Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Things

Queens Creek

Today is Thursday, which on this blog means it's Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and hopefully you do too.

Without further ado, let's begin.

1.  Saturday at 3:00 is the Mathews Christmas parade.  Although I'm extremely disappointed the parade is no longer at night because the lighted floats were just beautiful, I plan to be there enthusiastically cheering on each and every participant, especially any combines or related farm equipment. Maybe I'll even wear my crab hat, who knows.  Nothing says Christmas like crab hats and combines.

2.  According to the calendar, Christmas Eve is exactly two weeks and one day away.  I'd like to know when this happened, who authorized time to advance so quickly, and how I can slow things down since I've done next to nothing to prepare except utter expletives while putting up an artificial tree by myself.

3a.  For a while as in since July, the electrical outlets--all of them--on the side of the family room where I usually put the Christmas tree were not functioning.  Then one day, miraculously, they worked! I thanked my father for fixing them, except he hadn't.  No matter, I wasn't going to look a gift electrical source horse in the mouth even if I had no earthly idea how things had been fixed.

3b. Monday night I put up the artificial tree and uttered more than a few expletives.  Monday night the lights all worked.  Tuesday night the lights worked! I was ecstatic.  Wednesday night the lights didn't work.  And CBW wanted to kick a gift horse in the rear know why she thought for a minute anything should work properly under her roof.

3c. The Chesapeake Bay Children claim a magnetic field surrounds me that causes things  to go haywire like this to happen.  I agree.  In fact, there are so many examples of spontaneous malfunctions that the entire magnetic field discussion will be saved for another post. But it started as a kid when I couldn't wear wind-up wristwatches because they never worked properly--as in at all.

Now it's your turn to share three things.  Whatever you want, anything at all.  

Queens Creek with  Gwynns Island in the distance


deborah said...

1. Maybe if you spin around 3 times fast, the electric will work again? Disturbing the magnetic field and all:)
2. Finished a quilt for my mother's Christmas present today, and my mil wants me to cut a quilt out for her tomorrow, make several gift sets and arghhhhh!:)
3. I still haven't grasped that Christmas will be here in a snap...wasn't Thanksgiving last Thursday?

Unknown said...

Can I borrow your magic repair entity? It's too cold to crawl under the house to fix the pipe that burst this morning!

Annie said...

Love thos ephotos, cbw. Just wonderful color.

Hope the lights will stay working for you.

Enjoying all the family here. Little NYC family not looking fwd to the cold and snow when they arrive back next week. Although the little one is looking fwd to "going home". Other southern family hoping they will be able to drive safely through the floods to get home for Christmas.

It never rains but it pours!

wv "nogriedly" ...there has to be a story there somewhere.

Ann Marie said...

1. I think you need to figure out which light switch is working all those electrical sockets.

2. It is thursday which is one day closer to Friday which means Zumba tomorrow and one day closer to SATURDAY.

3. I have no children on Saturday so I think I will go to this parade.
(sign me up for mom of the year please)

Anonymous said...

OMG, Ann Marie is probably right. But, seriously, you might need to have a breaker replaced....get someone who knows what they are doing, please! Or just spin around and say, "Johnny, quit screwing with me!" and see if that makes it clear up.


1) Supposed to play a tennis match (singles) this morning at 10am is 7am and it's 19 degrees outside. Can we say weather delay?! USTA rules say that we can call a delay only if it is below 32 degrees. Seriously.

2) TGIT, because that means tomorrow is Friday!

3) Booked a trip to Jamaica for Jan 1-8 and I can't wait!!

Talk to you soon!
Middle Sis

Lynne M. said...

1. Wow.

1a. All I have done to prepare is to put the tree in the living room Monday. It is still naked. sigh....

2. This must be one of the longest weeks ever.

3. Hubby was sick for a few days. He is now better, luckily for him. Men are such babies when they are sick, and I was starting to fear for his life. (Surely either the illness or some unidentified flying object was going to bonk him in the head..)

Anonymous said...

Thing one: Didn't you have Mad Marx working on the hot tub in July? Didn't Bianca spend the night trapped in the electrical area of same?

Thing two: Parades frighten me. I'm always expecting a Christmas-clad horse to go berserk and trample Santa or an elf before the horrified children's eyes.

Thing three: Husband is forcing me to see aninsurance agent this AM for a lecture on the in's and out's of homeowners insurance. I would rather face a dental surgeon.

COPHOSS: Cover your mouth when you cophoss. (wv)

Country Girl said...

When I first moved into the old manor house, I couldn't figure out the lights. I thought the foyer and upstairs hallway lights were blown but it turned out to be a secret light switch. So maybe Ann Marie is on to something there . . .
I don't have two other things. Too busy trying to get ready for you know what.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

And the electrical mystery deepens...I tested all the light switches. None are related/connected to the outlets.

I left the tree lights plugged into the wall, even though there was nothing happening. When CB Son came down just now and plugged his flaptop (my father's word for laptop) into an outlet on the opposite side of the room, the lights on the tree turned on! When he unplugged his flaptop, the lights went back off.

For whatever reason, we must have something plugged in to this particular socket in order for the other side of the room to work.

I wish someone would please explain how this is possible, but at least we have identified a temporary solution, however weird it may be.

CBMother-It was Latte who was trapped in the hot tub (the same cat whose neck was half gone a few weeks ago - thanks for nursing him back to health). Bianca was caught in a crab pot and used up a couple of her lives. I'll find someone to fix this electrical mess. None of the lights going up the staircase work either.