Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

Yesterday afternoon I drove to the high school to try and burn off some of the four thousand meatballs I ate at Saturday night's party for a jog around the track.

Then, noticing the sky was quickly clouding up, I raced over to Gwynn's Island to try and snap a few pictures before all the sunlight was gone.

These first two are from the public landing at the Seabreeze Restaurant.

These last two were taken from the car when I pulled over on the side of the road.

Kids? Nowhere in your driver's ed manual will you find a chapter on taking pictures from the car.  There are many, many excellent reasons for this. In short, don't do it.  Thanks for your attention to this lesson in the ongoing life class known as Do As Your Mother Says, Not As She Does.

I am amazed pleased to report I survived the weekend, which included:

* a book signing Friday night at Dilly Dally Emporium, which was a story in and of itself but a lot of fun;

* a post-Dilly Dally trip to Southwind, where I met several friends and engaged in some very lively conversation;

* Saturday's book signing at Twice Told Tales, where I saw my friends Bert and Brian from  school and where I met a very interesting gentleman affiliated with Gloucester Arts on Main. Not only does he have a fascinating life story, which includes many years in Brazil and an ability to speak Portuguese, but he can teach me photography--real photography, as in how to shoot a picture in anything but Auto mode!

* the Waverly Lane Christmas party hosted by my parents Saturday night. My mother outdid herself with the food and the decorations. I was so tired I couldn't hold my eyes open, so I forgot to take pictures. I did eat myself silly, however.

Speaking of pictures, I didn't get many good ones yesterday thanks to the incoming clouds and my camera's ardent desire to take only dark pictures, but there are a few just OK ones I'll post in the coming days.

It's hard to believe Christmas is this coming weekend.

What went on in your world these past few days?


Kay L. Davies said...

If I don't have a chance to say it again, all the best of the festive season to you and your family, especially you and your mom, but including your dad, your son and daughter, and even Gustav.
Kay and Dick and Lindy
Alberta, Canada

deborah said...

Love the photos!
Sounds like you had a good weekend, even if you were extra busy.
A birthday kind of weekend here, my husbands and mine...but he was sick, so we alternated between watching movies and napping.
Have a good week!

Jamie said...

My weekend consisted of Christmas related things and lots of stress. Went to the cemetery to place wreaths on graves and had to instruct the Brat Child that no, it isn't okay to dance around singing, "I'm stepping on dead people!" and that no, I'm fairly certain zombies won't be coming out of that fresh grave with the dirt on it.

Country Girl said...

Friday was our last day of school until the New Year. Baked cookies on Saturday, and did a tiny bit of shopping at one of my favorite out of the way farm stands that has a gorgeous collection of everything Christmas. Then I went to a cookie exchange last night which was fun. Unfortunately, I now have all these cookies in the house ~

Cool about the photographer. Maybe he can teach me, too.

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. Christmas is this coming weekend? Uh oh.

Maria_NJ said...

OK I am not saying this so that you will all be sorry for me but I have to work on CHRISTmas, OK I guess I am saying it for that reason...

on the 5th day of CHRISTmas...R**E**T**I**R**E**M**E**N**T

glad that the book signings and the party went well, the meatballs were good I guess...

Daryl said...

I put my own lurid weekend up on my blog so I wont bore you here .. I cant believe the holidays are almost here .. honestly I seem to have misplaced a whole week which I was sure I had coming ... oh well .. in only 8 sleeps you will be here! I am SO excited I may actually clean the apartment .. or get lower wattage bulbs so you dont notice ..

Dghawk said...

Sorry that your weekend was so hectic, but glad it was fruitful.

The pictures are beautiful, but looks cold.

I had a busy weekend. Got packages for home and cards ready to mail, made 6 batches of fudge (3 chocolate and 3 peanut butter), and made a batch of cranberry-orange relish. Thank goodness I was off today. I don't think I could have worked if I had wanted to!

Meg McCormick said...

Plenty went on in my world this past weekend, but the only part I will bore you with is that I got one of those new gel manicures and I LOVE IT. Filed under, things I wish I didn't know about because they cost more money and are so awesome that now I will obsess on how to rationalize spending even more money on my stupid fingernails.