Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Things

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Welcome to the day of the week I call Three Thing Thursday, where the goal is to ramble on and on, flitting from one trivial topic to the next share whatever happens to be on our minds, at least three things.

Let's go.

1. There's just way too much going on this month. In addition to the usual commute/work/school/sporting events which keep me frazzled enough, the release of the book requires me to be at three book signings over the next two weeks. Plus Christmas is right around the corner and I've done absolutely no shopping whatsoever. If I didn't have kids, I wouldn't care about the shopping. But I do have kids and I've always made a big deal out of Christmas, therefore the self-induced PRESSURE builds.

2. We won't even talk about the artificial Christmas tree waiting to be decorated. After hauling that monstrosity upstairs from the depths of hell basement, I reached into one of the plastic bins containing all--all--the lights and discovered  that every strand was submerged in, oh, about six inches of water. Where that water came from I do not want to know. All I do know is that water + poorly functioning electrical outlets + water logged Christmas lights + an already stressed out CBW = Ugly. Plain and simple. (I'm buying new lights since I have no interest in being electrocuted, not yet anyway.)

3. This Saturday is going to be interesting.  Chesapeake Bay Daughter has to be at Ware Academy, 15 miles away, at 7: 30 a.m. to help prepare for their Breakfast with Santa event.  How she's getting home from that is anyone's guess, because my first ever book signing starts at 11:00 at the Mathews Visitor Center (Sibley's in the Court House) and lasts until after the Christmas parade, which starts at 1:00.  Then we will race home and help Chesapeake Bay Son get ready for his first date formal dance Saturday evening.

Serenity now. I need some peace on Earth.

Now it's your turn to share three things, whatever you want, anything at all.

Except for one thing...If you celebrate Christmas, and you've done all your shopping, all your decorating and all of everything, and everything is perfect, and you are very happy and pleased with your achievements, well, that is wonderful, but I beg you to share anything but that, if you don't mind. Thanks so much!  (Congratulations on reading the longest sentence in the history of this blog.)


Anonymous said...

The one best way to set my teeth on edge and get a barely audible growl to form in my throat is for anyone to chirp about having done all holiday shopping IN NOVEMBER. Inquiring minds have asked whether you will wear your crab hat to the book that we know the tight & frantic schedule you have this weekend, the crab hat could be worn as a metaphoric symbol for your state of mind. Good luck on everything; you will get through each thing, one at a time...and then "Calgon, take me away"-- YouTime soak in the tub, when it's all over.

deborah said...

Shopping? Is it time to start shopping? AND decorating? I see all the decorations around town and still refuse to believe that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. My niece, who is studying in Sweden this year, will receive a January care package instead of a Christmas gift:)
I also had a mishap with the ol' Christmas Tree...left it sitting outside for a few hours (don't ask or assume:)) and it rained. Clean tree, ruined lights - argghhh!

Wish I were closer so I could help, at least with your household chores!
Wishing you much success with your book signing and good luck to your son on his dance.
Oh, I do think the crab hat would be the perfect accessory to your outfit!

Bethie said...

1. Have not shopped, at all.
2. Have not decorated, at all.
3. Have no Christmas spirit, at all.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC-There's someone at my work who boasts each and every year about having his shopping done before Thanksgiving. It takes everything I have to restrain myself from what I really want to say/do. Let's just say it isn't pretty...Regarding hat wear, I have decided to wear a Santa Claus hat so as not to shock the poor ladies at the Visitor Center straight away. I will have the crab hat handy, though, and will break it out as situations permit/dictate.

Deborah - Yes, evidently it's time to start shopping. If we listened to the queues from Walmutant, we'd have started shopping before October, which was just about when they stared playing Christmas carols.

Bethie-You're in good company!

Happy Thursday!

Jamie said...

1. I don't have a tree yet. I might get it this weekend (we cut down our own) but that's hit or miss at the moment.

2. I don't have any lights for a tree when I get it so that's another expense, oh, and I don't have a tree stand either or if I do, I have no idea where it is.

3. Shopping not finished though I started. I'm really trying not to be Grinch-like, but it's not working out so good.

4. Last night I was on concussion watch with Midge who took an elbow to the temple during basketball practice. She's fine but might not be playing in her tournament this weekend. We shall see.

Maria_NJ said...

seriously girl, I give you all the credit in the world, I don't know how you do it, I'm good but I think you gooder...

