Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Venturing Out

Yesterday, after sleeping all day lying around nursing a Christmas cold that refuses to leave, I decided to venture out to the ends of the Earth opposite end of the county from me, the Bavon/New Point area.

It was pretty chilly and there was a good breeze blowing.

None of this deterred a kayaker, who was gearing up and preparing to put in just as I arrived.

I didn't take his picture, but trust me he was out there somewhere just as I was snapping these. I think he slunk underneath the dock.  Slunk is the past tense of slink. I think. Or did I thunk he slunk?  To slink is to sneak stealthily underneath a dock when someone with a camera desperate for something to take a picture of happens to be nearby. There's no need to check this on Wikipedia or Merriam Webster online or anything. Except if you did, you might find this.  And here I thought I had made up a new word. 

After spending some time on the observation deck at New Point Light  reflecting on the cool breeze and the elusive kayaker,

I returned to the car and headed back up the road towards home, but not before I took a few more pictures of a seagull festival going on down Sandbank.

Stay tuned.


deborah said...

So sorry to hear that you have a cold, but thankfully you can rest and hope it runs it course soon.
Always love your photos.
Slinking away to bed now...

Daryl said...

OH NO! Well at least you wont be on a plane .. the train wont make your ears hurt .. Mega C and an aspirin is a great feel better tip a friend shared with me .. we've got both here waiting for you .. see you at Penn Station this evening!! Travel safe xox

Country Girl said...

Venturing out? I thought you were venturing out to the Big City but here you are. I'll see you on the train today! Cannot wait.

Mental P Mama said...

Cannot wait to see you!!