg stand in his way. Too many duck blinds to set on fire.

BHE-Just one week. All will be good.

Baroness-Cannot wait to see you at Love Fest. Your request for karaoke is still on my radar.

Mathews Mark-I may call you this weekend to come check my attic out. Plus I want to hear how the ghost is doing.

The weekend's almost here. Rain, snow or whatever, bring it on.

Meg McCormick said...

1. My money's on squirrels. Or mice. Go with the nukes.

2. Mark, I like butter beans, but not rodents.

3. I LOVE that photo!