Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sandbank Seagulls

Part of my excursion on Monday took me to to the site of the old Sandbank wharf.  The road looks as if it just drops off into the bay.

(It pretty much does unless you hook it hard to the left there.)

A flock of seagulls was enjoying the sunshine.

A few started flying towards me.

But then they realized there was nothing to see and quickly changed direction.

Unrelated to anything previously mentioned, I am visiting blog friends in New York
for a few days and will return soon,
the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

A Mathews girl in New York is sort of like a New York girl in Mathews.
It won't be hard to spot the out-of-towner.
Of course, the crab hat that I'm bringing won't help matters much.

I'm definitely looking forward to it.

I'll report back as soon as I'm able.

Have a great week.


deborah said...

What a pretty day you had Monday!
I always enjoy your beach/pier/sand pics.
Have a spectacular time in NYC, I'll watch the news to see if a person in a crab hat is spotted:)
Will patiently wait for a full report-

Annie said...

ooo...have a great time
say Hi to Daryl for me!

Jamie said...

have a great time!

Meg McCormick said...

Oh, say hi to the Blisters, wish I could be there!

AverettLadyNana said...

What to know what they thought of the crab hat!!!