There will be no shopping this year, my kids said they don't want anything (what is that all about???) so the hubs and I are putting money in the envelopes...phew, off the hook on that one...

I hate to admit that I do like hearing CHRISTmas music, in the casino the last 6 years they didn't want to OFFEND anyone so there was no tree, no music, no nothing in the back and front of the house. Two years ago they started playing CHRISTmas music and I catch the players sometimes singing to the songs, its nice, when there singing at least they are not cussing me out!!!

good luck with the book signing, I wish I could be there....but the weekends I always get scheduled...

Maria_NJ said...

heck with tub time, I say reach for a shot of Jack Daniels....

Daryl said...

I am SO glad I am Jewish and all I need to do is shop for my Christian friends and put some candles in the menorah ..

ToonMan and I are not exchanging gifts this year .. we decided the vet bill pretty much brought us what we want most - a recovering Rosie!

And its 19 sleeps til someone gets to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) Oooh, send me Christmas lists for the kids and I can help with the shopping! I am going to get CBDaughter what we talked about, but I can shop more! I pretty much do most of it on-line....

2) Sun is finally out.....yeah! I have lots of tennis to play over the next three days.

3) My book is being delivered! Hope to receive it today. Can't wait!

-Middle Sis

Trisha said...

1. Water plus Christmas lights doesn't sound too safe. Glad you are geting now ones.

2. December always moves at hyper speed. Why?

3. I have missed reading blogs!

Windsmurf said...

Happy Thursday everyone.
1. I did my toy shopping early this year, but only so I could give them to my daughter when she was down here from Maine for Thanksgiving. That way I didn't have to stress about getting them mailed to my little grandsons.
2. I don't have a tree yet, maybe this weekend. I did buy all new lights for the tree because I had problems with the old ones last year. I saw the tree stand in the garage a few weeks ago, hopefully it hasn't migrated somewhere else since then. The outside wreaths and garland/lights are up, but I couldn't find the timers yet.
3. I haven't bought any other gifts yet and have no good ideas about what to buy. It may end up being mostly money gifts this year. My granddaughter's boyfriend has taken very ill, he passes out constantly and Drs don't know why. He's 18 and the Drs have told him go home and live life to the fullest because there is nothing they can do. Christmas celebration doesn't seem so important all of a sudden.

Dghawk4 said...

1. Thankfully I don't have too many to buy for, but I haven't finished that, yet and they have to go out of state. When the Spirit moves me, I'll get it done. Co-workers just get fudge.

2. I haven't put a tree up since I lost mine when the house burned 9 years ago. I've thought about it, but the cats will tear it up while I'm at work, so.....Besides, no one will see it but me.

3. Hope to see you Saturday!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DJ-So sorry to hear about Bridget, hope she recovers soon.

Maria - Thanks so much. Whenever you do get a weekend off (spring and summer are great times to visit) I'll take you on a tour. And I hear you on the JD...

Daryl - Only 19 sleeps? Holy mackerel, that's not far off at all. I don't get out much, I'm just warning you. Every single Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurant I pass will cause me to start convulsing and salivating. I'm warning you now, I'm saving up my appetite and may not stop eating the whole time I am there... Can't wait!

Middle Sis - Thanks, you're the best (unless Baby Sis is reading and then you're both the best!). Hopefully we'll see you in a couple weeks for CB Mother's 70th?
Good luck with the tennis matches.

Trisha - I don't know why it moves so fast in December, nor do I know why this particular December is moving even faster. Good to hear from you, hope you are well.

Windsmurf - I am so terribly sorry to hear about your granddaughter's boyfriend. He (and she) are in my thoughts. I don't want to state the obvious, but hopefully he has sought a second/third/fourth opinion. Please keep us posted, and hang in there.

dghawk - Are you coming to Mathews on Saturday? Yay!! I hope so, I can't wait to meet you.

Windsmurf said...

Thank you CBW. His name is Matt and that was the second opinion. They have an appointment next week at Johns Hopkin, that institution should be able to determine what the problem is. His mother is pretty agressive in the motherhood department, so he is in good hands there. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Maria_NJ said...

patiently(tapping finger on desk) waiting for my copy of the book...

Hope the signing went well, and that your todo list got some takers...

just got some good news, I'm off CHRISTmas Eve, and have a 6am start CHRISTmas day...which means that I might be able to get out of there early...I'm telling ya, when I get to retire you are going to see the happiest person on this universe!