Friday, December 23, 2011


Do not adjust your dials.

This blurred view of Queens Creek from my back yard yesterday morning came courtesy of some morning fog that lingered after the sun came up.

The chairs below encircle my fire pit, where I live to light fires love to light fires.

Tomorrow is not only Christmas Eve, it's my mother's 70th birthday.

Baby Sis, Middle Sis--the whole family will be under one roof.

If I don't post again before Sunday, Merry Christmas, peace, love and joy to you and the ones you hold dear.



Anonymous said...

A wonderful Waverly Lane celebration to your family and a beautiful Christmas of laughter and love to you all
P.S.. no Golden Corral this time?

Happy Holidays to all you lovely CBW bloggers


deborah said...

Happy Birthday to your mother! I hope you have a spectacular time with your family at her Birthday party and for your Christmas celebrations!
I love to watch the fog lift and you've captured it perfectly-

Annie said...

Aha, Happy Birthday to your Mum, hope you have a great family celebration!
Love the misty photos. Having a lovely (warm, humid) rainy afternoon here. Very nice.

Country Girl said...

Merry Christmas to you, and Happy Birthday to your mom.
We used to have a fire pit.

I miss that.

Only 4 sleeps.

Mental P Mama said...

All the very same to you all. And Happiest of Birthdays to your beautiful mama!!♥♥♥♥♥

Daryl said...

its Christmas Eve Eve .. and I hope all the presents are wrapped ...

Wishing your fabulous mama a very happy birthday .. what fun to have the whole family together .. xo

Cant wait til Tuesday, I am more excited about you being here than I am about anything Santa could bring xoxo

Meg McCormick said...

And also to you and your whole family, CBW!