Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home Again

These pictures were taken a week or so ago.

I can't remember, really, and I'm too lazy to even click on the image to view the date.

These two structures sit right across from the Grimstead post office on Gwynn's Island.

As usual, the pictures don't have much to do with the point of this blog post other than the house above was once someone's home and I've just returned home after a train trip to New York City. I will post some pictures after I've had time to rest up, but the trip was a much needed getaway with some wonderful friends including Daryl, Kate, Lauren, as well as someone I had not met before other than through the blogosphere, Commenter Maria from New Jersey, who took the bus up to meet us.

We had entirely too much fun.

Daryl, our hostess and tour guide, and Kate have already posted some pictures and stories about all our fun.

I can't thank Daryl enough for her hospitality. I'd also like to thank Amtrak for providing six hours of utter and complete boredom quality travel time to tinker with my iPod with Wi-Fi capability.  My kids gave it to me last Christmas and it's only taken me a year (and a six hour train ride) to figure it all out.

Now that I'm back I'm looking forward to the weekend, mostly because there's nothing at all scheduled or planned.  I keep forgetting that Saturday is New Year's Eve.  I'm pretty sure I've had all the fun a person is supposed to have in one year week, so I'll probably be watching TV and going to bed early that night.

What will you be doing?


Country Girl said...

Probably be doing the same thing I am tonight - curled up in my favorite chair, watching a documentary on Netflix and enjoying a glass of wine.

Yes! We had altogether too much fun, didn't we? And bravo for the iPod thing. Major coup.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm sure I'll be doing something similar for New Year's Eve. Apparently we're going on a four-hour drive with the dog the following Saturday, and staying in a hotel where Dick can swim with the grandsons in an indoor pool. Lindy and I can sit in the lobby so strangers can admire her and pet her.
Glad you had a fun day away. You sure deserved it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay - Your trip to see grandsons sounds like fun, all except that four hour drive...but that's because I have an aversion to driving since I do so much of it.

My trip was actually two nights in NYC. Traveled by train all day Tuesday, spent yesterday in the city and traveled back all day today.

Since I was traveling alone I didn't want to risk driving and having my car (with circa 125+K miles) break down on the side of the interstate, so the train was a great option. And my friend Country Girl Kate (above), who had never ridden a train before, got on in Delaware, so it was fun arriving in Penn Station with her.

Anyway, I can't say enough about the fun we had and how important it is to get away when you have the chance.

Anonymous said...

Really happy to hear that you got your Thai dinner the first night, and a truly glam NYC view restaurant experience the 2nd night. It sounds like everyone very much needed that getaway, and I am glad that you all had such a great time.
@ Maria--you looked great and I LOVE your red gloves and killer purse I saw in the photos. Janice, you looked relaxed and lovely. Fun !!

Meg McCormick said...

We will keep it in the 'hood... possibly a progressive party, moving from home to home to home... but no one wants to be the house where we actually ring in the new year, so we might all retreat to our own beds. I mean HOMES... around 11:45. Snore.

Meg McCormick said...

PS, if you want good Thai, my train station is a whole lot closer than Daryl's! Just sayin'. Come visit!

Daryl said...

Definitely we'll be ordering in pizza which we didnt get to have on Christmas .. then maybe a movie from Netflix .. some wine or Champagne ... watch the ball drop and then good night 2011 .. sooo glad to know its a fresh start with good things to look forward to .. especially the chance that July 2012 might bring another BlogFest .. I will bring Thai food with me, if you host .. loved loved loved our two nights and a day here .. missing you .. its way to quiet here .. xoxo

Jamie said...

Not doing much this New Year's. Heading to my parents' house for shrimp and sandwiches and such. Meg, why don't we plan lunch or something in the New Year? Frederick is halfway. Or even Tracy and Kate- we're all in the same state (Maryland, not mental state- thought I should elaborate). Hoping we all meet up in Mathews this summer.