Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This barn, which sits in a field off Route 198 between Soles and Dutton, is one of my favorites.

Every so often I'll stop in to say hello.

I have an unnatural fear that one day it won't be here any more.

Which is silly, I suppose.

But it's true.

In the past (almost) four years that I've been doing this blog,
several structures I used to visit have disappeared.

They're like works of art to me, places I've studied 
and admired from afar for so long.

Thankfully, this one's still here.

For now.

In other news, last evening I talked to Gloria from Beachland,. We're making plans for a January get together, so I can hear more stories and take more pictures of her beautiful home.  I cannot wait, although that's so far off given everything I need to survive these next few weeks including the Waverly Lane Neighborhood Christmas Party, two more book signings, my mother's 70th birthday on Christmas Eve, Christmas, a train trip to New York City, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree

I'm looking forward to January. How about you?


deborah said...

love the barn if the layers of history are being peeled back-
I can see where you are anxious for January! Will you start your next book then?
All great events planned you have planned this month, especially the train trip, just all to be done in such a short time. I hope you enjoy all of them!

Jamie said...

I am looking forward to January because one way or another I WILL be coming down there.

Daryl said...

I am but not as much as I am looking forward to seeing you!

Anonymous said...

Beachland sounds like it might be a great subject for your next book. It sounds like it has a history that is rich and needs to be and all!

Looking forward to seeing you! We are staying at Susan's next Thursday night and will be in Mathews Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Middle Sis

abb said...

Me too!
Did that barn get grazed by a tornado? Love the way the roof - actually both roofs - look like they've been peeled back.
Still wish I could be two places at once... :(

Country Girl said...

I'm looking forward to NYC. Woot!

Maria_NJ said...

take 3 guesses what I have in my grubby little hands, the first two don't count!! Its hard to see the pages cause I got teared up, (I know, I know, I just get verklempt sometimes)it is such a labor of love, you can actually feel it through the pages...I have 4 days till I know if I will be joining you girls...I am going to need my book signed!!! well done Janice, it looks lovely, can't wait to really sit down and take it all in...

Sooska said...

I love this barn! I have taken a number of photos of it myself in every season but winter and wondered if you would too. Glad to see it.

Dghawk said...

Great shots! I think old barns are so neat! I love exploring them, looking at all the antiques and junque. No that's not a misspelling. I remember seeing a sign on a storefront in either Covington or Clifton Forge that said "Antiques & Junque". Mom and I always wanted to see the inside, but Dad would never stop!