Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three-Thing Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday where I share three things and you share three things, whatever you want. Anything at all.

Keeping with this week's theme, my three things come from last weekend's visit with Miss Pookie. When we last left off, we were taking a walk from her grandfather's house to her house, where she stays with her father, her husband, her memories which hang like the pictures on her walls, and about 5,000 fascinating stories.

1. The chair above sits on Pookie's front porch, which wraps around at least half her house and features a swing. It's the sort of porch you could laze on for days hours on end.

2. This house where Pookie currently lives was built by Daddy Jim. Click here to read an excellent story written by Pookie's Son Mathews Mountain Man on Daddy Jim. Chesapeake Bay Daughter notes that "Daddy Jim built sailboats, a yacht, and skiffs in the barn behind Miss Pookie's house."

3. Daddy Jim's vision for this house was very specific. Pookie said that during the house's construction he returned from being away on the boat to discover that the staircase was far too steep, definitely not to his liking. He had them rip it out and start over, with very specific instructions on how to construct it so that the incline wasn't straight up all at once. The next time he returned to another staircase that needed to be ripped out. Rinse, repeat. He made them rip out that staircase a total of 3 times before they finally got it right. Pookie simultaneously wanted to show us the end result and discourage us, since her 99-year-old father was sleeping upstairs. Next time I go back I'll take a picture of the staircase that finally passed muster.

3.b. Wait until you hear the story of his dining room fixture. Tomorrow I'll show you a picture of it.

3.c. I am so eternally grateful to Pookie and her family for allowing me to visit, take pictures, and tell some of their stories, because otherwise this week's posts would have been monopolized by whining, crying and complaining about how this has been the second worst week in 2010, which thankfully will be over soon.

Stay tuned for more stories from Pookie's Place which will include light fixtures, tractors, strangers in the night, and playpens, not necessarily in that order.

In the meantime, please tell me 3 things. Whatever you want. Anything at all.


Unknown said...

1. I hope Pookie is at blog fest

2. I went to the post office and saw Jack. He showed me his newest tattoo. Pictures coming soon.

3. Those weren't his teeth...but his tongue (you can figure that one out all by yourself).

maria from nj said...

3. What a treasure Pookie is. Glad you are sharing her with us.

2. I am with you on this being the second (or it might be the fifth) week from hell in this (relatively) new year.

1. It is going to snow a-frickin-gain!! I cannot believe this winter. I have had ENOUGH! Someone call Mother Nature on that rotary phone and say No More Snow!

Ugh! And how did it get to be this hour of the night already!?!

The porch picture is wonderful. Book woman, a book!

Annie said...

Hip x-rayed. Hip OK.

Just arthritis in my rest rest...haha!

Great stories. Good to be back home. Not too keen on the warm weather and humidity. Pool is green. Trying to fix it. ARGH. And rest. haha.

Ann Marie said...

1. I love Miss Pookie... always thought is way tres glamorous..

2. Did you know that the English glamorous translates to brilliant in French.. while Miss Pookie is brilliant too I didn't want to call her brilliant I wanted to call her glamorous.

3. We need to start a list of all of the inside outsiders we want at Blogfest to visit... Mr. Wonderful, Miss Pookie,.... there are others... I know there are... I would LOVE to go break Mrs Trusch out and have her visit now she could tell a tale or two.

4. It is Thursday and I want it desperately to be Friday. On what Thursday will the therapy group be meeting again?

Bayman said...

(1) My oldest son, Ryan, turned 21 yesterday.

(2) He was born in a blizzard in 1989.

(3) His middle name is Leander.

WV: frabilog. "This is a fabulous blog," after a few beers.

Mental P Mama said...

1. Happy Birthday to Ryan!
2. Miss Pookie better be a b-fest!
3. Where is this Global Warming business?

big hair envy said...

1. We didn't get the predicted snow last night. This makes me happy!!

2. My house still smells like skunk. So does my dog.

3. Do you think I should dye my hair dark, or dye it back to it's natural color...sans gray?

Mathews Mark said...

Bayman 21 thats the end of the tax deduction ! CBW If you keep posting my picture the date thing will be hopeless!! what CBw failed to capture is the smoke coming out of Miss Pookie's ears when she saw me !! MM

Caution/Lisa said...

1. I want to see the stair case.
2. I'm glad I'm not at BHE's house.
3. I've just decided that I really don't like my newest BFF.

Trisha said...

1. I tend to lurk around your blog during most of the week. I enjoy the stories and pictures but just can't think of what to say most of the time.

2. I have a headache which is trying to overtake my brain.

3. While it isn't snowing in Texas at the moment, it has been a COLD winter here! What is up with that?

Daryl said...

FABULOUS photo ... I insist Ms Pookie be at BlogFest ..

3 things ... ok

I had itchy stuff on my left ankle

A weird thing on my right ankle

Saw the dermatologist and for $175 (he does not take insurance, or flex spending, only checks) he told me none of it was anything to worry about .. here's a 'script for some anti-itch cream ...

See its even less interesting here ..

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. I am now a pro at plowing through mud!
2. BHE and I are going to have a shrimp boil at blogfest. Hope you dont mind.
3. Cdub's mancave is almost complete. I wil let you know when the grand opening will be.

Meg McCormick said...

1. I hate what I'm wearing today.
2. I hate 90% of my wardrobe...and not just because much of it doesn't fit right anymore owing to recent weight gain.
3. I'm going shopping this weekend.

@BHE - don't go darker, tend toward your natural color.

ghostless said...

WV: diserla...sounds like a good name for itchy stuff on Daryl's charge!
1. unpacking...why do I have 6 pyrex mixing bowls and I don't bake?
2. Scrubbed off 60 yrs of grim and I have a fantastic tiger oak railing around my staircase upstairs!
3. I am being tease by my painter about the names of my paint choices: bone black, approaching storm and leap frog...he's calling me kermit!

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. School Carnival /Winter Olympics tomorrow is cancelled. Because we have TOO MUCH SNOW.

2. How much grovelling will US Immigration require to actually grant me (another) visa. To replace the one in the EXPIRED passport that I can't find. The visa is valid, the passport is not. And it is not transferrable. And I CAN'T find it. If I can tell them where and when I lost it, they will consider giving me another. Now, let me see.... if I knew WHERE it WAS, I wouldn't have LOST it. Right?

3. BHE - go slightly lighter than your natural colour - it makes the regrowth of silver less noticeable. Trust me, I've been silver (sounds SO much nicer than grey) since I was 17....

3a. If I CAN resolve the visa issue, I am seriously considering swapping my Europe trip in July for Blogfest....

3b. I am just making a giant pan of chocolate fudge - any takers? My hips and I would thank you....

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mrs. F. + 4 - YES! Please, please come to Blog Fest. This is the best news I've heard all day.

Off to a high school orientation for my soon-to-be high school son.

How Can I Have a High-School-Aged Son When I Still Feel Like I'm in High School?

Country Girl said...

1. I'm liking the local angle with Pookie. Very nice read.

2. I got my hair done last night at the hoity-toity salon. They were all out of chardonnay.

3. The walls are so thick here I can hardly hear the mighty wind out there.

Diane said...

1. It was 64 degrees today. Where is my winter?

2. I ate too many chocolate cookies.

3. This probably accounts for the current size of my ass.

4. I miss you. Can it be July so The Baroness and I can shag our butts east for a nice visit?

Meg McCormick said...

@Mrs F, you have MONTHS to get that visa thing all straightened out. Now, get busy!