Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scenes from Bethel Beach

This was taken a week ago Sunday from the little bridge you must cross to get to Bethel Beach.  I took these after my extraordinary visit to Beachland, my new favorite place in Mathews.  The shot above was looking left out the car window just at the top of the little bridge.

Doesn't it look like the creek is bending to the right to accommodate that cloud above? Does anyone else see a heron's head in that cloud (bill is pointed upwards to the left corner of the photo)? Does anyone else over-analyze photographs of Almost Nothing want to return to the blog post, which already has veered off track?

Below is just a vast expanse of nothingness swamp fiddler crab habitat marsh.

The sky was a canvas of blue with brush strokes of white here and there.

It was very Zen-like, even if I am not exactly sure I could articulate what Zen-like means.

I can show you, though.


This last shot was taken while glancing to the right from the top of the little bridge.

That's the bay off in the distance.

Today is Wednesday. You probably already knew that, but I have to repeat what day it is over and over again to remind myself and keep track of who needs to be where and at what time.

Back in the good old days, businesses in Mathews Court House would shut down half a day on Wednesdays.  If they didn't shut down at noon, I'm pretty sure it was by two o'clock, although my memory is fuzzy. The bottom line is they closed early, and everyone knew it and accepted it as fact. Whatever you may have thought you needed at 3:00 Wednesday would just have to wait until Thursday morning. Period. The End.

I vote to reinstate this notion of shutting down early mid-week.  Heck, we've already survived Monday and Tuesday, and we would be so much more productive if we had an afternoon to lollygag renew our energy to face Thursday and Friday.

Everybody should be able to take an authorized nap on Wednesday afternoons.

Who's on board?


deborah said...

I'm on board for half-day Wednesdays! Here the stores that used to line the street (one downtown street, if you could call it downtown) closed at noon on Thursdays, bank included. I like Wednesday better.
Enjoying your Zen photos!
Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

It's called 'Siesta' and the entire U.S. could use half-day Weds. schedules. I think many areas of Spain still practice siesta time in the afternoons---after all, if so many people eat dinner(or supper) there after 11 p.m., Lord knows there has to be an official nap break somewhere in the day.
Zen--I fully get it. Heron head--I see it also; gorgeous photos.

I envy those who are planning to attend your book signing--I have a feeling it will be so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I remember the half day Wednesday and when NOTHING was open on Sunday except church. People would die now because of the inconvenience but our parents seemed to make out just fine. That was also when we only had 3 television stations and cartoons only on Saturday mornings! Can't wait to get my copy of your book!

Jamie said...

It's rainy here and the weatherman said that nasty 4 letter s word which is apparently on the menu for tonight's weather. I could use a short day and a nap. stress+no sleep= Grumpy Jamie no bueno.

Sooska said...

Hi CBW! LOVE the heron in the cloud. The heron is my talisman - you are so lucky to have witnessed that cloud formation. I love visiting this blog for a little touch of the best place on earth (see "Zen" photo) when I can't be there.

Windsmurf said...

I do see a Heron's head, though I first saw a flying saucer there in that cloud formation. The heron's head is much more peaceful so I'll keep my focus on that.
I think you could run (and win) for president with the siesta Wednesday platform. That is much more productive and do-able than anything any of the other potential candidates has come up with. And it could save money too.
CBW for president!!!!

Daryl said...

I'll sit out the nap, waking once a day is all I can handle ... this noon or 1 pm shut down reminds me of the small towns in CT where my friends have a house .. if you want lunch on Saturday or Sunday you'd better do it by noon or you dont get lunch .. all the restaurants close at 1 pm and dont reopen unless they are also dinner serving restaurants ... gotta wonder in this economy how they service if they dont serve dinner ..

fighting mermaid said...

I'm on board for short Wednesdays. Let's start now. Beautiful pictures of Bethel Beach!!!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

A to the Men to that, sista! Half day Wednesdays...lets start a movement.

Maria_NJ said...

I'm on board for half-day Wednesdays ,and while I'm thinking of it...Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday too... ya right your talking to someone who's job is around the clock...but that sounds soooo good....

I love herons...

Country Girl said...

*raising hand *

I'm in for shutting down early on Wednesdays!

Dghawk4 said...

I'm all for half day Wednesdays, or any half day for that matter. Well, except for days when I'm off. Don't want them to go by TOO fast. They go by fast enough as it is!

I think Zen-like is very appropose(sp). To me Zen-like means serene with everything working and being in harmony. What more could you ask for, water, earth, and sky.